Would I Be A Fairy Godmother or Evil Stepmother?

September 30, 2008

I would like to think that I would fall into the "Fairy Godmother" category, but one would beg to differ after looking at these pictures!

Getting rid of all the dust bunnies!

Spraying the floor to make it sparkle!

Mopping is tough....gotta give a little extra elbow grease!

Our Merry Maids are not so....."Merry"

Service with a smile:) Rudy wants to know where he can find a mop!

Nick pulled out a mop this weekend and said.."Mom, can I clean the floors".....I almost fell over...but before I hit the ground, I said SURE!!

Next thing I know, Sarah says.."I want one too"

The two of them were running around from room to room hitting every square inch of hardwood.

What was I doing you ask??? Reading a book with my feet propped up...glass of wine in hand.

Does this make me the Evil Stepmother??


Michelle R Photography said...

Your dark hardwood floors are beautiful. Can your little helpers give me any tips on bringing out the shine, because mine are getting a bit dull.

How great that your handsome Nick offered to help. And Sarah, I just love the adorable faces she makes.

Jennifer said...

Not an evil step-mother, just smart...very smart :) Your kiddos are very CUTE, maybe I can convince mine to do that!


Robin said...

Not at all just very lucky!!!

Enjoy those restful moments, they don't come often enough!!


a Tonggu Momma said...

The props say Evil Step-Mother, but the smiles say Fairy Godmother.

Jboo said...

Not an evil stepmother -- a very wise mother! Always accept household help when it's offered! Nick and Sarah are so sweet! And even Rudy wanted to help -- good doggie! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Paula said...

Yes, you are lucky. With most kids its like pulling teeth to get them to do chores. Way to go Mom!

Shari said...

I have been having a time posting to your blog. I seem to have to subscribe and then refresh 3 times, don't know what is going on...but anyway!
LOVE Sarah's hair all pulled back, she is really working hard. I though once kids passed the age of 5 they knew that cleaning wasn't fun, so Nick is certainly a sweetheart.
Rudy reminded me of something my Dad always used to say about my Shitzu...just stick a handle up her bu4t and use her as a dust mop:) I miss my dad and that little dog, thanks for bringing back a GREAT memory!

missy said...

A good glass of wine, relaxation, feet propped up...


Love the pictures!

Football and Fried Rice said...


Oh - can I get some help around here too?? Do they hire out??

I know I have asked before - but what kind of dog is Rudy? I love him! We are hoping to get a pooch after Christmas for our boys! it has to be something low dander..blah blah blah!!!

Kate said...

Start them off early, I say!! I love it when a plan comes together!!

jenbusymom said...

I wish I was smiling so pretty while mopping the floors! I should get Sarah over here to teach my girls a thing or two about cleaning! You're training them well!

Shelly and Family said...

OK...it must be something in the "air" because my hubby cleaned the whole house this past weekend & Francesa has been wanting to help me with the laundry I did yesterday...(oh how I love the help as I am sure you do too!)

Jodee said...

You are so lucky to have little helpers. My kids love to clean too! Dusting is their favorite.

I love the picture of your "not so merry" maid! She is too cute!

Briana's Mom said...

Hey - if they are asking to do it, take advantage! I need to start working on Bri. ;)

LOVE your floors! They are so gorgeous!

jennifer said...

Nope, it makes you one smart Momma!!!

Kim said...

You are hardly an Evil Stepmother.
YOu are the most Wonderful Fairy Godmother..
Love the kids helping out.. believe me I take it when they ask too..
Doesn't happen very often..lol.
Have a Great Week.

redmaryjanes said...

Oh no, I am the evil stepmother :) Sounds like you made good use of energetic resources.

Laura said...

By the looks on their faces, I would say Fairy Godmother!!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

How did my dog make it in your pictures!?! Is he/she a cockapoo named Lucy???
Hi! I wandered in via another blog-
I am big beliver in kids helping out. Having three boys, I really am aware that I am raising someone's husband! I want my future daughter-in-laws to think I did good!

Kayce said...

If Nick would like more floors to do he can come on over! ;) You are so not an evil stepmother.

Shell in your Pocket said...


They looked like they were having fun and enjoying it. I think when kids feel they play a role in the family...they are needed to keep it going. It is important!

What book were you reading??? smile!
-Sandy toes

Denise C said...

OH, just look at your energetic little workers! Gosh...send them to my house!!! My floors need a good "Once over"! hee-hee!
SO glad you had "good help" and that you got to relax too!!!
Woohoo...what a wonderful evening!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You are not the evil stepmother! You are SMART and I love the image of you sitting there with a glass of wine! SO great! Nick and Sarah look like they're having a blast anyway, so that's even better! :)

Lisa said...

I love it!!! I'd say that the kids looked like they were having a blast.

I wish I was there to share a glass of wine with you!! : )

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Good woman! Haha, so cute!

Weeksie50 said...

They are so stinkin' cute. They look like they are enjoying it..

M,R,J1,J2 said...

Work for food? LOL! Nothing wrong with putting the kids to work and letting them earn their keep :-) I have pictures of Jarod when he was a toddler, cleaning windows and washing floors, well sort of, but now, pfftt...Enjoy it while it lasts!
P.S.: Anytime you'd like to send your kids to my house for a fun filled day of cleaning...I'd love to have them.

Belinda said...


how nice to get to read a book while the kids moped HAHA... Girl I saw all you wine bottles on your kitchen counter HAHA
I whish mine were old enough to help or at leat hold there sippy cuts upright so they dont dribble apple juice and milk on my hardwood.. it is a never ending battle to keep my floors clean!!
PS I am still going with her fairy god mother

edie said...

Call it whatever you like, I support you 100%!

Shawnstribe said...

hee hee, no not evil ; )
you just have lil angels to help you : )

Amy said...

Not evil at all....just blessed.:)

God Bless,

The Blonde Duck said...

Nah. It makes you efficant!

kerri said...

Do the kids want to come over for a mop, I mean visit, LOL.
Wonderful that Nick offered to help, that's one great guy!!

Sherri said...

What good kids you have! I hardly believe for a second you could ever be an evil anything!
Enjoy your sparkly,clean floors!

fleur de lis cottage said...

Not an evil stepmother at all, and what sweet helpers.

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

LOL how cute that they want to help!! I love it! I say take all the help you can get. One day they will be too busy.

Our Complete Family said...

Can I hire them to teach Bryce how to do this task?!? I just did some of my hardwood today and it is one chore I really don't like! Hey, maybe if I did it with vino in hand I'd be happier about it!!! Cutie patooties helping out~ loved the pics!!! xo, Les

Anonymous said...

Oh no my friend I wol dnot use the term evil!!! Smart, yeah thats more like it!!!

Love the photo's, coveting your floors!

Okay now that you are done reading my comment, I hope that you will go back to 'relaxing'!



Shell in your Pocket said...

I gave you an award today!
-Sandy Toes

Amie said...

Those are the happiest helper I have ever seen. And they do nice work. ;)


Kellyann said...

Pretty much! Can I borrow your merry maids???? PLEASE!!!! Good for you for taking it easy for a few.
Just let us know what your secret is that gets the kids to WANT to clean.

Anonymous said...

Even your dog looks happy here to me :)! Clever, clever you!

Jennifer said...

I would say you are a SMART Mother. Enjoy the moment while they want to do it!


day by day said...

Wow! I wish I could get my teens to help like that. Hey, I would even be thrilled if they cleared a path in their bedrooms. lol!

Anonymous said...

My son LOVES to wash the dishes!!