Apple Lovin' Little Ladies

September 26, 2013

Grims Orchard Collage 5
Sunday afternoon I took the girls over to the orchard and pumpkin farm.
There are two that we visit each year, one is about a 30 minute ride and the other is within a mile of our home.
The weather was not looking too promising so we figured it was best to stay close.
Upon arrival, there was a sign that all of the trees had been picked over and the only apples left were on the ground.
This coming weekend they are moving on to the next type of apples, so they will open up a new portion of the orchard, but I was already there and the girls were so excited, I knew we could not turn around, so we went apple picking from the ground:)

Grims Orchard Collage 3
We did not get too many keepers, but they sure did have fun running through the trees and trying to find apples that were not "yucky".

Grims Orchard Collage 1
Reags found a few that she said were perfect and she held them like a prized possession.

Grims Orchard Collage 2
Once they realized it was slim pickings, they said they would rather go look for pumpkins.. and that was not much better either.
The field was looking pretty empty.... it is still a little early yet, so we will definitely head back in a week or two.

Reagan could not wait until we got home to test out her special apple.
After a few rubs on mommy's shirt to clean it off, she took the first bite and she had that baby finished by the time we reached the car.
She said it was the best apple she ever ate:)

It is hard to believe that we are approaching October.
Halloween is just around the corner and then the holidays are upon us.
The girls have been flipping through Halloween costume catalogs for the last few weeks and they had a quite a few different looks doggy eared, but they finally made their decisions last night and we placed the order. We are taking a break from the Disney Princesses this year. In fact, I was shocked with their choices, but I think they will look SO CUTE! Sarah really chose it and Reags went along with it. They are not matching, but they do coordinate. Sarah has already asked today(not even 24 hours later) if they have arrived yet! I am guessing by next week they will be here and we will have two giddy little girls.

I am posting a little early this week.
Have to be out the door tomorrow morning by 6am for a full day on the road.
Bring on the weekend.... it cannot get here soon enough.


Tiffany said...

Love them Lisa...have a good day tomorrow. I am making costumes this year, Ha, I will probably wish I ordered:)


PS: Is that a preview of the orchard?

tiarastantrums said...

okay now - i MUST get myself over to an orchard! We went this morning for a tour of the apple orchard but we couldn't pick any apples. boo

Love Letters To China said...

I love these photos Lisa! The girls look like they're having so much fun in the orchards. So wish we had apple picking down here. I know of one little boy that would be picking and eating his heart out. One of his all time favorite fruits.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Jboo said...

So sweet! Jodee and I were at Kimmel Orchards last Sunday picking apples! Best Sunday fun ever! Next up - pumpkins here too!

Have a great weekend! Great photos of your cuties!


Gina Kleinworth said...

Beautiful moments Lisa. I have been wanting to take the kids to the orchard down the street. Unfortunately every orchard I choose they have them already picked.

Have a great weekend.

DiJo said...

I love love love how rich the colors are in these... They are precious together!!!!! Halloween... I better get on it! Happy Weekend!


Unknown said...

So adorable, I'm looking forward to the apple orchard next weekend!

Unknown said...

sweet pictures...makes me want to get to the orchard with my kiddos.

...melody... said...

These are just seriously great shots! Your girls are beautiful! :)

Danne said...

These are amazing photos! So filled with a feeling of joy :)

Jade B said...

Appreciate youur blog post