Family, Food, and Fun....Drinks Too!

May 25, 2008

It has been a crazy weekend filled with family, food, and fun.....drinks too of course! We have family visiting from Georgia, so everyone has been at our house or stopping by to visit with them. Here is my Mom and Dad, who his holding my nephew Aidan, Pat is holding Sarah, and my Aunt Barbara is next to my Dad! Sarah would not let go of this little flag!

Mom made Ina Garten's Margaritas....they were so good, but so strong. Uncle Tony opted for a Gin and Tonic! And of course Sicilian pizza!

Here is Sarah hugging her cousin Aidan! They are 8 weeks apart and they have such a good time together!

It has been a great weekend and I have lots of photos to post, but we are still entertaining and guess what.....we are on the is finally finished!

Check back soon, I will add photos from the rest of our weekend gatherings!

Happy Memorial Day!

Update: I have been having blogger trouble. I somehow messed up my HTML coding and blogger went crazy. I lost my entire sidebar so I had to delete this original post and repost it. Sorry if anyone encountered problems, but I think it is straightened out now! I know I lost a couple comments, but I think that was the only damage done!


Pug Mama said...

looks a like a great time.
Sorry, I didn't know you posted 3 words. I have made copies of them and will put hem in next weeks video ( along with any other you may post on Sunday)

kerri said...

Fabulous family photo.
Hope your holiday weekend has been terrifc and relaxing. ;)

DC said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hello!

Sarah is beautiful and I cannot wait to hear more about your journey to adopt from China!!

Glad you had a fun holiday weekend. Please keep in touch! :)