Bedding, Accessories, and Many Thanks

July 30, 2010

Over the last few weeks a couple people have asked what our plans were for the nursery. Did we start? Color schemes, etc.

I really had not put much thought into it, but the one thing that I did know is that I was going to have to create a pretty little room for her on a budget.

We are going to use the furniture that is already in that room, we are just taking away the queen sized bed and putting up my nephew's crib that seems to match the rest of the furniture. Sarah's crib was not an option because her crib turned into a full sized bed which she is currently using. Luckily the room is a nice light beige color and the roman shades are cream color, so I was going to start from there and avoid painting and new window treatments.....again, all in effort to "Design @n a Dime"

I fought the urge for a long time and then I caved one Friday night and went to go@gle and typed in "baby bedding". The first website I visited I found two sets that I really really liked, so I sent the links to two of my good friends to get some feedback.

We all loved the same set, but of course, I did nothing more than bookmark this as a favorite.

Last Friday, when the girls presented me with the pretty pink polka dot cake, they also handed me a beautiful card that they all signed and wrote sweet little notes. Along with their well wishes, were a few gift cards for us to use to get things we needed for the baby.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was speechless and crying, I was so very touched by such a generous gift. I couldn't even read everything they wrote on the card because I knew I would not be able to turn off the water works.

The two friends(Dita and Marla) that saw the baby bedding also attended the workshop and said that they thought we could use the gift cards to get the bedding.

Haven't gone there yet, but I am still holding the set in my online cart so I can pull trigger when ready:)

Want to take a look?

Keep an open mind. I think this room is a little overdone. The curtains kill it for me, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the crib set and a few of the accessories.

Inspiration Room Photo
Photos courtesy of Amazon
Bedding Close Up Collage
I did get to see this set in person with my good friend Dita. I had an appt right near her office the other day so we met for lunch {I love it when that happens, it is always a treat to get to spend an hour or two with her} and as we were ready to leave, she mentioned that the baby boutique that carried this set was just around the corner. We both jumped in our cars and headed over to check it out. It was beautiful and really well made....I saw a few other sets, but nothing that compares to this one. Dita is so in love with this set I think she might have another baby just so she can decorate a nursery:)

I couldn't be more thankful to these ladies. I will always remember their generous gift and each time I walk in the room and look around, I will see each one of them. All I need to do now, is order it.

So, back to Friday(sorry, I am skipping around a little) Just when I thought I had gotten control of myself and wiped away the eyeliner and mascara that made it's way down my cheeks, Wanda walks to my end of the table and tries to discreetly hand me a white gift bag and says, "This is just a little something for you" and she heads back to her end of the table.

I start to open the bag and when I see what it is inside I start SCREAMING......

Jewelry Box Wanda BLOG
The lovely and VERY TALENTED WANDA, snagged one of my recent photos of Sarah and handpainted her portrait on wooden jewelry/keepsake box. I was taken back by the beauty of this piece and the fact that she made it with her own two hands just means the world to me.

Not only did she use one of my favorite photos of Sarah, but she knew that our bedroom was decorated in blues and browns, so it matches perfectly.

Inside the jewelry box BLOG
When you open the box she decorated it with a flower, Sarah's name, and a quote:
"If you look at the world through a child's eyes, Everything will look different" The pictures do not even begin to compare to the detail and beauty of this piece has in person. It is really sepectacular.

I absolutley LOVE this gift with all of my heart and It was lovingly placed on a table in our bedroom. I have to touch it each time I walk by, it is so exquisite and really means so much to me.

Wanda, I cannot thank you enough for this special gift.

There were many Oooo's and Ahh's as this piece was passed around the table that evening. I think by now Wanda has a long list of people who would like to order a jewlery box of their own and I am guessing she might have a few more orders heading her way. I hope you are ready to do some serious painting my friend:) Check out her art gallery by clicking HERE.


fleur de lis cottage said...

