Happy Easter

April 18, 2014

Sarah Coral Dress Collage 1

Sarah Coral Dress Collage 2

Just popping in (a little late this morning) to wish everyone one a Blessed and Happy Easter!
We are enjoying the Spring weather and the extra family time.
The bluebells are in FULL BLOOM now, so I snuck in a quick shoot with Sarah last night.
We have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt tomorrow and family celebration Sunday.
The girls are just a wee bit excited and the sugar shock is already kicking.
They wish every day could be a holiday :)

First Sprouts of Spring

April 13, 2014

Boho Bluebells Reags Collage 1

Boho Bluebells Reags Collage 2

We are just a little excited over here. . .
Yesterday brought temps in the low 70's and beautiful sunshine. The better part of our day was spent outdoors playing and we also took a quick trip to the park to see if there were any signs of Spring beginning to sprout in our favorite field. There were not many, but a few bluebells are beginning to pop up from the ground. I am thinking in the next day or two they will be in full bloom.

It has been a LONG TIME since I have had the opportunity to shoot outdoors in the warm sunlight, so I was in photography heaven. We had planned to paint our Easter Eggs but we wanted to be outdoors. The table is set and all of the dye, glitter, and paint is ready to go. The girls will be doing their egg decorating this morning followed by Sarah's first Spring Soccer game this afternoon.
It will be another beautiful day in PA. Hope you get to enjoy a little sunshine too!
~Happy Palm Sunday~

Sarah and Julie

April 11, 2014

Sarah and Julie Collage 2

Sarah and Julie Collage 1

Sarah and Julie Collage 3

These were taken almost a month ago on one of the many cold days where we were stuck indoors.
It was a self proclaimed PJ day and as I walked down the hall, I saw Sarah playing with Julie, her fav doll!
Since they were dressed alike in their matching pjs, I decided to pull out the camera!!
It was so sweet to watch her interact with the doll and then things began to get a little rowdy:)
When Mom has the camera the rules seem to go out the window and jumping on the bed is allowed. . . so someone took full advantage!

I have one more post to go and I am officially caught up and it is a good thing because the weather has been beautiful this week and I am just itching to get outdoors with my camera.
The bluebells should be sprouting any day now and all of the locals are waiting to go wild in the park with our kids and cameras!!
I think it is safe to say that Spring has finally arrived in these parts and not a moment too soon. It really does a lot for the mood when it is warm and the sun is shining down.
Hopefully we can enjoy most or our weekend outdoors.

Shadow Dancing

April 8, 2014

Shadow Dancing Collage
Same dress she was wearing in the previous post, but completely different look and feel.
This is why she loves it so much.... it has the twirl factor!
She could spin herself dizzy in this sweet dress:)
Trying to catch up and get the backlog of pictures posted.
Be back on Friday with some pics of Sarah... Have a wonderful week!

Hi there, Remember Me?

April 4, 2014

Purple Tulips Reags Collage 2
Sorry to have disappeared for a while.
Life has been very "full" and I was beginning to feel like I was spinning in too many different directions.
I was in dire need of a break, so I stepped away from almost all social media outlets for a few weeks.
It did me good and now I am ready to come back and share the backlog of photos that are piling up on my computer.

Purple Tulips Reags Collage 4

Due to the crazy winter weather, our kids have not had any scheduled time off from school.
No extended weekends or spring breaks. They have had to make up too many snow days.   They do have off on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, so we are very much looking forward to an extended weekend to celebrate Easter.
We have been spreading some "Easter" touches throughout the house and I told the girls we would do some egg decorating very soon!

Purple Tulips Reags Collage 3

Last weekend I was placing new tulips in a vase and photographing them for the daily clickinmoms instagram prompt, when this little one decided to sneak a few of my flowers out of the jar!! The photo shoot sort of changed directions from there and I loved the outcome :)

This dress was given to her by a dear friend a few weeks ago.
It was a hand-me-down that her daughter wore at one time.
Reagan is in LOVE with this dress and if it were up to her, she would wear it EVERY DAY and sleep in it too!!
It is so pretty and it can really "twirl"...... More photos of her spinning the dress coming soon:)

Hope you have all been well!
I have missed all of my blogger friends and look forward to catching up.
~Happy Weekend~


March 14, 2014

Floral Macro Collage
I am way way behind with photos. As in two to three weeks behind.
I still have photos from Atlanta to share and some cute new photos of the girls.
Some of you get little sneak previews if you follow on instagram as I sprinkle in some dslr photos here and there.
So if you are there, you have probably seen these weeks ago, they are kind of old news, but I wanted to share them here too.
I am just running out the door for work and could use a little something to brighten my day.
These fresh flowers did not last all that long, but while they were alive,
they made me smile and feel like the season we are all very much looking forward to, is just around the corner.
What are we down to now. . . 6 days?
~Have a wonderful weekend everyone~


March 10, 2014

Berry Sprite Collage

I have been doing a lot with my Macro lately.
It is typical for this time of year. I tend to gravitate towards it in the winter more so than any other season.
Everything looks more interesting through this lens and it does a lot to keep the creative juices flowing(pun intended).

