Medicine Makes Me Smile

February 10, 2009

Does this look like the face of a two year old that just downed some nasty medicine?

For some odd reason, Sarah loves to take medicine....all kinds. Not only does she take it willingly, she asks for MORE. Of course, I don't give her more, but I think it is really strange that she loves it. As a child, I hated medicine of any sort and remember gagging when my parents tried to make me take it...The only thing I liked was baby asprin...remember those?

Unfortunately, Sarah's little cold turned into the Croup......Sunday evening she started to sound really bad and by Monday morning we were sitting in the pediatrician's office with about 15 other sick children.

Other than our trip to the doctor's, we have not left the confines of our home since Sunday. The doc didn't prescribe antibiotics, just a steroid to help her breath easier. If any of you have had kids with the croup, you know nighttime is the worst. She has really been out of sorts and in addition to not sleeping well at night, she is not taking any naps during the day. For the most part, she has been really cranky.....but I have to laugh, because when she sees me go for the medicine would think I am about to hand her some candy.....she gets so excited and says "YEAH MEDICINE"

I snapped this picture of her sitting on the kitchen counter just after she had her morning dose.

So....How do your kids react to medicine? Do they like it{or love it} and take it willingly or do they run the other direction when they see you coming with the bottle?


Kim said...

I don't think my kids ever LIKED it but they didn't give me a lot of problems..
Love the pictures..
Hope she gets better soon..

Shari said...

I tell you one time she'll love it the next time she'll hate it - and it can be from the same bottle - totally doesn't matter!!

Kate said...

I was wondering how Sarah was sorry she is still under the weather!!

Lia has always taken medicine pretty hate...but last week when we were taking it around the clock for 5 days...she was not a fan. A few times I had to bribe her with licks of a popsickle in between swallows of motrin...but we always got it down...

I just hate when they are sick...take care of your girl!!!

Deb said...

Jac hated it. I always had to bribe her!
As for baby aspirn, yes I loved those!
Sweet picture.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Errrr... I couldn't handle the taste of medicine...

Michelle R Photography said...

Poor Sarah. I hope she starts recovering soon. I have heard the Croup is NO fun!!

My kids are in the same boat as Sarah. They love taking medicine. (Exception would be some really nasty tasting medicine, which most things are flavored now.) Leila tries to act sick so she can get some (we don't give it, of course) and if she is sick, she acts like it heals her immediately. Mia is currently taking antibiotic for a sinus infection and she can't wait for medicine time. Go figure!

And I must mention your gorgeous photo of Sarah. The catchlights are awesome!

Tisha said...

First, I must say that is the most adorable picture! Secondly, I hope that Sarah is feeling better very soon!

I actually am very envious. Sloan will basically make himself throw up if we even get to the point where we have successfully gotten the medicine down his throat. It seriously is not a scene anyone wants to observe. I have been in tears trying to force medication down him. It takes two strong adults and that might not even do it. For the most part, I don't even try unless he is VERY sick. From time to time, the doctor has given him shots of antibiotics in lieu of medicine. Our pediatrican affectionately calls him, "Gag-O-Rama." LOL

Hope your night is better tonight!


Rachel said...

Sorry your little one is sick. I know the middle of the night thing is tough on everyone. I hope she gets over it soon.

On the medicine front, my boys HATED it. My 7 y/o now tolerates it b/c he knows it makes him feel better. My 5 y/o still won't take it. When he had strep last year, I got him a shot of antibiotics so I wouldn't have to torture him every day. Lily seems to be ok with it. She will usually take motrin without a huge issue.

Jennifer said...

Katie is the same way. LOVES medicine. She asks for it and is happy to take it. I find it so weird.

Hope that Sarah feels better soon.


Shell in your Pocket said...

There is one medicine my kids like taste like bubble gum! Hope she is feeling better really soon!
-sandy toe

Laura said...

Emma is not a fan but will take it with not to many complaints. I hope Sarah feels better soon.

Denise said...

Hope she feels better. Will you e mail me when you have a chance. I have a picture question!

carolinagirl said...

Such a cutie! Yes, Sarah is the exception...I can say that with some authority since I am a pharmacist! My six year old loves ibuprofen suspension - still - and begs for it! So strange!

Marla said...

LOL, Jack likes medicine too. Weirdos! :) Hope she's feeling better soon.

The soup was a HIT, we loved it!

Jennifer said...

Ok, so maybe that can be your bribe for great pictures :) Landree likes some medicine, like her Zyrtec, she asks for more. But she doesn't like other kinds. It just depends.

Kim said...

Look at that sweet and precious face.

She and Vivi Jo are two peas in a pod, she LOVES medicine too. She acts like it is candy....licking the medicine spoon, getting the very last drop.

