Running On Empty...

June 30, 2008

Who's running on or the car......BOTH! It has been a crazy addition to the constant driving for my job this past week, both Pat and I logged some serious miles this weekend.....I don't even want to think about how much money we have spent on gas this week alone!

Early Saturday morning, Pat left for Buffalo, NY to go to a wedding.....friend of the family....I was a little bummed that I didn't get to go since his entire family was going to be there and we don't get to spend that much time with them, but since the kids were not invited, we thought it was best that I stay home.

While Pat was driving to Buffalo, I packed up both Nick and Sarah to meet my Aunt in Connecticut. Nick is going to spend the week with his cousin in Rhode Island, so we met half way in Darien, CT. We all ate lunch together and then Sarah and I got back in the car to make the trek back home.....I have to admit, I was a little nervous making the trip home by myself with Sarah.....she does not like to be confined to the car seat, or anything else for that matter, for a very long period of time. She was a total trooper.....Elmo once again saved the day, thanks to the portable DVD Player, Sarah was content for the entire ride....what would we do without technology!

By the time Sunday came around, I was dead on my feet.....still had to do the grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning....I dread going to the grocery store on the weekend....especially when I have to take Sarah is never a quick trip in and out.

Now the countdown is just 4 days we are having our 4th of July picnic...... we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 people coming.........I am starting to panic a little....I have a lot to do yet......but least Pat has the entertainment under now I need to add.....hire a paramedic and the fire department to make sure no one gets hurt, to my long list of things to do!

I need to pick up the pace and find some energy quickly.....oh yeah, and please pray for sunshine....I will even take a cloudy day, but please, please, please, no rain!

Running Away

Garden Stones

OK...What Next

Although we spent a lot of time in the car, we did squeeze in some playtime too! I got these photos Sunday afternoon....I am still playing around with some of the photo editing software.....I know they are not perfect, but I thought I would share them anyway. This was the hat that I just had to have on our last shopping glad we bought it

3 Word Sunday!

June 29, 2008

Photographer In Training

Just in case you have not caught on....every Sunday I post a picture that sums up my week in 3 words. This was started by Pug Mama at Life's Scatters. If you participate, you leave her a comment that you posted your picture.......she will then stop by your blog and make a copy of the picture. Each Monday, she collaborates everyone's pictures, sets them to music and turns them into a video, then posts it on her blog.....It is really is a must see....the girl has got some make sure you stop by on Monday to check it out!

This week I chose....Cherish Every Moment......things can change in an instant......I quickly realized this during Monday evening's Event.

It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life.....sometimes we lose sight of what is really important.

We need to make the most of every moment and live our lives for the here and now. No one can predict what tomorrow might bring.

Live life to the fullest and cherish each special memory along the way!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

My Life In Six Words

June 27, 2008

I have been tagged by Briana's Mom.
Here is the task.......describe your life in only 6 words............I know what you are is someone so chatty going to use only 6 words to describe themselves?

Let me tell is not easy, but after much thought this is what I came up with.......

"Juggling: Motherhood & Climbing the Corporate Ladder"

OK.....I cheated a little, if you count the "&" as a word.....but this was the best that I could do!

You see that woman up there in the corner....that is me.....I feel that I am always juggling.....I need to be a great Mommy and wife, a successful business woman, a wonderful cook, a fabulous friend, and keep our house as clean as a model home.

Sounds like a lot doesn't it? I know I am not the only one who handles this kind of juggling act......we all do these things, but I have a Type A personality. Everything that I do has to be done with perfection...I have a tendency to be a people pleaser....take on more than I should......and have a twinge of OCD when it comes to my home.

There are never enough hours in the day.....sometimes I feel stretched and at times the stress of my job is taken out on my family.