Love that fun bedding and, isn't she amazingly talented. A true gift from the heart. The detail in person of that painted box is stunning!

paige said...

first of all, LOVE the bedding. love that its something different.
i'm so excited that you're at this point!!

the painted box...OH MY WORD!! what a priceless gift...&its absolutely gorgeous!

redmaryjanes said...

The bedding is fabulous. Very fun~ I can't wait to see your little one!
The little box is very special. What an amazing talent Wanda has.

Love Letters To China said...

I absolutely love the bedding Lisa! It's gorgeous! I have to admit when I saw the painted box the tears started flowing from my eyes. Wanda is such a talented woman. It looks exactly like Sarah.

It's unbelievable how many amazing women you have been able to meet through this crazy road called adoption. You are one blessed lady.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Talk to you soon...


Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity of seeing the keepsake box in person...absolutely STUNNING!! What an amazing talent Wanda is! And not only that, she's a beautiful person - both inside and out!

Lisa - I adore your bedding set! And if your decor skills are anything like everything else you touch with your *magic* hands, the nursery will be perfection!!!

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

I can't think of a sweeter person for all these wonderful things to happen too. Blessings as you choose and decorate your precious baby's room! Love all you have chosen. What fun!!!

Jboo said...

Wow -- love that green and black together -- so beautiful!! Sounds like your workshop was so fun and you met so many wonderful friends! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the bedding set! My vote it!!! =)

I agree....Wanda is a talented women with a heart of gold! I just love her! The keepsake box was a priceless gift for sure!

Becky said...

Love, love, love the bedding! What awesome ladies you had attend the workshop. Very thoughtful. I also love, love, love the painted box Wanda gave. It is fantastic!

I hooe you are having a great week! I say get that bedding out of your cart and on its way where it belongs..... YOUR HOUSE!!

Luv ya!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

that bedding is delicious! I love the color combination and the pattern. such a unique and fun print, your sweet baby girl is going to be styling it up in her room.
And the box from Wanda...oh my goodness...I need to go check out her stuff. like, right now...

Jodee said...

You are going to have soooo much fun getting ready for the China baby! I love, love, love the green/black color combo!

What a sweet and thoughtful gift from Wanda. She is soooo talented!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Gail said...

I almost screamed when I saw the pics of the bedding!!!! LOVE!!!!
more than love if that's possible.
So fun and the colors are wonderful. It all becomes more real when you start to get her room ready.

Wanda is one dear, sweet and thoughtful friend isn't she? What a keepsake she made for you. comes the referral!

xo my friend,

Wanda said...

Lisa, I'm sitting here quite humbled. First, I'm thrilled you loved the box and you got it that it was a labour of love. (Sometimes you really do get what you give!)

And that you've given it a special place in your room really touches me. (And you know what? I didn't know those were the colors of your room. I just felt like those colors belonged to you. Cool, eh?)

Portraits - especially of children is a passion of mine. I look forward to many more. Thank you, my dear frend, for displaying this so beautifully on your blog.

And the green and black. Gaaa...orgeous! LOVE IT!

Big hugs to you sweetie!

ellieshine said...


The bedding is gorgeous - so classy! I can't wait to see how you decorate the room! You bless so many of us - it is only fitting that you are blessed in return! (prov 11:25) Love the gorgeous box Wanda made! She is a blessing too! I'm so excited for the journey to your China baby - i can't wait!!

Casey said...

GO BUY THE BEDDING!! lol. You love it... and then you can start decorating!! Once you get that referral you are going to have SO much to do in a few weeks, that you won't have time to decorate. And you want to enjoy that process. GO BUY IT!! :)

And Wanda!! Oh... she is just so dang talented!! That box is AMAZING.

Belinda said...

Oah my gosh that is a beautiful Jewlrery box! what a thoughtful gift! I love your baby bedding too! What a exciting time it is for you and your family!

Missy said...

I really like the bedding! It's very beautiful and I am sure would look great in the nursery :) Those are the colors in my bedroom and I love them.
The jewelry box took my breath away! What an amazing talent your friend has! So sweet!!!

Colleen said...

