Sunday Snapshot - "Sisters"

November 7, 2010

Sisters BLOG IT 5 WM

I know everyone is anxious to see and hear how it has been going since Reagan arrived home last week. Unfortunately, due to lack of energy and time, I have not done a great job of taking pictures and chronicling what has been going on, so I am going to quickly fill you in this morning!

While in China I posted about all the changes that little Reagan was experiencing. Nothing was familiar to her and everything and everyone was a new experience. That didn’t change when we got home. There were her new surroundings and lots of new family members to get acquainted with, but Reagan was not the only one faced with big changes.

Sisters BLOG IT 6 WM

Sarah has had to deal with some big changes too! We had talked a great deal about her new sister leading up to the adoption and how she was going to be “The Big Sister” but we just were not sure how she was going to handle it once Reagan came home. Sarah has “ruled the roost” for the last 4 years and both Pat and I knew that it was going to be a major adjustment for her to have to share the spotlight with her new sister.

She has done surprisingly well. She loves her new sister and is very interested in all that is going on. She loves to play with her and asks to help feed her quite often. She is a little rough at times and has to be reminded that Reagan is just a baby and is not as strong as she is, but other than that, the transition has been rather smooth.

That being said, we are seeing signs that she is seeking extra attention from us. All totally normal we know and we are trying to give her the attention that she needs so that she does not feel threatened or pushed aside. We are also trying to plan a couple of fun things for Sarah and I to do together to make her feel extra special. Pat and I were thinking that this might be a good year to start the tradition of going to see “The Nutcracker”. She loves all things that involve princesses or ballerinas of any sort and for those of you that know me, know that this ballet has always been one that I have cherished as I spent many holiday seasons of my young life up on that stage. I am anxious to see if Sarah will love it as much as I do.

Sisters BLOG IT 4 WM

We have not really ventured out too far this week, but we did have to make two trips to the doctor. The first trip was nuts. It was a very long appointment for Reagan involving lots of tests and shots, and luckily Pat was able to go with me and the girls so I didn’t have to go through it by myself.

Sisters BLOG IT 2 WM

The second trip was a quick trip just to have her arm looked at to make sure there was no reaction from her PPD test. Pat asked if I wanted him to take off from work to go along with me and I told him no, I could handle it on my own. It was the first time I drove and the first time the girls were in the back without me and they were great(Her PPD test was fine and we are still waiting to get the results of some of the other tests that should give us a better indication of some of the tummy issues she is having). It was a rainy miserable day, but since we were already out and I was feeling like I had a little energy, I figured we would go to Target and walk around for a little bit.

Sisters BLOG IT 7 WM

Sarah loves to eat their soft pretzels, so as soon as we entered the store we went straight for the snack bar. She shared her pretzel with Reagan and I think we now have another soft pretzel addict on our hands. The pretzel kept them busy for a while and allowed me to look around and pick up a couple of things we needed.

Sisters BLOG IT 1 WM

The girls in their coordinating outfits and hair accessories did attract some attention and whenever anyone said something to Sarah about her outfit or pretty pink hair bow, she played shy and would not answer.

Sisters Blog IT 3 WM

Eventually we made our way to the checkout counter and let's just say that Sarah got over her shyness rather quickly.

The cashier made the mistake of looking straight at Reagan and saying “How old is this cute little princess?” She barely had the words out of her mouth and Sarah interjected, “She is not a princess, I am the princess.”

The woman did not know what to say, so I jumped in and had to explain that Sarah is our Princess and Reagan is our Empress (My uncle said that Reagan looked like an Empress in her Red Couch photos and we thought it was kind of cute, so it stuck and it gives them each a nickname of their own).

The cashier got the message loud and clear and the next thing she asked me, “How long have you been home from China?”

I am sure we will experience many more of these kinds of encounters, so we better get prepared to think fast on our feet.

Sisters BLOG IT 8 WM

The sun is coming up and that means “The Empress” will be waking up shortly!
Hope you enjoyed the first photos of the sisters in action.
There will be more to come this week. Just wait until you see her with her big brother.
Nick was in school the day these were taken, so I got a few of him with Reagan yesterday!

Ni Hao Y'all

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Mimi said...

Lisa, I'm oooing and aaaing and laughing and cooing!
(plus a little tear of unadulterated happiness for you).

I'm so glad it's going well for you.

These photos are simply stunning, so precious.
The one of the two girls crawling is my favourite. But really, they're ALL my favourite.
Sarah is doing brilliantly, and your idea of some one-to-one time with her, at the Nutcracker ballet, is perfect.
I hope you're getting a little rest yourself too, it sounds hectic!