I do have a wonderful job, so I shouldn't be complaining....I have worked for this company for 5 years and have a lot of flexibility in my days which allows me to jump into Mommy mode at the drop of a hat! I don't punch a clock, and you would think since I worked from home, I would be micro-managed....NOT. I honestly have a dream job, but here is the part that makes me a little nuts.....I am running the show when it comes to Sales and Marketing for our company and have had a record breaking 2 years and now feel some pressure to keep going at the current pace.....not to mention that I am the only woman working in a predominantly male industry. I absolutely love my job and what I do, and love that I am able to work and still be a mom, but there are days that it is a real balancing act!
So now, I am going to leave you with these 6 words:

"So Blessed To Have This Life"

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for the life I have.....there are so many horrible things in this world in which we live. I was given a second chance at life, I was given a second chance at love. We were blessed with the miracle of two children, we have an incredible circle of family and friends and we have a wonderful place to call our home.
Now if you made it through all of that, I need to tag 5 more people and I am going to pick people that I have never tagged before:

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Here are the rules........ you need to describe your life in 6 words, link back to me, and then tag another 5 people. Leave them a comment to let them know they are tagged.

Good Luck!

Girls Night Out and Pretty In Pink

June 26, 2008

Girls Night Out

It has been a really rough fact it has been a rough week. I have spent a tremendous amount of time on the road..........I usually work out of my home office and travel to Philadelphia once a week and then go to my appointments as needed. This week I had to drive to Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday and today I drove to Baltimore, MD and back....ugh.....get me out of the car!

Luckily, I got to relax a little tonight....Pat took care of Sarah and Nick was with his Dad, so I got together with some of my girlfriends for dinner! We all worked together about 10 years ago and have always remained friends.......we are all different ages and work in different places, but we try to make it a point to get together at least every other month so we can catch up.

This was our drink of choice.....It was called an Italian Lemonade.......Vodka, Gin, Grand Marnier, and fresh squeezed was delicious! We sat outside, gabbed, drank, and ate.....exactly what the doctor ordered!


Last night I took Sarah out to play while Pat watered the plants and flowers......Of course I had to bring the camera in case an opportunity presented itself.....

Oh My

Oh My.....I just trampled the flowers in the garden!
This look is priceless...............tell me why I shouldn't put this in my mouth.....what would really happen if I licked some bubbles?

One Of My Biggest Fears...Choking!

June 25, 2008

In My Highchair

On Monday evening, I was faced with one of my biggest fears as a Mother...... your child choking!

I was always nervous with both of my children when they started to eat real food that they would choke.....I was always cutting and breaking things up into the smallest fact I find myself telling my Mom....that is too big for Sarah, break it up or make it smaller! I warn Nick about laying down when he eats.....especially when we are hanging out with a movie and popcorn......I am constantly saying.....Nick sit up when you eat please!

So I get home from work, Pat and Nick are outside watering the flowers and picking weeds....and Sarah and I start to get dinner ready. When things get a little dicey in the kitchen, it is not uncommon for me to put her in her high chair to either color or have a small snack. I was starving after working in Philadelphia all day, so as I was cooking, I brought out baked whole wheat pita chips and spicy of my fav's!

As soon as Sarah saw what I was eating, she wanted some too! In normal fashion, I break them into tiny pieces, she eats them, and says I gave her a few more. All of a sudden I hear her cough and immediately turn around and look at her.....I knew it was not just a cough...she was choking! Her eyes are watering and she is not heart stops and I yank her out of the chair and I am in total panic mode....I know what to do, but in the thick of it, I felt frozen with fear.....As I grab her, I start to hit her back between her shoulder blades and run for the front door to get Pat. By the time I got to the front door she coughed it up!

Let me tell you.....this was the scariest 30 seconds of my life! I was in tears and so was Sarah....she was so scared...all I could do was hug her and tell it she was OK now.

I could not stop thinking about this event all night......I urge everyone.......even if you think you know what to do if someone is choking....especially with a little one in the house........please visit THIS site for a refresher....I certainly did!

Girls Like To Shop While The Boys Enjoy Sports!

