Sticks and Stones........

March 24, 2009

Sticks and Stones-700

and thankfully.......NO BROKEN BONES!!

Rock Climbing-700
There are days that Sarah is all girl.....frilly dresses, make up, purses, hair bows, and painted nails........but that all goes by the wayside as soon as she hits the outdoors.

On top of the world-700

After a week away, we wanted to spend some time just relaxing and hanging out with the kids and now that the weather is starting to break, we are spending as much time as possible outside. We went to our favorite park and Sarah started climbing the big boulders and stone walls. She was collecting sticks, and little rocks she found along the way. Watching her in action made me laugh.......our little girly girl has quite a bit of tomboy in her. She can hold her own, but she does make me a little nervous. Everytime I would reach for her, she would push me away and say that she could do it. When I told her she was climbing to high, it made her want to go even higher........I think it is going to be an interesting spring and summer to say the least.

The Bahamas was fun and I enjoyed taking pictures of all the beautiful scenery, but I have to say that I missed taking pictures of my two favorite subjects......Nick and Sarah.

Hope you all are having a great week......As you could imagine, it has been a little hectic getting back into the swing of things. Soccer started tonight for Nick and he is so excited......I can't wait to capture him in action this season. It is the one time he gives me permission to take his picture:)

Next post is the big giveaway won't want to miss it!!

Anyone care to take a guess at what I am going to be giving away????


Shell in your Pocket said...

A complete Italian meal Fed Ex to our home~
sandy toe

Mandi said...

I just love the pictures you take. My oldest is the exact same way, some days she is little miss diva, and other days she is covered from head to toe in dirt, or fishing from the pier in the summer.

I can't wait to see what your giveaway involves. I will watching for it.


Suzie said...

Welcome home - glad that you had a great time!!

Your photos are beautiful :o)

Shari said...

I missed SEEING photos of your kids!

I hope your giveaway involves photo tips!

Gail said...

Hmmm...a photo session by you Miss Lisa, the very talented photographer.

It always takes a while to get back to 'normal' after a vacation. Beautiful pics of your little one as always!

Lucy said...

Welcome back...I loved your pictures of your trip. The photo your husband took of you is beautiful! Looks like you are having nicer days than we are. Love that Sarah has a little tomboy in her. Magnolia recently wanted me to get her ball that was in the mulch...she wouldn't go near it! I put my hands in the dirt and mulch to show it was okay...I think we have a lot to work on! :) HOpe you get back into the swing of things quickly.
Take care, Lucy

Jodee said...

Cute pictures of Sarah. I find it hard to believe that she could have a Tomboy bone in her body!

Your giveaway is going to be soooo much fun! Of course, I won't let the cat out of the bag!

Thanks again for calling yesterday! I enjoyed catching up on things! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I can just picture Sarah climbing higher and higher, with her smile on her face!! Just is just too cute! So glad that you had an awesome time on vacation!

Can't wait to see what your giveaway is all about!! You have me curious!

ps. I love Sandy Toes guess at your giveaway....a complete Italian meal sounds wonderful!!!!

Jboo said...

Beautiful photos -- looks like Sarah was having a blast! Maddy has spent the evening crawling on the floor like a doggie!

I think you're going to give away a cookbook, but I like the of some photo tips!


Aspiemom said...

I remember when my son was that age I would have to use reverse psychology on him a lot! Their daring makes us so nervous!

I have no IDEA what your Giveaway might entail. Such suspense!

Shelly and Family said...

Love the photo of Sarah...She is just breath-taking! I think "Great Minds Think Alike"...

(you'll have to check out our blog in the next few days to see what I have planned...)

Don't work too hard and I'll be talking to you soon...Love Ya :) & Miss Ya :(

carolinagirl said...

Ok...that first photo of Sarah is to die for...which preset did you use??? I am still so lost - even after getting the princess in training preset from pixelfairyprincess. Sigh!

Yeah for Nick...we've got soccer and baseball going already. CRAZY!!! Will need serious work on action photos. Mine are so blurry.

For the giveaway...I'm thinking something kitcheny???

Glad you are back. So glad tomorrow is Wednesday already!

Rachel said...

Welcome home! i love the pictures of Sarah. The colors just pop.

I'm sure you can tell that Lily is the exact same way - she does like dresses and bows and hairclips, but can get down and dirty when having a good time.

Can't wait to see what hte giveaway is!

Christy said...

Wow it sounds like Miss Sarah and Miss Mia have been learning from eachother. The little miss independant gilrs are driving me nuts. Mia wants to do absolutly everything by herself with no help from me. Im giong crazy!!

Michelle R Photography said...

Hmmmm... a trip to paradise? No? Are you sure? Your boss isn't interested in a blog giveaway? Bummer. ;) I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Oh, the suspense!

I really think Sarah and Mia have a LOT in common. Adorable pictures of your little tomboy. You pick the best locations.

3 Peanuts said...

Your recipes?

Sherri said...

She really is a fearless litte girl isn't she! Something tells me Band Aids might be handy to have on your park trips :)
I hope Nick wasn't too cold outside playing soccer. He would have froze if he lived here!

Briana's Mom said...

