More Inquiring Minds.....

September 27, 2008

You would think after my 100th post Question and Answer, there would be nothing left to tell, but I have been asked, by THIS lovely lady to come up with 6 more random things about my life!!

It took some time, but I think I came up with a couple of things never here goes!!

1. After my ballet career came to an end, I became a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor. My life was in the gym....I taught about 10 classes a week! During this time, I competed in one body building competition(let's just say, that it wasn't for me)and one aerobic that was fun:)

2. During the time I worked at a gym, two of our clients were famous artists....they had done a lot of work for M@rvel comics at the time, and they asked me to come to their studio so I could be a model for one of their new characters..."Dazzler" I got my own trading card!!! Check it out....

3. I have a "Cheese" addiction....I cannot eat a sandwich, a bowl of soup, or pasta unless it has cheese on it.

4. My hair is forever changing......I get bored easily when it comes to my hairstyle.....if it is not the cut, it is the color.....I just made a major change from my usual blonde, to a dark blonde with brown and red highlights....not thrilled with it so it will probably change yet again....which brings me to a new post topic for another day...."How To Break Up With Your Hair Stylist"....still working on that one...and if anyone has any tips....let me know!

5. Pat and I got engaged on St. Patrick's Day.....Now, every year, we throw a huge St. Patrick's Day bash to celebrate with all our friends....we throw a lot of parties in our home, but by far this is the best one every year...We put out an authentic Irish spread with everything from Corned Beef and Cabbage to Guiness Stew....the doors open at 3pm....and the party usually lasts til the weeee hours of the morning....take my word for is a great time!! Here are a couple of pictures from last years party!

Picture 012

Picture 011

6. Pat proposed to me in New York City on the top of the Emp*re St@te Building! The poor guy just about had a heart attack as we entered the building and realized we had to go through security....the ring was in his jacket and they made him take the jacket off to go through the metal detector....he was nervous the guard would ruin the surprise!!!! When we got up to the top, they wouldn't let us out on the observation deck because the weather was so bad, so he had to do it inside as we were pressed against the glass with a couple hundred people all squeezed in around us!! He had a beautiful poem that he had written and then presented me with the ring....What an incredible day....St. Patrick's Day in the big apple!


Well, I think that is it....Traditionally, you are supposed to tag some more people....I don't like anyone to feel pressured and I hate having to if you want to play along, post your 6 random things, but be sure to let me I can come check them out!!

Enjoy your weekend!


Shari said...

From Ballerina to Body Builder - you certainly have done it all!

Paula said...

Just hopped on over to check out your blog. I love the design, doesn't Rebecca do a great job!
We have adopted 2 girls here in the U.S. too.
You do seem like you have done it all. I love the idea your hubby had of proposing on the top of the empire state bulding. How fun!

Belinda said...


first off I cant beleive you have your own trading card.. How fun is that!! How to break up with your hair stylist... I would just stop going.. I am a big big avoider of sticky situations

Hugs have a great weekend

Jodee said...

I enjoyed reading your random list! I love your proposal story and your St. Patty's Day parties sound like a blast!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that was an awesome post! Okay, first of have your own comic trading card!?? How cool is that?! That must be so neat for you to see yourself in the "comic" version!!!!!

Yep, I had to break up with my hairstylist a few months ago. It was tough, but she wouldn't do what I asked her to do and I got tired of it. I was very upfront and honest with her.

How cool to be proprosed to on the top of the empire state building. That reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seatle, where Tom Hanks meets Meg Ryan. Your hubby did good!

I can't wait to see your St. Patrick day party pictures this year. That post didn't really surprise me though, you guys are such a fun family, I guess I just assumed you would have a big party! : )

Thanks for sharing! It so much fun getting to find out more about you!

missy said...

Hey there, Bendit! : )

I love that you have your own trading I can tell Paige I know a superhero!

What a romantic story about your engagement...what a great guy you have in your life!

I wish I lived closer...I love a great St. Pat's day party : )

Shell in your Pocket said...

So fun..I love reading your info! I am not going to type it now but I have a story on the top of the empire state building, too!

Oh how I love cheese too! I wish I didn't!

Have a great weekend!
-Sandy toes

Jboo said...

Cool trading picture!! Fun to learn even more about you! Hope you're having a fun weekend!


Kate said...

I have to say it....for such a tiny are full of big stories!!! It is good you started your blog!! Fun to read more about you!!!

SO just, how many lunges would I have to do to look like your trading card???? Sometime I will tell you all about the time one of my students called me "pancake"...and she wasn't referring to breakfast....such good memories....really great times.....

Michelle R Photography said...

Ok, your own superhero trading card? I don't think anyone can top that! (Note to self: Go throw out the ice cream and head to the gym!)

