Sunday Snapshot -"One Last Walk On The Beach"

September 9, 2012

Running towards her sister in the sunset BLOG
With the last of the three kids heading out for their first day of school tomorrow, I figured it was now or never.......

Sarah Sun Sand Reflection BLOG
I have not had much time to even begin to sort through my photos from Cape Cod, but made myself sit here this morning to at least finish up some of my favs from our sunset beach session.

Reagan Sun Left Hands at Sides BLOG
As I worked on them, it totally took me back to that evening.

Giggling with my Sis on the beach BLOG
I could almost feel the joy that was radiating from their sweet little faces.

Silhouette of the girls dancing blog
My original intent was to get some posed close up type of portraits.

Running with Ruffles BLOG
But that idea quickly got tossed aside.

Twirling Sarah on the beach BLOG
It became a lifestyle type of shoot and I threw caution to the wind and told them they could go ahead and walk into the water.

after a dunk in the ocean BLOG
Reags wasted no time getting wet and just about completely submerged herself into the water.

Fists Full of Sand BLOG
Their skirts were dripping wet and full of sand.

Reagan Hands In front Looking to the side BLOG
Reags'skirt began to fall down because it was so waterlogged and heavy.

Walk along the waters edge together BLOG
Even though they were quite sandy, they had so much fun that night in the water..... they could not believe I let them go all the way in and they are still talking about it:)

And just in case you are wondering.... the pettiskirts cleaned up beautifully!!! After a wash on the delicate cycle and hanging outside to air dry, they are good as new! If you are looking for one of these fun full skirts go visit Sophia Jane Boutique where she offers them in every color under the sun!

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.
We are off to our first Soccer clinic for Sarah and then we will be getting everything ready for her first day of Kindergarten!

Camera: Canon 5d Markiii
Lens: 70-200 f2.8
The settings for the top photo were:
Focal Length 70mm
f 3.5
SS 1/2000
ISO 160

I used the new Florabella Colorplay action set to process these.
Perfect Color with a touch of Ocean Air and Peach.
If you have not checked out Florabella's new action set, you must, they are incredible!

Ni Hao Yall

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Melissa said...

They are just incredibly beautiful pictures (and girls)!

And very impressed those skirts came clean. ;)

Tamar SB said...

gorgeous!! Love them so much - what memories for you and them!

Tara said...

Pure daughter joy... captured!

Ruthie said...

If I only could take pictures like that.... These are BEAUTIFUL. Great job!

Ashley said...

You're pictures (and girls) are beautiful. I find myself coming back to your blog time and time again because of the joy I see in every post. Hope the school year transition is going well.

Unknown said...

I just love how carefree the girls are in this series. And the way you edited these photos just takes my breath away. Simply stunning!

Jodee said...

I can't think of anything more fun than twirling on the beach! These pictures are sooo cute and you will treasure them for years to come!

Macladie said...

These girls are so lucky to have a mom who can shoot these type of pictures. I have this lens and never get anything close to this. They are just beautiful. Good luck on Kindergarten tomorrow. She will love it and have a great time.

Mary Gene Atwood said...

These are so incrdibly beautiful. A great reminder to go with the moment, don't plan too much, be flexible and step out your comfort zone! You don't just talk the talk, you are walking it lady! Such sweet memories of little girls doing something they will remember for many years to come. Happy week to you Lisa.

Unknown said...

What gorgeous photography. Just beautiful

Dita said...

So beautiful watching these two sisters grow closer every day. I don't remember when it was just Sarah anymore...I see them as always together...ALWAYS.


JulieM said...

Lisa these are gorgeous! You are so inspiring! Love that you threw caution to the wind and took advantage of the moment and captured the beauty of life with your two precious girls. These are far more precious than anything you would have captured posed!

Virginia said...

Wow! The light, the sunset, those happy girls...these shots are just magical!

Gin =)

Sweet Georgia Sweet said...

What wonderful photos! I love that you threw caution to the wind & let the girls play & get in the ocean. What a sweet reminder to live in the moment!
Sweetly, Bethany

DiJo said...

This set continues to show whey you are so incredibly talented!!!! But, what I love most about these is seeing Sarah and Reagan's relationship... What a gift that they have each other!!!

I hope tomorrow goes great for your big girl!!!!


3 Peanuts said...

These are so gorgeous Lisa!!! You are amazing. The colors are spectacular.

LOVE Shana's new set although I have barely begun to play with it because I have not really taken any photos for the past few weeks.

Unknown said...

Amazing captures! I think I said it before but your Sarah has such an angelic and delicate face. And Reagan is such a cutie. I love how her pretty outfit looks in the tenth pic. :))

jennifer said...

Love every one of these!! What sweet memories you made!!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh these just make me happy. To see the joy on their faces & the beauty in every shot- WOW, I'm so at peace!

snekcip said...

These could easily be GREETING CARDS. What a gift of photography you truly have.

Dita said...

These photos say it all.....STUNNING!
Love these sisters...and their mother.


Frogmum said...


Ava said...

These pictures are perfect! Love every single one..