Love Letters To China said...

I'm so happy your two little girls are getting along so well. I remember many of the same things happening when Liam came home at first. It took a good six to eight months before I felt my big girl finally accepted her little brother and all was right with our world. Having alone time with Sarah will be good for the both of you. Natalie and I go to the Nutcracker every year too for a girls night out. It's so much fun. I bet Sarah will love it as much as you do.

I can't wait to see the pictures you took of Nick with Reagan. I bet they're wonderful!

Hope you enjoy your Sunday with the family.


Unknown said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. They are beautiful together. I have been praying for Sarah. I thought it might be a little bit of an adjustment after 4 years of being the only girl : ) and the baby! So glad she is doing so well. You have a beautiful little princess indeed!
LOVE the empress nickname. Perfection!
Wishing you a beautiful Autumn day even though it is a wee bit chilly! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I have not been loving waking up to a frosty windshield this last week at all : (

Denise said...

These are so beautiful Lisa, she sure loves those! I am so happy to finally see the princess and the empress together...hopefully we can catch up this week~

Molly said...

I've been enjoying your photo's - thanks so much for sharing. We brought home our daughter from the same orphanage over a year ago. I have another (bio) daughter. Their ages are 2 and 9. The biggest adjustment for my older daughter was when we were in public all attention would be on her new sister. This happens all the time and my heart breaks when people are stating how cute, what a sweetie and ignoring my other child. Just wanted to give you a heads up. You have two beautiful daughters.
p.s. we also make just me and mommy dates for me and my oldest to get away together. It helped!

The Byrd's Nest said...

They look absolutely precious together! I will be praying extra hard for little is hard to have another princess come into the family. Praying that she feels yours and Pat's love and God's love for her too:)

Kelly And Allison said...

So beautiful. Bring tears to my eyes. Congratulations!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I, too, LOVE the idea of you taking Sarah to the Nutcracker, by herself - how special ((of course, it WILL be hard for both you & Pat to break away from Reagan :))

There are so many things that the "big sister" can have that little Empress cannot - charm bracelets! ((have you sen the ones at the Gap? Cute and fun for little girls!)), small toys! ((Polly Pockets & Squinkies!)) and dates to the movies & the ballet.

While it will be fun for Sarah to have a sister that she can grow up with & have fun with and play with, it will also be nice for her to know that she is IMPORTANT in this family dynamic and you are already WAY on top of making her feel valued!

The girls are beautiful! I always think that when I come over here - not only are your pictures amazing, your kids are gorgeous! You are one blessed mama!! Can't wait to see Nick & Reagan too!

Lisa said...

Oh! My Gosh! I can't tell you how happy I am for your family. The girls are perfect sisters. May they become the best of friends forever!

You are inspiring me and giving me baby droll! BAD!!!

Can't wait to see Nick!

xoxo, Lisa

Stefanie said...

Oh my. ADORABLE. LOVED these shots, congratulations on being behind the camera again, hope that means the jet lag is better :)
What a lovely Snapshot of your girls together.. the beginning of a beautiful relationship :)
Happy Sunday!!

Kim said...

Seeing the Princess and the Empress together is beyond beautiful!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

redmaryjanes said...

These are the photos I have been waiting for for months. I have always thought of what it was going to be like when your girls were together. To see their faces side by side is priceless. I love Sarah's "big sister" looks. You can see that she is loving her new baby sis.

Dita said...

Princess and the Empress.....I LOVE IT!!

These pictures are priceless. I agree with Kimberley...these are the pictures I too have been waiting for for months.

Reagan looks sooooooo wonderful....rested and happy....time is a wonderful things, isn't it.

I can't wait to see you guys in person very soon!

Big hugs to all

DiJo said...

YAY - to see you are back behind the camera!!! I LOVE these first shots of your precious Princess and Emperess! I can relate in every way to this post... It is hard to be "de-throned!" I think the Nutcracker is a wonderful idea.. It will be great for both of you!!!

Looking forward to seeing Nick with his newest girl!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting - I know you are busy and tired! Gorgeous photos of your beautiful princess and empress! Still can't get over how grown up Sarah looks - glad to hear and see she's taking on her new big sister role well - good idea about planning many one-on-one dates with her. Reagan looks like she's fitting in very well too! Blessings, Wendy

Jboo said...

Such lovely photos of your beautiful girls! Glad you were able to get out a little bit! Can't wait to see your pictures with Nick!


Grace Hincapie said...

Dear Lisa,
I love your blog. I been reading about how a new beautiful blessing came into your lives. She is adorable. I have never been to the nutcracker ballet before but I would love to go sometime. Have a great day.