June 23, 2008

We all were running in different directions this weekend. My Mom, Sarah and I enjoyed the day shopping at new lifestyle mall in our area.....we finally got a real mall around here with some of the good stores....before the new mall we would have to drive into Philly for great shopping!

The intent was to shop for some summer clothes for myself....I would like a couple of new things before our trip to Las Vegas. It was a beautiful day out and Sarah was in a good mood and pretty content in her stroller.....not always the case! Unfortunately, I did not shop for myself.....I was having one of those days and could not find anything that I liked, so I bought summer clothes for everyone else in the family.

I think I have a problem when it comes to shopping for Sarah......I cannot pass up the cute stuff they make for little girls! She has so much in her closet, but every time I walk into a store I can't help myself! Take a peek at some of the must haves that were on the sale rack! I am in love with the hat!

Country Girl

Bathing Beauty

While we were shopping, Pat enjoyed a round of golf with a good friend. The last place Pat wants to be on a Saturday is a shopping mall!

Play Ball

Nick enjoyed going to the Phillies game with his friend Patrick. They were lucky enough to get baseballs signed by Jamie Moyer! Even though the Phillies lost, they had a great day!

Look At My Bangs

I thought I post a picture of why you should never take a pair of scissors to your child's hair unless you are a trained and licensed stylist! Gotta love it....a little short and on an angle! It looks worse when it is all down.....she'll be wearing it up for a while thanks to Mommy!

Black Jack Anyone

And last but not least, Sarah has pushed her toys aside to learn how to play Black Jack! I think she is trying to drop a hint that she would like to come along with Mommy and Daddy on their trip to Las Vegas!

Three Words Sunday x 2

June 22, 2008 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Summing up my week in three words was quite easy this week! I am happy to say that had my checkup on Monday and as you know, from my previous post, the doctor said on the spot everything looked good, but I got my little report on Saturday with official test results.....Nothing but a big sigh of relief.....8 Years Cancer Free.....WhoooHooo!


This part is not so easy......Sarah is growing up right before our very is going way too fast!

It is funny that in one breath, we can look at Sarah and say, where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday she was a day old and we were holding her for the very first she is 19 months old. In the very next breath, we say what is taking so long in China, we have been officially waiting 25 seems like we have been waiting forever! I guess the moral of the story is that time only moves quickly when you don't want it too!

Over the past week or two we have watched Sarah become so independent, she is mastering stairs, speaking and saying words we have never heard before, feeding herself, and showing interest in the potty.........she is quickly outgrowing her baby status. She wants to do everything by herself without the help of Mommy and Daddy.

As wonderful as it is to see your child grow and reach these milestones, it is a sad reality......our baby is becoming a big girl.

Special Delivery!

June 20, 2008

Just Arrived

Imagine my surprise when I am sitting at my desk looking out the front window and see a big tractor trailer pulling down our street and it stops in front of our house! What are they delivering? I didn't order anything????

I walk out to see Pat in the garage standing next to this.......I say, what is that......he said that he, along with our neighbor, and my Uncle Kevin, placed an order for fireworks for our 4th of July party! According to Pat, a 4th of July party should be a BLAST and light up the neighborhood! I think with the size of this box he will surely accomplish both!

Are you kidding me....they delivered them just like this....on a big pallet! I am glad that we live off the beaten path and there are acres of open fields all around us, because I don't want these set off anywhere near our house......they make me nervous to say the very least!

I guess this falls into the category.........boys and their toys!

Tub Time

In other news tonight, I attempted to trim Sarah's bangs. Note to self.....never do this again!

Since Sarah has been allowing me to actually do her hair and not pull out the hairbands, we are trying to let it grow, but her bangs are out of control! They are so long and always in her face....when I pull her hair back, the bangs are not long enough to stay back, so I thought....I can just trim a couple of her bangs! Not such an easy task when she is wiggling all over the place. I cut them dry so I could see where they would actually fall on her face, but she moved as I trimmed and they are now a little shorter than normal! It is not the worst that I have seen, but lets say we won't be going to have any professional photos done until they grow out a little!