I'm so sorry Sarah is so sick.


Jodee said...

What a hoot! I can't believe that Sarah loves taking medicine! With the exception of Kamree's allergy medicine, it usually takes both of us to hold her down to get her to take most medicine!

I hope Sarah is feeling better soon! I know that croup can be sooooo scary, especially at night! Hang in there!

Sherri said...

Well at least you don't have to fight her to take her medicine, lucky you! Mine make a lot of faces but take it without too much of a fight. Thankfully we haven't had either kid on antibiotics for years now *knock on wood*

Yes, I remember baby aspirin. Mark had Kawasaki Disease when he was 3 and we had to put him on it for a while... I used to love them when I was a kid.

Sarah's smile is very sweet :)

Jill said...

LOL! That is too cute!!
When we got Lucy at 16 months, she took medicine just fine.
Shortly after we returned home from China she tested positive TB+, and that meant 9 months of the NASTY tasting Isoniozid. And yees, we tried all flavors!! It was HELL for those nine months, I won't mince words!! It wasn't until just recently that she would take medicine without being held down.
You are blessed! LOL!

a Tonggu Momma said...

The Tongginator LOVES her medicine. Except for Mucinex. Because that stuff is pretty nasty.

Missy said...

Bless little Sarah's heart!!! I know night time must be really hard. She is probably ready for some relief, so when she sees the meds coming, she is like, "Bring it on momma" : ) I love her sweet, sweet smile...sick or not. You guys will be in my thoughts. Love ya!

OHmommy said...

No, my kids HATE it.

But tell me. What settings did you use to get the background so blurry? I love.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I hope she gets better soon and hope you stay healthy too!!!


Patricia said...

You totally captured that expression on Sarah's sweet face!

I laughed reading this because Kiara LOVES medicine too...always has! Just tonight she asked me for me she has a "virus" just to get some medicine!

Kiara gets the croup scary sounding at night...I usually run the shower full blast, very hot, to steam up the bathroom & we sit in there for 10 minutes...that really helps open up the air passages...but I'm sure you know that already!

Hope she's feeling better!! Try to get some rest yourself, too!

Kerry said...

Oh so glad to read your post! My girlies are just like Sarah- asking for more and loving medicine. They must make it taste much better then when we were kids! I am so careful to make sure it is up high and put away and lids are tight- mine really would be tempted.
Your sweetie pie sure does not look sick in this lovely photo.
Wow Lisa- you got it girl. Great photo. Hugs and so hope Sarah is better soon. Get some rest.

CC said...

Croup?! That's horrid!!

My kids love medicine so much that we have to constantly talk about about how you never take medicine without mommy or daddy there, etc. I'm so scared they'll overdose one day!

Melanie said...

My youngest daughter loves medicine. She'll start doing a fake cough if she even hears me mention the word. Seriously.

Jennifer said...

Hmmm, it depends on what medicine it is? Matthew is better than Michael. Also depends on how bad they feel :(
So sorry that little Sarah is sick, that stinks...I think that is what happens with these "winter-warm ups".
Looking forward to Spring ;)


Christy said...

How totally funny that she loves it! My kids like "orange medicine" which is liquid motrin. It solves all the ailments for my kids. A bit of orange medicine will make them so happy. I just pour it right into their mouthes and they are so happy-- it really is quite funny. Now that is where it ends. My kids hate any other kind of med. Grape, strawberry-- hate it!! Mia has a way to go but I have my 8 year old swallowing pills so he will take anything (he takes an ADHD med each morning so he has swallowed pills for a while)but my 10 year old wont swalllow pills and hardly will take any other med. I use to hate meds so the fact that my children hate it as well does not surprise me.

Funny about Sarah!

Christy :)

3 Peanuts said...

Poor Will has asthma and he gets severe croup EVERY time he gets a cold (still and 11 and 1/2). that steroid hypes them up a bit which id likely why she won't nap:0

Hope Sarah is better soon.


Steffie B. said...

Sophia has always been really easy....Daniel....I literally have had to pin him down....I felt terrible....thankfully, my kids have been pretty healthy this winter! ;)

Darling picture!

Shelly and Family said...

Oh Lisa...Poor Sarah. Our hearts are so going out to her. Hope she feels better soon...

As for our kiddos and medicine...Francesca is like trying to get the medicine past the close & locked gates at the palace (she has always been that way) but Annabelle, she will take anything & everything without any issues. There are days Life is very interesting in our household.

When you get a chance...give me a call...anytime girlfriend

Leslie said...