Sarah and Bri are definitely cut from the same cloth. Completely fearless!

Patricia said...

Great photos, as usual! ANd yep...sounds like you have a daredevil in the making! I've got myself a little daredevil & she scares me to pieces sometimes!! The hardest thing for me is to just let her go!! Her favorite words: "Higher! Faster! Look at ME!" lol!

Robin said...

I know you were so glad to get back and spend time with your family.

I love your new header!


Can't wait to see what your give away is!!!!

Natalie said...

Lisa, I love your new blog profile picture. Beautiful! But then, I always love your beautiful photo's of your kids. Welcome back! Glad you had fun!

Dita said...

Love the photos of beautiful Sarah. Her eyes are so blue!

The giveaway? Well, a trip to Paradise Island, of course!!! He he!

JMCS said...


You captured Sarah beautifully. Great job! Hope you guys had fun in the Bahamas. That sounds so good right now. Can't wait to see what your surprise giveaway is...

I just have to say, your photos are awesome!


JMCS said...

P.S Hope you get caught up on your rest. :)

Kim said...

Love the photos..
Have a great week.
I am ready for the giveaway..

jenbusymom said...

What great shots of Sarah, she's so beautiful! Maddie is acting the same only she adds an outright defiance grin to it!

Glad you had a nice trip.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I am guessing it has something to do with one of your two loves: cooking or photography...

Laura said...

A trip to the Bahamas???

Kayce said...

Can't wait to see what your give away is! Loving your spring like pictures!

Colleen said...

Hmmmmmmm, I too have to say something that has to do with cooking or photography. Can't wait to find out!!!

M,R,J1,J2 said...

A giveaway? My guess is: You come to my house for a week and cook delicious food. LOL!
Are you back in the swing of things yet? I could easily live at Paradise Island...

Kam said...

I don't have a clue what you are giving away! But I can't wait to see!

The pics of Sarah are adorable! And Syd was always the same way...Miss Independent but with that also comes so much personality and strength. Can't wait to see Nick's soccer pics!

Jennifer said...

Landree is the same way right now! I'll do it myself she says. I'm with Sandy Toes an Italian dinner sounds great :)

Deb said...

Awesome pics as usual. Looking forward to some action shots of Nick.

A give away hey....hummm...what would you give away....a scrap book of all your yummy recipes?
A framed photo? Oh the suspence!

Have a good rest of the week.

Our Complete Family said...

Looks like Miss Sarah had a grand old time at your local park!
What a good mix she is~ tomboy and girly girl? Gotta love that!
Cute, cute, cute pics~ as always.
Hope you're getting back into the swing of things and that all is going well.
Many hugs, Les

Sharon said...

Such a clever post!! Too pretty that little girl! Welcome home! I saw the shots of flikr, boy do I wish I could have gone!!!! So glad YOu did though! You deserve a break!! Where is that beem me up scotty technology for having kids with us and not at the same time!

CC said...

I loves me some giveaways. Cash please. With me as the only contestant?

Love the new blog look too!

Jennifer said...

Glad you are settling in! Hoping the giveaway is photo related, because you rock!


Tisha said...


If your pictures get any better, you are going to have to quit your day job. ;) Just beautiful! Hope your hectic week settles down. Looking forward to your giveaway surprise.


Ohilda said...


I just came across your blog and have to say, I love it! What beautiful photography and what beautiful children.

I'll definitely be back.


OHmommy said...


I nominated you.


Aspiemom said...

Just saw your comment.

I can't make up my mind what I want to use! lol I tried out some other looks and am still deciding. Even after I decide, it takes me a while to figure out how to get it onto my blog. lol

fleur de lis cottage said...

I love how her pink sweater pops in these images. You've got us all guessing...can't wait to hear.

Steffie B. said...

A spa treatment at the Atlantis? ooooooo....I'm in! lol

A tips?

I'm sure it will be fabo....glad you are hpme dafe and sound with your kiddos! ;)


Jeni said...

I will be back to see about that giveaway...something foodie?

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Love the picture...write me when you have a chance I have a question about texture (I have been trying). My Livi can be girly and tough all wrapped in to one little peep.
Ok I'm guessing chocolate!!!! Ok ok I'm having a craving...but my butt is saying "no no grab some fruit instead".

Shari said...

I am LOVING all the pictures you are taking!!! They are so amazing and I am so jealous!!!!!!! I am loving your new blog look as well!!

kerri said...

Welcome back Lisa, glad you had a relaxing vacation away, the pictures were breathtaking!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I like Sandy Toes' guess! I sure wish I was close enough to benefit from your cooking!!! I would love to sit in your beautiful kitchen and watch, I mean, help, you cook dinner!!!!

I am glad you had a good time in the Bahamas - it is always nice to get away - just as it is always nice to come home again!!

Jennifer said...

I love Sandy Toes comment about the compete Italian meal Fed Ex to her home. I would LOVE that!!! Your pictures of food always has my mouth watering!

I am sure your trip was amazing but I bet your so happy to be home with your children.

The pictures of Sarah are cute. Can wait to see pictures of Nick on the soccer field. Katie started soccer this morning.