Have a great weekend everyone!

New Fascination....Steps

June 19, 2008

Trying Steps By Myself!

This was the scene last night in our house......Sarah must have climbed the steps a million times!

The baby gates have kept her away from both staircases up until this point, but she is getting extremely adventurous and wants to explore beyond her normal limitations. Not to mention that we have a little "Miss Independent" on our hands. She wants to do everything herself these more baby...she is a big girl now....well sometimes!

This is Easy!

After a couple of trips up and down, she thought she was a pro....totally fearless......she stumbled a couple of times, but did not fall.....not yet anyway!

OK....on to the new software package.....for now I give up until I buy the " for Dumm.ies" book. One thing that I did find through all of this was Flick.r......there is an upload button through so that you can send photos to this can also just go to their website and upload photos directly from your computer. Once on the Flick.r site, you can do incredible things to your photos, plus you can pull the html code and copy and paste right here to your new was pretty easy! Maybe you all know about this already, but I am new to this stuff.....trying to find my way slowly but surely. So, needless to say, these two photos were not edited by, but through the free Flick.r account....go figure!

So Far, So Good

June 18, 2008

A quick update on Monday's doctor far so good.....nothing showed up during my exam.....HOORAY!!!! I still have to go for all of the other tests over the next week and make sure that there is nothing lurking around.....but we all feel pretty confident that I am in tip top condition!

It is like taking hate doing it, but once it is wasn't so bad! Thanks for all of the nice comments wishing me luck and good health.

Next topic.....Photo Editing Software.....I just went out and got Elements and Premier......any feedback from people already using it????

The guy in the store told me it was easy to use.....Got home last night and spent hours while the rest of my house was sleeping trying to figure this thing out.......either I am dumb, or it is not as easy as the salesman said....I am sure it will take some time, but if anyone has any tips, I would greatly appreciate them!

I am at I better run....maybe by tonight I can load some edited photos....from what I got through last does have some cool features......Let the fun begin!

Weekend At A Glance

June 16, 2008

Saturday morning was the first time EVER that Sarah slept in her crib for a nap! Yes, for almost 19 months this child has never slept in her own room or crib for that matter. As a baby she napped in her swing or her little carry seat, but at night she would not sleep anywhere but with got it....for almost 19 months we have had her with us and it is really starting to wear on us! She is getting bigger and she is so restless....none of us sleep well! I am hoping we are on the path to getting her in her crib once and for all!

I never had this problem with Nick, he slept in his crib pretty much from the day we came home from the hospital.....Sarah is a different story! Not only will she not sleep in her crib, one of us has to be with her to get her down, so if we have company, she will not go to bed until we go up with her and get her settled. This weekend we had neighbors over for cocktails on the deck and she made it until 11pm. Saturday we were on the go most of the day and did not come back until 10pm. Sunday we had our Father's Day celebration and the last of our company left around 10:30pm, so she did not go to bed until 11pm. We are down to one nap a day and I cannot believe that she does not collapse of exhaustion! You would think she would be miserable and cranky, but it does not seem to phase her at all.

I know that everyone always says, never put your children in bed with you, they will never sleep in their own rooms. Well yes they are right, but how are we going to break the pattern? I keep telling Pat that we will get her in her room when she has a sister to sleep with her instead of us!

Sarah in her prime! This is how happy she is even with minimal sleep.....I wish I looked this good after a late night!

Uncle Mike came for a visit on Father's Day! Mike is Pat's twin brother(fraternal twin) and even though we do not see him often, Sarah is very attached to him! Every time he left her sight she would call was so cute....I think Uncle Mike is just as smitten!

Uncle Mike brought the girls with him.....Mona and Lola......the wiener dogs, as Nick calls them! As you can see, Nick is still wearing the new Notre Dame hat.....I think the only time he has taken it off since Wednesday, is to shower and to go to bed!

Nick has a new girlfriend! Mona took a special liking to Nick and would not leave his side.....every time Nick would get on the floor with her, she would give him kisses!

