The Toddler Years

March 20, 2012

Hi Mommy Pink Ruffles and Sunglasses BLOG
Two little eyes discovering what's new

Hands Folded on Chair BLOG
Two little hands touching everything in view

Glasses Up on Her Head Pink Ruffles BLOG
A sweet little voice asking you why

Putting on suglasses collage BLOG
A mischievous smile and a whimpering cry

Pink Sunglasses and Ruffles Reagan2 BLOG
Two little feet jumping on the floor

Arms up over her head Sunglasses and Ruffles BLOG
A toddler's mission is to explore

Hey Look at Me Sunglasses and Ruffles BLOG

As tiring as it can be keeping up with a toddler, I absolutely love the stage we are in right now with Reagan and would not trade it for the world. She wakes up as happy as can be and she never stops going until we can convince her it is time for bed. Her personality and speech have really exploded over the last two months. She has become extremely outgoing in social situations and is much more sure of herself and her surroundings. Her language skills now consist of three and four word sentences which is major progress, considering where we were in September. I know speech therapy really helped, but I think sending her to daycare has had a tremendous impact with the socialization side of things. Time is flying and things seem to be changing so rapidly. It seems like yesterday I stepped off that plane with a helpless little baby in my arms, yet a year and a half has passed us by and today, that helpless little baby has turned into an independent toddler.

I am in San Antonio this week on business and I am already missing all three of my babies.
Luckily, this is a quick trip and by Thursday, I will be smooching their adorable little faces:)
Have a great week everyone!


Unknown said...

I agree. What a fun stage!

It's so amazing to see Reagan's progress. She's blossoming, and it shows! :)

Have a great week.

Sharon said...

I love the stage that Reagan is in. L is 5 and all grown up. She swears she's a teenager, but I sure do remember the stage you are talking about. Loved it!

Shari said...

I remember that stage fondly. So much fun and so exhausting. Rest up, I'm sure she'll have a couple new tricks when you get home.

karin said...

I am enjoying this stage to the fullest too. It won't take long anymore before our littlest one will go to school like his brother and sister. He says he's ready. I am not sure though if I am ;-)

Beautiful pictures!

Krista said...

Some of these expressions remind me of Mia. These two would have so much fun together! Reagan is blossoming. And it's beautiful to watch :)

3 Peanuts said...

You are right to soak it all up. It is truly a special stage of discovery and wonder.

Reagan is darling!! Wish you were a little closer than San Antonio!! I'd come see you. Harry has a JudO tournament there on Saturday!

snekcip said...

Love these of Reagan. It captures every essence of TODDLERHOOD!!!

I love San Antonio!! Enjoy the sites and great food!!!

frogglet said...

It is a such a great time! I love having a actual conversations. Love those pictures of Reagan!

Gail said...

I heartily agree stage and tiring on some levels but it's definitely an age of great emotional and physical growth!! You can really tell she's a happy girl.

Love her in pink and those sunglasses are to die for. Too cute!!

Enjoy San Antonio!!


Anonymous said...

She is really growing up! She is beautiful and you can tell in these photos how much more confident she is and oh so happy and adorable!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Gorgeous shots! Beautiful girl who has the world by its tail!

Unknown said...

I agree Lisa those are the days! Precious! Beautiful photos with an adorable little one!

Unknown said...

I agree Lisa those are the days! Precious! Beautiful photos with an adorable little one!

Unknown said...

I agree Lisa those are the days! Precious! Beautiful photos with an adorable little one!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness these are such gorgeous photos Lisa! I think they are my favorites of Raegan ever!!! Such a fun age indeed ;)

mommatojoa said...

She is so cute!

Mimi said...

Oh Lisa, these are a GORGEOUSset of photos!
You've done such a good job with Reagan, it's clear to see that she's thriving in your loving family. It's great to see how her confidence and happiness has grown, from the fearful, insecure little girl she was at first. And great to hear that her speech is coming on too.
You're right, this is a lovely stage, and we explore the world all over again through their eyes.
Hope your week goes well (and quickly to Thurs!)

Jboo said...

Sweet photos of a sweet toddler!



Catherine said...

Great pics! Toddler years are THE BEST!!!

Sophi Belle said...

She is soooo adorable!!

And you are right! My baby will be three this April and I absolutely enjoy this stage in her life. :)

jade said...

Stunning! Again... Give them a smooch extra from me if you're done and still want some more! Hang in there, I would be having a very hard time too!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Love her chubby hands and feet!

Hope you have a good week and a safe trip back to this cutie!


Debbie said...

She is so gorgeous in pink! Funny, if you ask Gracie what colour something is, she will say "pink, thats my favourite" to everything! :)
You are so right, this stage is just the best Lisa - I fall into bed very night exhausted but happy - just thinking about all the special little things Gracie has done or said through the day!
I hope your week flies by and you get home to your family soon. D

Anonymous said...

What a great poem! Did you make it up?

the meaklims said...

What a girl. She brought a big old grin to my face!

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Has it really been 1.5 years? it seems like yesterday.

Tara said...

she is a light!

Jodee said...

Reagan looks sooo pretty in pink! Cute pictures!

Hope you survive your week away!

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Gorgeous photos of your baby!!! I SO hope I can take your photog class soon!!! XO

Jenniffer O said...

It may sound crazy but she looks so much like sarah in those first few photos. They are both gorgeous!

Virginia said...

She is sooo stinking adorable I can't even stand it..and I love the Sassy lil 'tude she's showing lately. It really is a fun stage.

Gin =)

DiJo said...

She is getting cuter by the minute!!!!!! I so wish she and Emme could be pals.. They would be have soooo much fun!!!!!! She is PRECIOUS!!!!!

I hope you are having a little fun in San Antonio!!!


Dita said...

Love every single shot of this little firecracker! Nothing in the world is sweeter!!

Safe travels my're almost home!


Gina Kleinworth said...

These are adorable Lisa!! I really love seeing that personality just shining through - especially in that last one. Hope your trip goes well. "See" you Friday

Laurie said...

Some of my favorite pics of Reagan ever! Beautiful and her personality is shining through.

Diane said...

Just look at Ms. Reagan "rock'in" the camera. She is the cutest "fashionista" in all of her pink glory!
Tooooooo Cute!
God Bless,

Kayce said...

Oh my goodness these are adorable shots!!!! Toddlerhood is a great time, yes tiring but oh so fun! The change in Reagan is visible...she looks so full of happiness and pure joy. Glad things are well!

Kimberley said...

How in the world did I miss this???? SOOO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

So Pretty !