What a beautiful post to wake up to this morning!!!!! Everything is sooooo lovely!!! I love the nursery colors! What a treasure the box is! I am sooo happy for you Lisa!!!!

Robin said...

I LOVE the bedding ... buy it ... click that "purchase" button!

What a sweet, sweet gift Wanda gave you! I love that idea & will have to look her up to do one for me as well :) love that idea!!


Bridget said...

Oh Lisa the bedding is just too cute!! How fun to finally be decorating your baby's room!!! I just keep thinking about you and can't tell you how excited I am for you! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and can't wait for the perfect day in August that you finally hear that your sweet girl is just waiting for you to come bring her home!!! Love the box as well - it is just beautiul!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Marla said...

You know I love that bedding!! It's going to be absolutely perfect for your sweet China Baby!

And the jewelry box, it's simply amazing. What a precious keepsake, imagine looking at it years from now when Sarah is older, it's like she froze this moment in time for you. Wanda is amazing and extremely talented!!

NOW BRING ON THAT REFERRAL!!!!!!!!!!! (yes CC*AA, I'm yelling, can you hear me from Texas? My friend has waited LONG ENOUGH!)

Kim said...

Ahhhh. said...

I have tears in my eyes...I quickly darted down your posts when I opened your blog and read your WONDERFUL news.

I am so happy for you and your family.

And look at the lovely women who surround your and shower you with love.

Praying for a smooth end to this part of the journey to your baby and a lifetime of blessing with your growing family.


Our Complete Family said...

Love the baby bedding you chose... perfect! Get it ordered asap so I can see it in sweet peas room!
And the jewelry/keepsake box Wanda made... I was speechless when it was passed around the table and that truly don't happen with me often! ;)
Love you dearly~ L

Briana's Mom said...

Oh my gosh - I love the bedding! It is so chic! And it is so you! Love, love, love it!

And the gift from Wanda - breathtaking!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love the bedding Lisa! And ohhhh that precious painted special is that? Isn't it wonderful to be so blessed with friends:)

Special K said...

That bedding looks like you. It's perfect! Now get it and start decorating. What are you waiting for, girl?!!

The jewelry box is amazing. What a treasured gift from a very talented woman.

The OriginalPsyn said...

I agree that the bedding is gorgeous, but also that the curtains are a bit too much.

That is an awesome little box. The energy and love that she put in to it, is remarkable. That is something your daughter and you can cherish forever.

Kim said...

LOVE the bedding.. sooo pretty.. sooo you and will look amazing..
can't wait to see her room finished..
LOVE the box.. WOW.. AMAZING..
Have a great week..
Have missed you ..

Virginia said...

That bedding is GEORGEOUS! Love the color combination, but I'm a sucker for green anyway. Can't wait to see photos of sweetie #3 in that pretty room that you've got planned. And that box is beautiful, what a special gift.

Gin =)

JinXiu said...

Love the bedding. what a georgous nursey and color combination. fit for any princess

Now lets talk about that box


Its amazing

Wanda is so talented. Not only is she artisticly talent but she has such an amazing heart and is beautiful inside and out You and your daughter are so lucky and special to have a wanda origional

Lucy said...

This is all so exciting! I love the bed set you picked out...the black and white will be a big hit for the baby...wish I had done something as stimulating for George. I love your photo box, what a treasure!
Take care and can't wait to see your nursery when it's all done!

Heather said...

I LOVE that these ladies treated you with such love and tender care...beautiful!! Love the bedding and absolutely adore the box that Wanda made...truly a precious treasure!

What a great post Lis!

Blessings, girl

Mamí♥Picture said...

Oh wow the keepsake box is precious!

jenbusymom said...

Wow wow and wow! The two of you together should go into business, imagine what you could create! Just beautiful!

JMCS said...

First off, let me just say how much I love that bedding set, wow! Right up my alley too. You are going to have such a blast getting the room ready for your sweet princess (2nd one.)Secondly what a beautiful gift with Sarah's beautiful image. Really lovely.