3 Word Sunday- Happy Father's Day!

June 15, 2008

Pat, I know that this is technically your second father's day, but in my eyes you have always been a father. From the minute Nick and I walked into your life, you have treated him as if he was your son.....for that I am so grateful!

This picture was taken on the very first day we welcomed Sarah into our family. It is a day I will never forget and I will cherish forever. We took a leap of faith and followed our hearts and have been blessed with this beautiful little girl to be ours forever. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments as a father, you never cease to amaze me. I don't know what Nick, Sarah, and I would do without you!

We are on the long road to bring our third child into this family and I can't wait for the day that we meet this little one. Both Nick and Sarah have been brought to us in their own special ways...this child will too and it is a journey that I cannot wait to take with you.

You are my everything and without you I would be lost.

Loving You Always,


With Much Anticipation

June 14, 2008

On Monday, I have my annual visit to the oncologist, and I am so dreading it! I know....I have to go and it is for my own good, but every time I walk through those doors I relive the most horrible years of my life. The waiting room will be filled with about 30 women who have or had cancer. This is not only the doctors office, but the place where they also administer chemotherapy to their patients. The minute I am in there I feel so sick to my stomach with worry that I am going to hear the words......your cancer has returned!

When I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, I had no idea anything was wrong and was totally shocked that I could have a tumor the size of a softball growing inside of me and not know it. I am a pretty healthy person and am usually pretty in tune with my body. So let's just say that since then, I am a little panicky when it comes to not feeling well....I hesitate to use the word hypochondriac, but I could definitely fit into that category at times! Life is so precious and I got a second chance, I don't want to be naive, so yes....I think I have the right to be a bit of a hypochondriac!

When I go in on Monday I will get the dreaded exam and PAP Test, then be sent for a series of tests over the next week. They usually include a CA-125, which is a blood test for ovarian cancer, an ultra-sound of my abdominal area, a mammogram, and CAT Scan. Then it is time to wait for all of the results to come back....this is the worst part!

I know it has been just about 8 years that I have been cancer free, but it does not make it any easier. I have had a couple scares along the way, but so far so good. My life is great....I have a wonderful, loving husband, 2 beautiful children, with a 3rd on the way(soon we hope), terrific family and friends, an incredible job, a beautiful house we have made into our cannot change....I have to be healthy and I have to live the rest of my life! I never want to hear the dreaded words "It's Cancer" again! I hope and pray that this year will be like the last and instead I sign of recurrence, you are cancer free!

Must Be With Us At All Times

June 12, 2008

Yes...these are the two things that must be with us at all times.....the pacifier....AKA: Nu Nu and the bunny blanket.....AKA: Bun!

Sarah has always been a pacifier baby and this little bun has been with her since she was 5 days old......Aunt Ann and Dee Dee surprised us with a visit from Cape Cod and this Bunny was Dee Dee's gift to Sarah. It is so cute it is a stuffed animal and a mini silk blanket all in one.

We used to put it in the bassinet with her and she had this thing where she had to sleep with her face would either be the blanket or the bunny up over her the beginning I was horrified....thinking she would stop breathing under there....but it was her thing and we got used to it.....when people would come to visit they would freak out to see that she covered her face!

We have always had to have the Nu Nu with us at all fact I have them everywhere...a couple in my handbag.....some stored in the kitchen cabinet and I am always finding them in the toy box!

Over the last two months....bunny has become permanently attached to her and when he is not with her she cries....bun....bun...until she holds him in her arms. He is getting pretty ragged looking and I have had to pry him out of her arms at night to get him into the washing machine for a cleaning. I never realized how attached she is to this bunny and I am starting to get nervous....we don't have a back up Bun.....I have been looking online to find one, but have been unsuccessful to find a duplicate.....we better be extra careful with him!

