Strawberries, Rolling Hills, and Rain Boots

June 30, 2014

Grim Straw Collage 1

Grim Straw Collage 2

Grim Straw Collage 5

Grim Straw Collage 3

Grim Straw Collage 4

We checked out a new strawberry picking patch on Friday afternoon!
Reags was still at school, so it was just a special trip for Sarah and me.
This is the farm where we go for our pumpkins every fall, it is just up the road from our home.
They have never done strawberries before, it was their first strawberry picking season and I have to say, I was quite impressed.
It was so gorgeous up there on the hill.... just a little too hot.
We did not last too long in thew beating sun, but we picked a few pints to bring home. Reagan was a happy camper when she saw the fruits of our labor. She is a berry loving little lady :)

It was a busy weekend here.... shopping, sleepovers, bday celebrations, pool time, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and bike riding.
You name it, we did it!! For those adventures, you will have to see instgram as my iPhone has become my go to camera for our day to day.

Have a great week everyone!

Gerber Daisies

June 27, 2014

GDMacro Collage
Just a little something pretty to share today.
I love gerber daisies.... especially pink ones.
Add some water droplets and beautiful backlight and these were just begging to be photographed.
Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Down By The Water

June 16, 2014

Vintage Farmhouse Collage 1
Sorry to have disappeared for a while. . .
I was in dire need of a long break. Between keeping up with my family, my job, and my photography, I was feeling a little drained and just could not seem to make the time to post. To be honest, I have been quiet and a bit disengaged on all forms of social media for the last month or so. Sometimes you just have to pull back when you are overextended so that is what I did.

I have also made a rather big decision..... This blog has been up and running since April of 2008 and I think it is time to close her up or maybe a better way to say it, is MOVE. This blog was initially started to document our adoption journey and photography was not even a part of my life at the time. Reagan has been home almost 4 years now. Looking over my posts for the last year or so, they are not really adoption related, they are more about photography. I have tried keeping this site for personal reasons and then doing a business site as well, but that did not work. Keeping up two places was just doable. I am taking the summer to work on a new site, with a new name, and a new purpose. I can write if I want to, or just post pictures. As soon as it is finished, I will update here and provide a link so that everyone who wants to continue to follow along, can do so. I probably need another month or so to get things finished. In the meantime, my posts will probably continue to be sporadic. The best place to keep up with me would be instagram. That seems to be the easiest for me....... I have been posting both iPhone and dslr previews there. I have a backlog of photos to share from the last 6 weeks, I hope to get those up and if not here, I will get them on the new site. For now, I thought I would share the most recent series I shot last weekend. My good friend Shelly recently moved into a beautiful old farmhouse that backs up to the water. It gets incredible light as the sun we set out on a little adventure.

Vintage Farmhouse Collage 5

Vintage Farmhouse Collage 6

Vintage Farmhouse Collage 2

Vintage Farmhouse Collage 3

Vintage Farmhouse Collage 4

The girls are really changing and growing up so quickly. It is mind-blowing to me.
Time is passing much too quickly. One more year and Reagan is off to Kindergarten.
That realization has not quite set in.....

Happy Summer Friends!
I hope to catch up with you all very soon.