Projects Around The House

May 21, 2008

Ok, typically I am posting pictures of the kids, but a couple of weeks ago, I talked about all the projects going on around the house and decided to post pictures of the results.

When we moved in a year ago we furnished just about everything in the house including our master bedroom. We bought a new bed set, that we love, but the shape of our bedroom is kind of odd, with a bump out area off to the one side. It has been driving me crazy because it was the only empty spot in the house, and because I just could not figure out how I was going to decorate this corner. So, after a year we are finally getting neighbors and were forced to get our window treatments done upstairs. We decided that since we were ordering window treatments we should figure out what we were going to do once and for all in this bedroom so that all fabrics coordinated. I went back to the furniture store where we ordered our bed set and got another dresser for the one wall, and ordered two chaise lounges to flank a table that was supposed to be my nightstand.(It did not fit and I needed to order another size) These photos show the new area......finished finally! Now the inside is officially done......until we start our basement!

So now onto the other project! I have not been able to discuss this because it makes my blood boil at the very thought! Yes, we are 16 weeks into this stupid deck project and it is still not finished! We have spent a lot time dealing with an unethical builder who literally walked away from the project with a about 1 days worth of work left on the entire project. It was one lie after another, but the long and short of it is that he took our deposits at every stage of this project, but did not have any of the product ordered or on hand to finish the job. He actually had the nerve to ask us for additional money to finish the job. We said absolutely not! We were going to deal with the manufacturer direct to order what we needed to finish the job. We do believe he is a step away from bankruptcy, so we are lucky we got as far as we did and only lost a very small portion of money. We have now ordered the rest of the product missing to complete the job and have hired a contractor to finish it. The railing and miscelaneous pieces needed should arrive hear today, so hopefully this nightmare will be over very soon! It is such a tease to look out the window and see this great space that we cannot use!

I had to include this photo of Sarah! I think she has been watching her brother play to many video games. I walked into the family room and this is what she was doing.....she looks just like him, sitting in the same position, holding his Nintendo DS, but of course, she has no idea what she is doing! Right now she just likes the noise that comes out of it when she hits the buttons! Let's say Nick wasn't too happy, but that is what he gets for leaving his games within her reach!

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Briana's Mom said...

Love the room! Sorry about the deck - that is awful. But it is going to be gorgeous when it is all done.

LOL - Briana looks just like Sarah when she gets hold of Doug's Blackberry! Too funny!

kerri said...

The master bedroom is gorgeous, great taste, I could use your help, don't have the decorating gene, LOL.
Sorry about your deck contractor, hope he gets to finishing your project, so far so good, it looks nice.

Deb said...

No one but two chaise lounges!!? I'm J.E.A.L.O.U.S!!!!
Your home is beautiful.

Alyson and Ford said...

Love your new cozy corner of the MB! Very nice!! You have a beautiful home!

Alyson LID 01/27/06