Scratches, Bruises, and Shoes I Don't Like!

June 5, 2008

Look at Sarah's little legs......I am almost embarrassed to have her wear shorts and skirts.....she is so bruised and scratched up! Sometimes I think we might have a tom boy on our hands. She will try to master anything with zero fear....steps, driveways, hills, name she will do it. She does not stop moving and is into everything. She loves to climb things in the house.....we cannot turn away for a second. This child will run full force down the driveway fall down, scrape both knees and hands, then get up and keep going. Not a tear or whimper....just wants to keep going. She truly amazes me.....I would be crying if I had taken some of the spills she has. I took her to the pediatrician recently and asked if I should be concerned.....he said no, this is normal for children her age......I do not remember this with Nick....funny how you can easily forget things like this when there is 9 years between children!

Yeah!!!! I have mastered all the steps on the deck................even while wearing a mini-skirt!

I had to include this picture.......Daddy just walked in from work last night and Sarah was quick to jump into his arms to say hello with a big hug and kiss!

Getting ready for a fun filled day in the warm weather......we are trying out a new pair of sandals today!

I have tried to get something on this child's feet besides crocs or sneaks for the last 2 months......I have purchased some of the cutest sandals for her and she refuses to wear them. As soon as I put them on her feet she says.....No, No, No....and proceeds to take them off. This morning I was determined.......she tried, but this time I said....No, No, No.....we quickly moved onto something else to get her mind off of the sandals on her far so good....we are still wearing them!

Thanks for checking in!


DC said...

These pictures are adorable! I LOVE the miniskirt!!

BTW . . . We have the same throw pillows on our bed! :)

Briana's Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Briana is the same way! She is fearless and will try anything! She falls down and rarely cries. My friend told me that girls are tougher than boys - I am beginning to believe her!

Cute sandals!

Jodee said...

My kids' legs look the exact same way. It looks like we beat them!

We love crocs too. However, Kamree will wear sandals but she constantly takes them on and off. I am actually doing a "shoes" post tonight so you will have to check my blog later!

Bridget said...

Hi I just found your blog through Lia's. What a lovely family you have! I am excited for you that you are adopting from China. We adopted our daughter last June and our lives have never been the same!:) But it looks like you already found that out with your sweet daughter. I wish you all the best during the wait I know how hard it is. Thanks for sharing your blog and your adorable family!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

She is adorable!! My Livi is all bruised up too. I used to worry what people thought. My Livi is just fearless and plays hard : ) sounds like your little one does too : )

My girls prefer crocs to sandals too but I still buy cute sandals for them. Have you ever shopped on zappos for shoes. It's addicting! They have really cute shoes.

kerri said...

Jillian's little legs look the same, her shins are always bruised.
Used to bother me, then I took a look around at the other girls her age, all the same, LOL.
Cute photos.

p.s. Love your bedspread and pillows. ;)

Jboo said...

Cute photos -- the one of your daughter and her Dad is so precious!


Kate said...

Hey Lisa,

When I was getting Lia dressed (well, she really does it herself...several outfits a little issue to deal with!), I noticed how bruised up her little legs are!! I think that is just a product of playground weather.

I love the picutre of your daughter and your husband...they get so happy when daddy comes home!!

Happy weekend!!!