Everything Beautiful Shay said...

So glad things are going SO well!!! Both girls are adorable and we have experienced the same things since being home as well. It gets better and better... my two are actually in the basement playing together like they have been together all their lives... so wonderful!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

So glad things are going well with Sarah! You do have such cute girls... the Princess and the Empress that I am sure this will be a common thing.

There is rarely a day that goes by went I am out with Tate that I do not get comments. It usually is about her looks or cuteness..thankfully never been rudely asked about where she is from and why. Recently I have been stalked two different times and days in a store by "admirers". Creepy.

Reagan looks fo perfect in your family.

Briana's Mom said...

The photos are just precious. So glad to hear an update. It sounds like things are going very well!

I totally get that Sarah is never going to give up her "princess" status. I know Briana never would. Love that Reagan is now an empress. :D

frogglet said...

The girls are adorable together. I am happy to hear you are all adjusting and you have found a way to have 2 royalty in the house :)
Hope you figure out Reagan's tummy troubles soon.

Take Care, Cora

Galen said...

Absolutely stunning, both the work of the photographer and, of course, the two gorgeous subjects!

A new sister is a bit of a hard adjustment, especially when you're a princess. Sweet little Sarah. You are very wise to make special time just for her, and I love that her sister is an empress. Very innovative, mom.

Lisa, thanks for taking time out of your for-now exhausting schedule to share your beautiful family with all of us. Your post is delightful.

Missy said...

Oooooohhh, I LOVED this post and the pictures!!! Like so many, these were the ones that I was anxiously waiting to see. Sarah looks like she loves her and vice versa ... (the crawling pic is PRIcELESS!)

I think some "Sarah and Mommy" time is just perfect and you know I love me some Nutcracker with my girl. That will be a tradition that you two will cherish.

So very happy that everything is going well for you and the Princess and the Empress! Can't wait to see pics with Nick. I know he must love her to pieces.

You are blessed my sweet friend!

Special K said...

Your photos are always so Beautiful! The light, the colors, and the subjects, of course. LOL! Seeing the two sisters together just made my whole soul light up with happiness. A dream come true. :)

PS. I took my niece to see the Nutcracker when she was Sarah's age. She loved it! I think it's a wonderful idea for a mommy and daughter date.

Unknown said...

Lisa - the photos are precious! The girls are so adorable together and I love reading about the transition too!

I'm praying for all of you!

Love and blessings,

Margaret said...

The whole family ... so precious. I have six children and everyone is unique and amazing. I never had jealousy problems but heard from many friends that did. Some bent over backwards to please the older siblings. But I say this with only my experiences in mind, not yours. You know what is best. Don't go overboard and cater to jealousy and feelings of being "left out". It IS part of growing up and sharing is one of the biggest, important lessons of life. She has been actually MORE prepared with adoption, I think, getting ready for a sibling, than the "natural" way. We always called the newborn baby "our" baby and named the baby before it was even born. Kind of like your adoption - she knew the name and saw pictures. So, enjoy, and let the older child stew a bit...babies do take more time and attention and the older ones job is to HELP with the baby. THAT should be the learning curve, not making sure she is "comforted" because she has been ousted from the baby position.

Now, with that said, please take it with a grain of salt. I do not mean anything harsh by it ... just 18 years of experience! And you do know best what to do. This is only a suggestion from MY experience.

Holly said...

Did you stay at the Victory hotel by chance? I think I saw you and your friend and your Empress several times in Guangzhou. Perhaps you heard our daughter screaming from whatever room you were in? :) We were on the 4th floor between two other screamers so I didn't feel so bad!
I don't know how you managed to stay looking so drop-dead gorgeous and put together. I was constantly covered in Elaina's snot, slobber and tears and sometimes leftover breakfast! :)
We flew Delta to Detroit on October 29th...I don't think you were on that flight though there were several other adoptive families. I do think you could have heard Elaina screaming for 10 hours from wherever you WERE though! Saw your blog from Stefanie's links. Welcome home. Hope the time change doesn't mess you up too terribly. We were getting SO close to sleeping at the right time before last night! Oh well!

Kim said...

LOVE the photos..
SOunds like things are going soooo well.
can't wait to see photos with Nick.

Aleasing said...

These pictures are exactly what I know everyone was waiting to see!!
Was so excited to get home this morning and find such a treasure to view!!!
Looking forward to see her with Nick!!!
Have a great week!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Lisa they are too cute in their matching outfits, both the "princess" and the "empress". I'm glad to hear Sarah is adjusting well and things are going fairly smoothly for you!


Marla said...