OMG...what a great post Lisa.
My kids hated taking meds, but since school started, they have taken plenty of doses of cough and cold meds, and have gotten used to it. Just this morning, at 5:30, Ella was coughing her little sweet head off. So off I was to get the cough meds. The only way to get her to take it, was to give her the idea that she picked out the flavor at the store. Ya know..."Her idea." So this early morning, I have had it. I'm going to call me peds doctor, and ask her about getting them both allergy tested. I'm not joking, we have maybe gone one week total since last August, where Ella hasn't coughed. One week.!!!! Something's gotta give, but of course we do live in the Ohio Valley...what a crudy place to live because of allergies.

Very cute picture of Sarah. I'm glad she likes taking her meds. It's not a fun fight, when they don't like to take meds. How did Nick do, when he was yournger?

Lisa said...

Ellie likes taking medicine too! I'm sorry to hear tht Sarah is sick, that is NO fun. It's nice that she can have her mommy there to comfort and take care of her. I hope she starts feeling better soon!

carolinagirl said...

Hi Lisa...quick question: if you were going to only purchase one software program for photo editing, would it be Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Lightroom? I am a novice, and I see that there is a huge difference in price. I want to buy the better program though. I can't tell enough about either one from the descriptions to figure out which is better.
Thanks so much!!!

I am having Jennifer do a blog makeover for my new Project 365. I just love how you have the widened format for larger photos.

Jeni said...

When I was little I always gagged and usually ended up spitting the stuff out.

My kids HATE medicine. Last year Madi got three shots...didn't cry until 5 minutes after when the Dr. tried to give her tylenol.

Hope Sarah is better.

Anonymous said...

Can you have Sarah to talk to my girls please? Aside from children's Tylenol, it is always a struggle.
However, I have found that a little chocolate pudding makes everything better quickly ;-)

Jboo said...

Hope she's feeling better! M had croup a few times when she was younger and those steriods made her (and me!) crazy! How great that she likes her medicine! We've had to sometimes hide it in something else or tell her to plug her nose so it doesn't taste so bad!

Hope she is on the mend and you are getting some rest too. Yay - Wednesday!

M,R,J1,J2 said...

Ahhh-the croup-been there, done that. If it's any consolation, the kids outgrow it (eventually). Jarod never minded taking medicine -he didn't love or hate it- He pretty much just took it. We always tell him, the worse it tastes, the better it makes you feel.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

4D said...

I hope she is better soon!

Keep smilin!

Polar Bear said...

I never knew of a kid who liked to take medicine. :o)

I hope she feels better!

LOVE that picture!

These Are The Days said...

So sorry to hear she's had croup. My oldest used to get it every scary! Sophia used to love medicine but one time of taking something super nasty and now I have to wrestle her. Hope she gets better soon and you can resume a normal life. :)

Deb said...

Hope Sarah feels better soon. BTW, Lotus loves medicine too. She is one to say MORE after she gets a does. Crazy isn't it??

Sylvia said...

My girls will NOT take medicine! Even the tasty, sweet stuff. I remember when I was a kid I LOVED medicine! (somehow made me feel special)

Lucky for them they don't get sick too often...

Kam said...

I'm one for two...Kennedy HATES all medicine. And Syd LOVES it! Cracks me up! Syd asks for it even when she's not sick!

Hope she is feeling better. The steroid should help her more than an antibiotic. They just make you feel back sometimes. But they work wonders.

Hope you all hangin in there and that she's getting better!

Love ya~

Tonya said...

Oh, she is too cute! I think it's GREAT that she likes her medicine. I'm with you.. that stuff is NASSSSSTY! There've been a few that our boys didn't mind taking, and some I had to almost threaten them just to get it down. Hehehe.. I hope she's feeling better soon!

Rhonda said...

Macy Li LOVES medicine too! Woo hoo! I used to have to "hog-tie" , as we say in the South, my boys and practically stangle them to get it down them. After we were done, I'd need a change of clothes, the kitchen would be destroyed, and I was in need of a glass of wine. Whew!


t~ said...

Weston thinks it's a treat....he l.o.v.e.s. medicine.

Cole chokes it down and Garrett has never had to take medicine that this was the first year (age 12) that we had him swallow a pill when I realized he had no idea how to get it down the throat. Weird.

Briana's Mom said...

LOL! Briana loves to take her medicine! Well, Children's Motrin anyway. It is grape and she asks for more. I explain it is medicine - not candy.

I could tell that she didn't love the antibiotic for her ear infection, but she never gave me grief taking it thank goodness.

I hope Miss Sarah feels better soon!!!

Becky said...

I hope Sarah is feeling better soon. As for the medicine, my two love it also.

Hang in there!


M3 said...

Our girls LOVE it. Any kind, any flavor. It just kills me. The biggest problem we have in our house is when one girl is sick and "gets" to have medicine while the other poor girl is deprived. Oh man, you have never heard such wailing.

M3 said...

