Favorite Photo Friday - "For the Love of Blueberries"

July 25, 2013

Since Reagan missed out on the trip to pick Raspberries, I promised her we would go back when blueberries were ripe and ready for picking.
Last Saturday, despite the oppressive heat and humidity, we ventured out there to pick one box full.
Ate her weight in Blueberries 1
Someone just about ate her weight in blueberries in the hour we were out in that field.
I kept telling her to put them in the box, but every time I turned around, her little hands were in her mouth:)
Ate her weight in Blueberries 2
Sweet Sarah was working double time to try to get that box filled.
Everyone that walked past us laughed as they saw those puffed up cheeks on Reags.
There was no hiding what she was up to.
Eventually with a full box of berries, and a full belly, we decided we were D O N E and it was time to cool off.
We dropped the berries off at home and hit the swimming pool!!

I knew REAGS ate a lot while we were out there, but when I saw almost every photo with her hands in or near her mouth, I was hysterical.
She is just like her Momma..... it is all about the food!!

If you are ready to link up for Fav Photo Friday.... go right ahead.
I am trying to catch up on a few things, so I am posting early!!

Have a Terrific Thursday and a wonderful weekend!
This summer is flying by.... our beach trip is not until the end of August.
We are counting the days!!!

Major Catch Up

July 19, 2013

Hi Everyone!
Sorry to have abandoned y'all last week for Favorite Photo Friday, but I had good reason.
You know when you push and push and push and you feel like your body is starting to wear down because you are just trying to keep up with too much and spread yourself too thin? Well last week, I believe my body was giving me a "gentle reminder" that I needed to slow down and start to take care of myself. I won't fill you in on all the gory details, but I ended up taking a little trip to the hospital to find out that I had a pretty bad kidney infection.
The pain and nausea were like nothing I have ever felt in my life. I was in bed for 5 days straight....so all of last week.
By the weekend, I began to slowly get up and start doing a little around the house.
I went back to work on Monday, but I took very slow and tried not to over schedule myself.
I am finally feeling 100% and pain free again....thank goodness.

Once I began to feel better, I started to feel overwhelmed with all that I missed and everything I needed to do to catch up.
I am trying to keep those thoughts out of my mind for now and just take things one day at a time.

Needless to say, I have not picked up my camera in weeks...... I miss it and I am sure it misses me:)
Next week hopefully I will have some new photos of the girls to share and I will also be posting open enrollment for a beginner photography class. Those of you that follow me on facebook have probably heard me talk about it, but I plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to Teresa Bartlinski's "I Love You More" fund through Half the Sky. I will post all of the details soon.... I promise!!!

Until next week, I thought I would dump my iPhone and give you a look at some of what has been going on here behind the scenes this summer.

IG Collage Crayola
Back in Jume, I took a Friday off from work and took the girls on a little trip to the new and improved crayola factory!
We all had a blast.... afterwards we stopped at a cute ice cream shop and old fashioned candy store.
You can see the girls enjoying their sweet treats and a close up of my sea salt caramel candy....to die for!
There has also been a few games of mini golf at night...and lots of bike riding going on around here:)

The top middle shot was the girls on the 4th of July!
Also have some random bath tub chaos in this set along with a few shots at Mimi and Coachie's house one evening for a late night dip in the (un)hot tub with their cousins:) Love this shot of Reagan asleep. This was last weekend when I started to feeling better....she curled up with me on the couch and fell asleep. Not sure how much longer she will continue to suck those two fingers, so I took the opportunity to snap a pic.....she looked so young again...like a baby!

The day after the 4th of July we added some waterslide fun to our collection of summertime toys.
This has been the new way to stay cool around here in this summer heat!!
The screams and giggles could be heard from miles around the day this went up in the backyard.
If you click through to my instagram tab up top, you can find a video clip and hear them:)

Well, sorry I don't have any "real or big camera" photos to share, but now we are officially caught up from June.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying as cool as possible. We have had quite the heatwave here in the NorhtEast!

Be back next week!!

The Cap and Gown

July 5, 2013

Preschool Grad2
Preschool Grad1
A few weeks ago, Reagan's preschool had a little graduation ceremony for all the students that were moving onto the next class.
It was absolutely adorable, but kind of crazy. At 3 years of age, most of the children were very scared and intimidated to walk out "on stage" in front of a crowd of complete strangers. We took Reagan "backstage" upon our arrival and as soon as we took our seats, we heard her crying for us. I went back there with her to try to comfort her. She was very confused about where she was and was adamant she did not want me to leave her side.

They did a play first, based on the book the hungry caterpillar and she barely made it out there, then they had an intermission so the kids could changed into their caps and gowns. Again, she wanted me with her backstage.
The only time we saw a smile appear on her face that morning was when she put on that cap and gown.
We had a little difficulty with that cap, but once it was on, well, her face says it all.
The light was terrible back there, but I had to snap a few to mark the occasion and her adorable little face.
She was proud....and so were we.

I am so behind with photos.. still have another post or two from June happenings.
One day I will catch up:)

Hope you all had a fabulous and fun 4th!!!
Happy LONG Weekend!