Nick was a pacifier baby.....I hate to admit it, but he was almost 5 until he gave it up completely! As he got older, he would only use it in hiding! We finally decided that he had to give his pacifier up and the best way to do it was to leave it for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and in return, Santa would leave him an extra special gift! It worked, but if you could have seen him when he had to put the pacifier on the plate with Santa's Cookies......he was saying good bye to your closest friends! It was hard to watch, but we had to get rid of it! That pacifier is stored in his memory box! We now joke with him whenever we are missing one of Sarah's Nu Nu's.......we accuse Nick of stealing it.....he gets a big kick out of it!

When I was little I had a big gingerbread doll...he looked like a giant stuffed gingerbread cookie and I called him Gingie.....he went everywhere with me. I will never forget as a teenager we were cleaning out closets in the house and I found two and was so surprised.....Mom had a back up, but never needed it! The original is still with me....stored away somewhere in the basement!

What does your little one cling too or What was your security as a child?

Have a good night!

Scary Storm and Last Day Celebration!

June 11, 2008

This is what happened last night during one of the scariest storms I have ever seen. I grabbed both kids and the dog and we were in the basement as I was sure that we were about to see a tornado touch down in the area.....Don't forget, Pat is away on business so here I am freaking I started grabbing cell phones, flashlights, and anything else that I think we might need if we get stuck down there for any period of time. Thank god that we never did have a tornado, but we had horrific winds and half dollar sized sounded like the house was going to fall down......Poor Rudy was trembling....he does not do well in any kind of storm. We were glued to the window watching the destruction.....look at this umbrella!

Look at this thing....keep in mind.....this was a cast aluminum is so heavy that I cannot lift it.....the umbrella was not even was in the down position, but the wind got underneath it and launched it and then bent and cracked the post.......pieces of the frame snapped and went reminded me of the movie everything was flying around in the air.....luckily nothing flew through any of the windows in the back of the house! Looks like we will be shopping for a new umbrella......good thing we bought the super heavy furniture.....because that at least was did move a little, but not much!

Nick and friends after the closing liturgy on his last day of school........everyone is all smiles today......did I mention we were up and raring to go at 5:30am......Nick never wakes up that early!

After school was dismissed, Nick and I spent some quality time together! My friend Judy and her son always do lunch with us on the last day of has been a tradition since 1st grade....we hit Red Ro.bin for lunch and then did some shopping in one of our new outdoor of my new favorite places to spend money! Nick is sporting a new Notre Dame Hat that he just had to have.....Pat and Pops will be so proud! We ended our excursion with Ice Cream!

Hopefully we will make it through tonight storm-free! Hurry up and come home Pat......we miss you!

I Have Been Tagged!

June 10, 2008

This is a first for me since I have only been in blogger world for two months.
I have been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers, DC to participate in a Meme. In short, I will have to answer 5 questions about myself then tag 5 other people to participate in this little game. I will leave them a comment to let them know that I tagged them and then they will answer the same questions and then tag another 5 people....get it? we go!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:

  • Recovering from the first of my many cancer surgeries

  • Caring for my son Nicolas who was 6 months old

  • Celebrating my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary with a giant wedding reception of family and friends......this is the Grammy I talked about in my tribute.

  • Working for a large Cell Phone Company as an Account Executive...that was when phones were mounted to your dashboard or in a bag!

  • Spending our weekends at the lake in our boat

5 Things on my to do list today:

  • Take our dog Rudy to the groomers for a much needed hair cut....the poor thing had to be so hot under all that fur

  • Go to the post office to mail bills

  • Take Nick to school and then pick him up.....noon dismissal.....tomorrow is the last day...Yeah!

  • Go to the store to pick up extra diapers.....we are running low!

  • Wash the sheets in our guest bedroom.....last night my Aunt and Uncle flew in from Sicily....they spent the night and left this afternoon to go back to Alpharetta, GA.

5 of my favorite snack foods:

  • Pretzels....boring I know, but they are the first thing I grab when I come home and I am favorite are the big beer pretzels.....they are not the same everywhere, i notice when I travel, I cannot get the same brands I get here at home.....we have some spectacular pretzel companies in PA.

