A Year in Photos "2012"

January 1, 2013

In all of the years I have had this blog up and running, I have never gone back and done a "year in photos" recap.....and so this morning, I decided to look back through and I was astounded how much the girls especially have changed in the last year. So much so, I decided to go ahead and quickly put together a post.

It was hard for me to choose just one photo for each month but I did, so here goes.....

A cold winter day in January playing indoors.

Princess potty training in February.

Nick's confirmation day in March.... he received the biggest congratulations hug from his littlest sis.

April brought a very windy Easter Sunday!

In May we had a grocery store trip that caused a lot of mayhem:)

One of my very favorite photos of the two girls together taken in the field across the street from our house last June. This was put on canvas and now hangs in our home.

In July Reags was into playing dress up daily in my room and wore one of my shirts inside out while "reading" her book of choice...."the lost daughters of china"

Our annual trip to Cape Cod in August that had one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. Another photo that is hung in canvas in our home:)

September was the start of the school year and Sarah's Kindergarten year. This was a funny outtake from our "back to school" shoot.

In October we survived "Sandy" and the girls were enjoying the simple things while we waited for the power to be restored.

November was the first time I took the girls to the studio space for a dress up photoshoot. Two of the prettiest princesses I have ever seen....okay, I am a tad biased!

And finishing up the year was a photo of all three of the kids that I adore because it shows the love they have for each other..... even down to the placement of Reags little hands in Sarah's.

2012 was a wonderful year.... we are hopeful that 2013 will have a lot of good things in store for our family and friends!

Happy New Year Everyone!
May it be a year of health, happiness, and prosperity!


Shari said...

Wishing you many blessings in the new year!

ellieshine said...

I love seeing your year in photos!! All your 3 have grown up so much - boohoo. Looking through our past 12 months II noticed my Tia looks entirely different from last year at this times. :(

I'm looking forward to what 2013 year brings!!

xo ellie

Michelle R Photography said...

Such beautiful photos from 2012!! For me, Reagan just seems to have grown leaps and bounds in the past year. She no longer looks like the little toddler I met two summers ago, but she hasn't lost once ounce of her cuteness!! Sarah and Reagan always seem to be having so much fun together and enjoy every moment handsome big brother is around.

I hope 2013 brings you much joy!!!


shelley said...

I love in the confirmation picture that Reagan is looking heavenward. Great pics...someday hope to afford/win a slot in your classes. Thanks so much for your heart for orphans and great picture taking. Happy New Year.

likeschocolate said...

Yes! A good year indeed! I agree the girls have changed so much; especially Reagan. She no longer looks like a baby! Boo hoo! I am sure this make you just a little sad! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

Love Letters To China said...

Happy New Year Lisa! Wow have those two girls of yours grown in one year. So fun to look back and see all that had transpired. I wish you health and happiness in the coming year.


Jboo said...

Love these photos and seeing your girls grow up in front of my eyes!

Happy New Year!!!


Briana's Mom said...

You certainly had an amazing year! Happy New Year my friend!

dawn said...

They did indeed grow like little weeds. What a splendid year in pictures.

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Absolutely fantastic... all of them! :-) Happiest wishes for the new year! xoxo

Mimi said...

Oh Lisa, I couldn't pick a favourite from these, they are one nicer than the next! (ok, if you forced me, the one during Sandy would be it, cos I love sister bonds, but December would be a close 2nd).
Happy New Year to you all!
I hope all your dreams and wishes for the year come true! Love, mimiindublin

Sharon said...

Just beautiful! I think my favorite is the very last one because you can just see the love! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Laurie said...

I love every one. It is incredible how much the girls have changed! Happy New Year to you and yours!

Misty said...

Gorgeous photos! As always, you are an inspiration.

Dita said...

Beautiful montage of a wonderful year!

Happy New Year!


snekcip said...

Ohhhh what EYE CANDY this post was to my eyes!! PURE SWEETNESS in each one!! Let's see...my ardent task of 2013 is picking out my favorite of your 2012 photos. Okay, I'm a glutton for punishment. HERE GOES top 3 for me

1) Buggy Madness
2) Christmas Card photo
3) Easter photo shoot (love Reagan and those two fingers)

HONORABLE MENTION: Sarah's kindergarten photo!! Hilarious!!

Wanda said...

Fabulous re-cap of your year Lisa. So glad I caught this one...been mia lately.

Happy New Year my friend!

Virginia said...

Man, oh MAN have those beautiful girls of yours grown, especially Reagan! I adore Sarah's "outtake" photo..made me giggle. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed 2013.

Gin =)

Keisha said...

Lovely.. As usual! That little Reags is growing up fast.. I was just looking at Jan.2013 photo compared to Jan. 2012. :( The baby look is leaving. They are both still beautiful! And,.. Nick is so Handsome! You have a beautiful family Lisa! Much to be Thankful for! Happy New Year sweet Gal!

amy said...

Such a beautiful family!! I love your year in review...so fun to look back and remember the blessings and watch how they grow and change. May 2013 bring you much joy and hope!