Just thought I would share before I start digging into the big ole pile on my desk this morning.
It was a rough Monday around here. The loss of the hour did not go over well with the girls or any of us for that matter.
The extra light in the evening is so nice, but it was hard to wake up in the dark. By this weekend our bodies should be adjusted and soon we will be enjoying our evenings outside. Now we just need the warm weather to arrive :)

Have a marvelous Monday friends!


March 7, 2014

Ballet Collage 1
"It is with your feet that you move, but with your heart that you dance."
Ballet Collage 2

Ballet Collage 4
I know to many of you, these probably look like an old ratty pair of shoes . . .

Ballet Collage 3
but to me they are so much more.

They are filled with memories of a past life.
At one time, ballet was my everything.
I ate, slept, and breathed it every second of every day.

I found these shoes on Sunday morning.
Rosin still on the toes to keep me from slipping.
Water stains from trying to soften them.
Burnt ribbons to keep them from fraying.
and the smell of hard work and determination.

Ballet was ultimately my first true love.
but with that love, also came hate.
The love was for the beauty of the movement
and the feeling I got when I soared across the room in class or on stage.
Living in constant pursuit of perfection for the art and for my body.
Well, that is where the hate comes in.
It was a constant struggle for me personally.
My body although more than willing and able to achieve the movement,
did not produce the beautiful long willowy lines that were desired by company directors.
At just over 5 feet tall with a more athletic build, it was a constant battle.
The inner turmoil began at the age of 16.
It was mind of matter and the passion for the art that drove me to be "perfect" at all costs.
Even if it meant being unhealthy.
At the time I did not think there was such a thing as being too thin.
Looking back now, I thought I was carefully balancing,
but I was dangerously teetering on a scary ledge.
I was in a very bad place.
It was dark and lonely, but my love for ballet kept me there.
Hard work, passion, drive, and desire could conquer all,
so I thought.

Eventually, my body gave up.
It was telling me, it had nothing left to give.
An injury snapped me to my senses, literally.
It was not easy, but after many conversations with my family and close friends,
I hung up those shoes for good.

Finding these shoes this past weekend in my closet was somewhat of an emotional journey.
Photographing them, was incredibly therapeutic.
These shoes are filled with both joy and sorrow, but I still love them so.
They are part of me and although I am no longer a dancer and at times really miss it, I am still an artist.
Just in another sense. I no longer use my body to create the beautiful art for a packed theatre.
I am sitting in the audience of life, capturing it with my camera.

Inspired by my friend and former choreographer Kathryn Craft, who just released her incredible new book.
The Art of Falling.
Click HERE to read an excerpt from the book or to purchase your copy.

Happy Heart Day!

February 14, 2014

It has been a long week here. Lots of unwanted snow and sickness.
Reags started with an upper respiratory thing last week and this week it hit me.
I had a huge presentation scheduled for Monday that I have been stressing over for the last two weeks and as my luck would go, I started feeling pretty crummy on Sunday night. I took a boatload of over the counter meds to get me through that meeting and by 2pm on Monday, I had absolutely no voice left. It stayed away all week, which I am sure my family enjoyed. . . just kidding :)

Anyhow, finally feeling better and looking forward to the weekend!
School has been closed the last two days and the girls are both disappointed because they were to have Valentine's Day parties in school with their friends. I will have to come up with some special to do here at home to make up for it.

We had a little fun a few weekends ago taking photos in the new workspace.
I have not even come close to finishing this series of photos, but I thought I would share just a few until I am back into the editing groove again. I blew up over 90 pink and purple balloons to fill the room. The girls had fun batting them around and I called Pat in to help us get some more movement. He suggested we bring in a fan to get them floating in the air and as I was clicking away, he walked in with the leaf blower from the garage. The photo at the top was the first snap as he entered the room, they were completely bewildered and Reagan was getting ready to jump off the chest of drawers. It was funny to watch and take in from behind the camera. Not only did the balloons fly, there was hair going in every direction too!

I will get the rest of these posted next week.
For now, this is just a little teaser.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Try not to eat too much chocolate.


February 7, 2014

Lensbaby Winter Scenes

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.” ~Edith Sitwell~

Macro Ice on Trees

I think we have had enough of old man winter and even though we are all over it and longing for Spring, you can't help but succumb to it's beauty! Stuck at home for a few days in a row, I decided to wander around our yard and see what I could find to inspire me. A few trees glistening with ice and the beautiful old farm house amongst the trees that we can see from our back deck.

I have been participating in the Click it Up a Notch, 28 day challenge for the month of February to find beauty in something each day. Whether it is with my iPhone or dslr, it is forcing me to pick up a camera and document something each day. I don't think I could ever do a 365 challenge, but I think I can hang in there for 28 days!

~Wishing you all a warm and wonderful weekend~