  • Chile Pepper Hummus with Whole Wheat Pita or Sesame Bread Sticks

  • Swedish Fish....I cannot keep them in the house...I will eat them all!

  • Vanilla Ice Cream with Peanut Butter.....You take a bowl and spread peanut butter on the bottom and up the sides of the bowl, then you put it in the freezer for about an hour or more, when it is ready, fill the bowl with vanilla ice cream and then top with milk chocolate chips.....this is the ultimate guilty pleasure.........when I am depressed or had a really bad day, this is what I grab

  • I saved the best for last......baguette bread, drizzled with olive oil and baked in the oven, when it comes out, I rub it with a garlic clove. I top the bread with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and basil, then I poor a balsamic reduction on top! On any given Sunday, you could stop by our home and this is what we will be eating

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

  • Buy a huge piece of land so that we could build multiple homes so that all of our family and loved ones could be in closer proximity.

  • Travel to Italy and buy a second home for vacation getaways

  • I would provide funding to see that the proper medical attention is given to all special needs children that are waiting in orphanages to be adopted

  • Provide funding for the research and cure for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

  • Volunteer and provide money to the victims of the Earthquake devastation in China

5 Places I have lived:

  • Laurel, MD

  • Torrington, CT

  • Richmond, VA

  • Emmaus, PA

  • Allentown, PA

Now, for the 5 people that I would like to tag in this little game......hope you don't mind!

Briana's Mom



Good luck everyone......leave me a comment and let me know that you will be participating...I will be checking in to see your answers!

Daddy's Away, But We're Having Sundae's Anyway!

June 9, 2008

Daddy's away on business and we miss him already! Sundae's are his absolute favorite after dinner snack, so we decided to post the pictures of tonight's "Sundaefest" so he can see us when he checks his computer in the hotel. We wish you were here Daddy.....but we'll eat your share! Sarah went right for the giant bottle of Her.sheys Syrup......I am sure she will be on a sugar high all night....bedtime should be interesting...wish me luck!

Hmmm......I think I might like what is in your bowl better......Can I have some of your ice cream?

Everyone is now satisfied with what is in their bowls and has eaten every last drop of ice cream!

We hope the next 3 days goes by quickly and we can't wait to see Daddy first thing Friday morning!

Have a good trip Daddy.....we all miss you!

3 Word Sunday!

June 8, 2008

It has been a long week of studying for Nick.....but we are the home stretch....2 half days Monday and Tuesday, and then they go in Wednesday for report cards and a closing liturgy......another year down and we are approaching 5th grade....I can't believe it!

As for this weekend.....we have had a was super hot, but we made the most of every moment.......This picture was taken tonight at about 8:30pm.......we had our newly engaged neighbors, Todd and Halle over for a cook out....what fun.....we are so lucky....we have great neighbors! As you can see, Sarah is soaking wet, she decided to take a dip in the pool in her cute little dress while we ate dinner....anything to keep the little princess happy....and cool!
Thanks for stopping by....have a great week!

Staying Cool In The Pool

June 7, 2008

When I took my nap today, Mommy went to one of our favorite stores.....Tar.get.......and look what I found when I woke very own pool!

This looks like it could be a lot of fun from out here, but I am not so sure I am ready to take the plunge!

With a little help from Daddy, I have mastered the sliding board..............Weeeeeee!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy aren't cutting it, so cousin Aidan saves the day and comes over to splash around with you can see she is so thrilled he has arrived, she almost knocks him off his feet!

Hey Aidan, Do you think we might find any coconuts under that tree? is almost snack time and I am starving and I think Mommy and Daddy could use a pina coloda.....they look pretty thirsty!

When we couldn't handle the heat anymore, we came in to relax in the cool air conditioning.........I do not know what I would do without air conditioning in this heat.....We got the kids changed and fed and then Pat read them both a story before they had a nap. As you can see they are hanging on his every last word!

If it is as hot tomorrow, as it was today, you might find us in the baby pool!