Oops, hit publish too fast. So sorry to hear the croup is visiting your house. That is nasty stuff and no one gets any sleep... :-( Sending feel better wishes.

Julie said...

My kids LOVE medicine too! Weirdos!
My daughter had croup last year around this time ... it's no fun!!

Kayce said...

My poor J would have to be held down to get his antibiotics when he was a baby. He had chronic ear infections and was ALWAYS on antis. BUT if it was diamatap* he'd be running to take it!

Cute pic of Sarah!

Heather said...

I am so sorry Sarah has been sick -I have been subbing non-stop at Em'school...the schoolis actually closing Friday due to illness, unheard of! Medicine, the girlies HATE it. EM is the worst! I have to crush it and mix it or stir it in to applesauce, I get so stressed about it.

Just a little side note, steroids do have side effects which you probably well know about,but if she is restless,that is one of the unsavory ones...Em actually sits awake all night long, she itches and tells me her skin tingles and the bugs are biting her - fun times, fun times:(

Hoping Sarah feels 100 percent quickly and count those blessings,I'd give an arm to have the girls love their medicine!

Have a nice holiday weekend.

paige said...

bless her heart....that croup sounds just awful, doesn't it?
good trouper though.

cek is not enjoying her 3 tsps of amoxil twice a day...she has only eaten pretzels , plus one egg, for the last 2 days
totally pitiful
hugs to miss sarah

Joanne said...

Perfect timing with your Mia was just diagnosed with an ear infection...her first dose of amox. went really well...this morning, not so well. I tried to bride her, "give" it to her bear, nothing worked ~ she was spitting it out and screaming! I'll wait till daddy comes home for dose #2!!
Hope she feels better soon!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Sigh....Lottie hates all medicine. When she is sick she will ONLY take the pink amoxicillin which thankfully can treat strep...which is our illness about six times a year.

Emma Jane loves medicine on the other hand and so we have to keep it way way high in the cabinet!!!

Sorry your sweet girl is sick...the coughing and breathing at night is so hard. Praying for her.

Kristin said...

What a sweetness picture of Sarah. I have to tell you that I loved the taste of it too as a child. Now at least I know someone else in the world that does as well, smile. I do hope she is running, smiling and feeling better very soon!

Kellyann said...

Sorry your little pumpkin is under the weather. Croup sounds bad, doesn't it? It is a blessing that she'll take the medicine easily...believe me!

jenbusymom said...

Hi Lisa,

Love the pic. I so hear you on the croup thing. I've been there with both of my girls and spent many hours in the middle of the night in a steam bathroom! It does sound worse than it is though, the not sleeping is the hardest part I think. Caitie hates medicine, Maddie willingly takes it. I remember the baby aspirin!

Gail said...

Been wondering how your girl is doing and hope she's lots better.
Will would take medicine anytime...anyday. Grace was another matter with that....I had to use all kinds of 'holds' on her to take it when she was young.

Hope you are well...

Rebecca Lily said...

My kids don't really like medicine (they take it, but they make faces). That picture of Sarah is SO cute! Glad she can smile, even with the croup. I hope she feels better soon.

Sharon said...

I am so sorry you are house boound!! She is such an adorable little trooper!!!!!!

Can't wait for more of your photos!

and.. mORE COMMENTARY ABOUT photography! I love that, thanks Lisa!!!!

Our Complete Family said...

Hang in there sweetie and give your little princess a get well hug and smooch from her Illinois crew!
As for mine? Caroline is not a fan of anything but infant Tylenol and all else has to be chased with a Hershey kiss~ she's a girl after my own heart... a chocolate lover already!
And Bryce will take anything! He's a good medicine taker the few times he has been sick.
Thinking of you guys~ Les

p.s. Even though Sarah is sick and not sleeping well, she still looking stikin' adorable in this pic! xo

Terri said...

She is so cute..can't believe she loves are lucky most kids don' I think when I was little the only meds I liked were baby aspirin and the pink medicine..not pepto but amoxil I think in liquid form...I could be wrong...about the name...but I loved the taste of those

Hope she feels better soon!

Happy Valentines Day!


Sandi McBride said...

I hope that Sarah is feeling better soon! I can remember setting up the humidifiers and pounding gently on my son's back to loosen the "crappola" in his lungs, and how wonderful it was when he had recovered! Congratulations on Post of the Day mention from David.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on POtD! I have no secrets, but sure could use some with meds for Jane!

Reasons said...

Aw Bless, what a picture. I always remember being in France visiting family when my then, 6 year old developed tonsilitis. I took her to the Doctor and he prescribed antibiotics. You should have seen her face when i described how she had to take it. Seems to be the thing in France. After that she always seemed OK that she only ever had to swallow medicine!!
Lovely blog.