We Love Rita's

April 10, 2011

Sprinkles BLOG
FINALLY.... we had weather warm enough that we did not have to bundle up in our winter coats to go outside. After Reagan took her nap, I promised the kids that we would go to the playground so they could run around and burn off some energy and get some much needed fresh air. I also sweetened the adventure by promising a stop at Rita's Italian Ice on the way home fo the first Italian Ice or Gelati of the season.

First Bite of Gelati BLOG
Here is Reagan going in for her first taste and Sarah so proudly holding up her Gelati covered in multi-colored sprinkles.....HER FAVORITE! Can you tell by the big smile on her face how happy she was to be there?

Just one more bite BLOG
Looks like we have another Rita's fan on our hands. Reagan all but tackled Nick for his cone while I was at the conter waiting for ours. She shared with me.

Bring me some SUN BLOG
Early in the morning while her sister and brother were sleeping, Reagan made a call to the weatherman to put in a request for some SPRING WEATHER. Our girl must have some clout, because he certainly delivered:)

It has been a beautiful weekend and tomorrow we are going to hit 80 Degrees! I am SO EXCITED.... we might be able to put away those winter clothes once and for all.

Hopefully everyone is also enjoying their weekend. I will post the pictures from the park for Black and White Wednesday. Not only did Reagan experience her first Italian Ice, she also had her first ride on the swing.
More to come soon!
~Happy Sunday~

To see more Sunday Snapshots, click the "Sunday Snapshot" button below. While you are there, be sure to check out Stefanie's exciting fundraiser to help bring Poppy and Esther home from China.

so loved

Sunday Snapshot


Ice Cream! said...

YAY for beautiful weather and italian ice and Gelati :) The kids are sooo precious. Love the pics and all the color! Enjoy the gorgeous weather!

Missy said...

umm, how appropriate that I am signed in as "ice cream". Paige's username :) hahaha

day by day said...

Go Reagan!! We love Rita's, too!! She is such a little pumpkin!! Yesterday was gorgeous, wasn't it??

I kind of lost track, were we going to find a new date for the zoo? I have some friends wanting to get together in May, but want to get our zoo trip on the calendar first.

have a beautiful Sunday!!


Unknown said...

LOVE IT! Such sweet photos! I adore the shot of her looking up at you - precious!!!!

PS Our kids have been outside all weekend and sleeping GREAT!!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Happy Sunday Lisa!

You certainly added to my Sunday with these beauties!


Merrill said...

I'm with you...so ready to put those winter clothes away once and for all. We keep getting little teasers and then the cold comes back!

Joanne said...

We love Rita's!! I love how your pictures are always so bright and colorful! Beautiful!

Nicole Renée said...

From Sunday Snapshot - so pretty! Looks like they all had a lot of fun and really enjoyed themselves :-)

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

That sounds like the perfect day to me...although I hate to share my icecream:) I love thier outfits and Reagan's outfit in the last pictures...Kya has the same one sitting in her closet waiting for spring to come here!! So at least I see how cute she will look. Hope you have a great day!

carolinagirl said...

adorable! not sure what happened with our weathermen...yesterday was forecasted to be 78...it never got above 54 - not kidding, and today's high is supposed to be 78 again. It is almost three and the sun has finally come out. The temp is climbing a little, but not sure we'll make it that high. so ready for non-stop warmth.

Jodee said...

Hooray for spring! Our Dairy Sweet just opened too but it was raining the first night we went! It looks like Reagan enjoyed every bite! Cute pictures!

Unknown said...

Saying "hi" from Sunday Snapshot.

Next time you go to Rita's, take me! Looks so yummy.

Gail said...

Wish we had a Rita's here...we do not! I love Sarah's expression when she's holding her Gelati...yum!

Adorable post and pics, Lisa. Please thank miss Reagan for putting her request in for Spring weather, it sure worked!!!

I LOVE Reagan's pretty dress, so Spring-y! Enjoy these times with your sweethearts.

xoxo Gail

alicia said...

Nothing better than ice cream pics in pink leggings. Very fun.

Kim said...

Happy Sunday...
Love the photos..

Love Letters To China said...

Somehow I knew she was going to enjoy the gelati! We used to have a Rita's down here but they just closed shop not too long ago. It's unfortunate because they really had great Italian ice.

Can't wait to see the park pictures. Love the ones of Reagan in your kitchen....and those piggies!!!


redmaryjanes said...

We need to have Reagan make a call every day! It is beautiful here. Love the post, perfect for Spring. I snitched a photo :)

the meaklims said...

I'm in love with Rita's too - just the look of it is enough! And your darling girl with her first ice-cream experience. She's lovin' it!

Mimi said...

Aw, sweet pictures.
Reagan's powers reach far; we had a magnificent weekend here too!I treached 17 (about 63). which is really good for Ireland! So, thank you Reagan, and can you ask your weatherman friend to repeat this over the Easter break please?
Sarah does look mighty pleased and proud, and Nick and Reagan are just priceless, he's so good with her, isn't he?

Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

So sweet!! We celebrate the arrival of spring with ice cream too, but we have to wait just a bit longer! :)

MarieElizabeth said...

Love Rita's! It was 84 here today, and while it's just a hint of things to come, it was welcomed today.

Casey said...

That picture cracks me up!!! The girl is GOING for her ice cream!! love it! Nick is such a sweet helper too.

And Sarah is looking SO grown up these days!! Maybe it's b/c she is sitting next to the baby, but she looks like a big girl. Where does time go??

We went for ice cream today too!! Love spring.

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Never been to Rita's but the bigs have~ will have to give it a try! LOVE all your images!!! :)

Kayce said...

So glad Reagan made the call to get Spring there for you guys! Love all the colors and the smiles in your captures! :)

Kim said...

We too are celebrating Springs long awaited arrival in Hong Kong! YEAH!

Dita said...

Such great shots of your lovies....I can see Miss Reagan is going to be a Rita's junkie too!
Yes, I agree....1st Rita's is 1st day the warm weather is officially ON ITS WAY! We went to Rita's too this weekend too after opening day and the only one tackling anyone's ice cream was ME since I'm on a diet! The kids hit their goodies from me and I had to chase them down for a taste!

Can't wait to see the BW Park post of your wonderful weekend!


Virginia said...

Your girls could not be any cuter! And what a great big brother Nick is for sharing his ice cream, although it looks like he didn't have much choice in the matter, ha ha.

Gin =)

ellieshine said...

I love Sarah's expression - yum! What a cutie Reagan is and what a sweetie Nick is to share :)

Happy Spring!!!

xo ellie

KRISTEN!!! said...

I was JUST referred to your blog from a friend! LOVE LOVE your photography! Breathtaking!

Scott said...

Beautiful shots. Love the color.

Maddy said...

I can't help but think how your beautiful family has completely embraced and transformed Reagan's world! There will be tons of ice cream, love and many other beautiful things in Reagan's life now because of you! Love these photos and I love seeing how she continues to grow each day!