Oh my heck, how gorgeous are your babies?!?!?! I LOVE the black, white and pink, how perfect!! I swear Reagan has grown and changed already. In a WEEK!! Ugh, tell her to stop that. :)

And you're right, that last shot is perfection, Auntie Marla might need a print of that one. Kiss the Empress and the Princess a kiss from me. Tell them we'll Skype again soon and I'll try not to look so scary. Ha!

Marla said...

Duh, I meant "give" them a kiss. Not kiss them a kiss. I'm silly!

Sophie said...

Your princess and empress are simply gorgeous, I love all the pictures!!

And I chuckled at Sarah's response to the cashier

Anonymous said...

The pictures are absolutely stunning. You captured the inner and outer beauty of your daughters.

Jodee said...

What a sweet sister post! The girls look absolutely adorable in their matching outfits!

I just bought Kamree and me Nutcracker tickets on Friday for the December 19th performance. I also thought it was the perfect year to start this tradition! I wish we could all go together!

Thanks again for calling today. It was fun catching up! Hope you have a great week!

Virginia said...

Oh my word those two are adorable! From the looks of these photos, they seem to be very interested in each other and I'm sure they'll get the "new sister dance" down in no time. I love that Reagan looks like she's filled out a bit since China and she looks like she's full of personality.

Gin =)

Gail said...

Love all of these adorable! Reagan is doing fabulously well and so is Sarah. Lots of changes for both of them.

Grace and I also have the tradition of going to the Nutcracker in December. I think it'll be great for you to have some alone time with the Princess. ;)

Can't wait to see your pics of the big brother with your Empress.

Hope your week is wonderful!


Christine said...

Gosh, she gets more adorable with every picture! Such great photos of them together!

Michelle R Photography said...

Oh, what an adorable pair your Empress and Princess make!! I look forward to seeing Prince Charming with them! Those little individual outings with Sarah will go a long way. A night at the Nutcracker sounds just perfect.

JMCS said...

Beautiful pics Lisa and so glad to hear how well Reagan and Sarah are doing. :)


Aspiemom said...

I enjoyed hearing how things are going since "Empress" has arrived at home. (I loved your response to the checkout lady at Target.)

Wonderful pictures!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

This is the first chance I have had to drop by... glad to see that all is going well... and that the Princess and the Empress are doing well... hugs...

Jo said...

Your Princess and Empress are simply adorable! It's a season of change for your entire family and it sounds like you're handling it well.And as always, your photos are just lovely.

Been thinking of you ~

Wanda said...

Oh Lisa - this is the post I've been waiting for. Just normal stuff - I love it. Your pics are so warm and tell the whole story.

So glad to see the Princess and the Empress in the same shots. That is priceless.

You're hitting your stride now. Sending extra hugs!!!

Erika B said...

They look so cute together! Great to hear that everything is going so well. Beautiful shots of your little girls!

Erika B

Kayce said...

This post just makes me smile!! :) It's so wonderful to see your girls together...the princess and the empress! So happy that all is going well and I'm keeping good thoughts that the tummy issues are a thing of the past soon. Lots of hugs to you guys!

De Lucchi Family Treasures said...

Wow, great photos, so lovely to see the girls together after waiting so long. HAVE FUN and enjoy the journey! Love Jules
xxxx said...


Love the pretty in pink princess and empress!!!

That is just the best :)

Tara said...

I loved watching your beautiful trip to China. I enjoyed remembering ours (now way back in 2004!) Enjoy each moment with your family. Georgrous photos! What lens and flash do you use when you're inside your house?

Robin said...

OH.MY.WORD. they are just too stinkin' cute Lisa!! I just love these little pictures. It sounds like Reagan is doing great & I think the Nutcracker sounds like a wonderful idea!


Susan said...

Loved following your journey in China! We are leaving to go and get our daughter next week! Your pictures are just beautiful! Reagan seems to be adjusting so well. I pray our Lily does well too!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Beautiful pics of Princess Sarah and Empress Reagan!

TanyaLea said...

It's so fun having you home with your little Reagan. I loved this post about the 'sisters' and know that they will grow up sharing a special bond. Time will help the Princess feel more secure, and the jealousy will surely fade. They are an ADORABLE pair. The Princess and The Empress... sounds like a movie title!! :)

Welcome Home!!


Maria Berg said...

They look so lovely together! MB

Anonymous said...

I love these!!! Great idea about princess and empress. I love their outfits.

JMCS said...

I love these and it looks like Reagan and Sarah have always been sisters.


jenbusymom said...

Hi Lisa!

I'm so happy to see Reagan at home with her family! She's is too precious for words and Sarah looks like she's being a really great big sister! Congrats!