What a romantic engagement!! I feel for your poor hubby for having to go through the metal detector with the ring, but it still sounds wonderful.

OHmommy said...


You have done it all. Amazing and how FUN!!!

Sherri said...

Lisa, or should I say *Dazzler*!!
I love your posts! They are so interesting and fun.
I hope to read some of the comments made about breaking up with the hair stylist....I think I'm obligated to mine for life!!

Shari said...

You have so many neat stories!! Talk to Jodee about breaking up with your hair stylist! She has done that I believe! :) How funny about the metal detector!

Denise C said...

I just love this post Lisa!!! You have lots of surprises up your sleeves!!! WOW..a trading card...proposal atop the Empire State Building...and a body builder!!!! WOW!!!
What else have you got for us...tell it all girlfriend!!! hee-hee!!!

fleur de lis cottage said...

What a full and interesting life you've had. And, how appropriate that your husband would propose on St. Patty's Day...that was perfect.

Jennifer said...

LOVE the trading card!!! It like Aerobic Super Woman!

The the engagement story. We love ST Patrick's Day! Very Irish here!


jennifer said...

Wow, a trading card and all!!! That is hysterical!! Loved your 6 things!!

Briana's Mom said...

Great six things!

Wow - a trading card! Now that is cool stuff!

I think Briana has your same cheese addiction. ;)

Kim said...

Okay.. you have soooo much fun...
Love the Bodybuilder pictures..
Love the proposing on the top of the Empire State building.
Hugs to you.
Have a Great Week...

Kathryn said...

Hi Lisa, You are too funny, I am the complete and polar opposite of you with the hair thing. I am terrified of changing my style (which is pretty non existent at this point) When I started coloring my hair to cover the dreaded grey, I colored it the exact same color it all ready was, pretty daring!!!!!
Love those drawings and I was an aerobic instructor many years ago too!!!!!! That's how I evolved into a physical therapist, what fun that was!!!! I was soooooo skinny back then, oh those were the days!!!!!

Amy said...

Lisa, you are the most interesting lady!:)
What a blessed life you have led!
Thank you for your kind words to me and for your prayers.
I really appreciate you!

God Bless,

P.S. My boys will think it is so cool that you have your own trading card! ;)

Our Complete Family said...

You bring new meaning to the term 'Hot Mama', I tell you what!!! You go girl! The party looks like a BLAST and the engagement story is so darn sweet! I wish I had a great answer about the hairstylist, but I don't. I go to diff. ones (easy to do when I only go bi-yearly for a trim since I'm growing it for one of the wig causes). Sounds like a fun and interesting post to read coming up though! Happy weekend hun! xo, Les

Heather said...

Ummm Dazzler, I must offer the card is pretty amazing!

I love the breadth and depth to your life, such a rich history and that is very cool.

Thank you for sharing pieces of it with us.

Breaking up with your hairdresser, I have been trying to do it for years...I just let her cut and color my hair, AGAIN! - I went back to brown...I love it and have gotten compliments so far:) But I am ready for a new salon and just cannot cut those strings.

Have a great week!

Steffie B. said...

You are just one spankin' hot momma! lol

kerri said...

You rock superhero, nice tight buns on that card!
I love your proposal story, that is so romantic!!

Rebecca Lily said...

Hey Lisa, nice butt!!! I wish mine looked like that. LOL.

Such fun reading about you!! You are one fascinating lady. :)

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Well your looking pretty hot in that trading card.
I'm like you with the hair style. My mom was a hair dresser so I grew up changing my color and cut way too much LOL I just went dark and I kind of like it so I may keep it around for a while. I have no tips on breaking up with your hair stylist. I broke up with my hair colorist and went to someone else. Every time I saw her after our break up I hid behind a magazine. It's been 2 years since the break up and I still hide behind a magazine when she walks by (you think she knows?). What a romantic engagement...I don't think I will share mine LOL

Deb said...

Frig! I want a cartoon butt!!!!!

As far as the stylist goes...I am one and truely honesty works best. I know I get to the point where I just can't visualize a new style on someone I've been taking care of for years and I completly understand.

Jennifer said...

You have had a very full life ;) I love the trading card, you look cute :) I love the proposal story too...very romantic! As far as the hair stylist, it will be tough, maybe blame it on their schedule versus yours? Good luck!

Kayce said...

I so want a trading card! Way cool Lisa!! I'm also coming over next St. Paddies day! I love your full life, it makes for happiness and a great attitude!

Bridget said...

You are the only person I know with a trading card - what a riot! thanks for sharing they were all great!

CC said...

Oh my gawsh!!!!! We have little in common from this list (except the cheese!) but I LOVE you!!!!!!!!!