Walking the Dog

July 31, 2012

4 feet 4 paws BLOG
Remember the cute Furreal Puppies the girls got for their birthday in November?
Well, Sarah has been asking to take them to the park for a walk and since it was not too hot on Sunday morning, I agreed.

Walking the Dog at the Park BLOG
Unfortunately, when I got to the toy basket to pull them out, I found a real mess.
We had a puppy casualty..... the batteries looked like they exploded inside and battery acid leaked out all over the place. It actually happened to both of them, but we were able to salvage one of the two...... which I knew was going to present a problem once we arrived at the park.

Coming down the path with the dog BLOG
Luckily, the leashes are detachable and we rigged it so we could have two leashes attached to one puppy.......and when we got to the park, all was well in the world:)

Which way should we go Dog Park BLOG2
We let Sarah have the leash with the remote that actually controlled the dog and unbeknownst to Reagan, hers was a big old fake!

oh no he needs help BLOG
We had a few technical difficulties along the way...

Go that way BLOG
and the dog did not want to stay on track, which amused the girls and all those who passed by on their morning walk.

feet on the wagon BLOG
Eventually they gave up and asked to take the dog back to the car.

Skip to the lou blog
They were much happier to skip and run through the park without the dog in tow.

twirling dirvish2 BLOG
And once they found out their dresses had the twirl factor, there was no stopping them!
They spun themselves silly.....

A few of you asked about the dress in my last post.
I need to give a big shout out and thank you to Lori @ Amazing Love for making the girls these gorgeous dresses. We love them and hope to wear more of your pretty creations in the future!! She has just opened her blog as she awaits travel approval for her beautiful boy who is still in China. Stop over and say hello by clicking HERE.


Marla said...

Oh my! How cute are they?!?! LOL @ the one of them pointing, that one made me giggle. Love the one of Sarah spinning too, I feel like I'm spinning too. Adore the dresses, they're very shabby chic.

Wanda said...

Sweet story Lisa. Now that's pretty cool that both girls cooperated and had fun with the same toy. (Big sigh of relief, I'm sure.)

I LOVE the twirling dress in the last shot. And yes.....these dresses are totally adorable.

Miss you my friend. Wish this rat race would lighten up a bit.

Michelle said...

Love the photos and the story behind them!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

these two are the cutest duo! SO, cute!


Jboo said...

What fun! Maddy has the same doggie!! :) LOVE those dresses! :)

Tamar SB said...

So sweet! I remember a similiar toy from my childhood!

*Jess* said...

The same thing happened to our dog, too!

Brooke said...

I had a "Go-Go" dog just like that when I was little. I took it and "walked" it at the indoor mall every time we went shopping. I hope to have one for my little girl one day! Also, LOVE that last shot. The effects were super cool and made the photo really look like it was moving! Super cool! xo!

Tara said...

Oh the "skip and run" one with the curved and brick sidewalk... the sweetest shot ever. Frame that one for sure... little girls running, happy sisters, happy life.

Frogmum said...

Gorgeous pictures. LOVE that spinny one of Sarah at the end. Did you do the zoom as you shoot thing that my son is rather good at?

the meaklims said...

You are TOO smart putting the two leaches on the dogs collar! AND giving Regs the dud remote!! Hehe!

He is defintiely my kind of puppy, and cute too.

Love the girls dresses!

Diane said...

I LOVE this story and LOVE, LOVE your photo's!!! The girls look absolutely adorable in these beautiful dresses!! The last photo of Sarah is AMAZING!!!!!
God Bless,

Virginia said...

Love every last one of these shots, and I love the dresses! So fun and just plain sweet. Reagan and Sarah really seem to have a sweet bond.
Gin =)

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Darling photos and Lori is amazing!!! LOVE her! XO

Sarah Halstead said...

Love these. Great new blog look. :)

Unknown said...

They are so very sweet, aww. ^^
And I love your new blog design!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh these are so dreamy! I love how they wanted to take it for a walk. Beautiful job on everything- I am just pulled in to that airy processing. Perfection as always.

Dita said...

These little sisters just make me smile every time I see them. I love them walking the dog...we have that puppy and I give you major kudos for having the patience to watch that little guy chug along...especially outside! The dresses the girls are wearing are so pretty and that twirling photo is FABULOUS...love it!!!!