The Pouty Princess

October 28, 2009

From Up Above WM
We did a test run of Sarah's costume this weekend......and although she started out so excited to be surrounded by tulle, glitter, and even a little makeup.......the smile didn't last too long.......

The Pouty Princess WM
My pouty little princess

Sitting Pretty WM
Ummmm......can you tell she is not happy?

And would you like to know why?

The wings.....

She doesn't like her beautiful princess fairy wings!!

The very wings that she would not let the sales person put in the bag because she insisted on wearing them through the mall and out to the car.

Obviously, between the night we bought the costume and this weekend, she changed her mind.

I refuse to start over with a new costume, so we decieded to make some minor adjustments to this one.

With one quick trip to T@rget, I think we are all set!! We reworked the accessories.....and I hope that the pouty princess will not show up on Halloween night!!

The last two years, the way the weekends fell, Nick has spent Halloween with his Dad, but this year he will be with us!! So really, this is the first year that he and Sarah will be together for Halloween. I remember posting pics last year of Sarah trick or treating, but I didn't have any of Nick. I am happy to say that will not be the case this year:)

A Day on Campus....Through My Eyes

October 26, 2009

Riding along WM
Sorry, I don't mean to bore anyone, but I wanted to do one more post to document our trip to Notre Dame last weekend. My previous post pretty much summed up Game Day, so this one is going to focus on the day we walked around campus. Well, some of us you can see, little miss thing, got a ride for a majority of the day.

Touch Down Jesus WM
Here is the library, also known as "touchdown Jesus" When you are in the stadium, you can see him overlooking one of the end zones, hence the name!!

Infront of the dome wm
Pat and the kids posing for a shot in front of the dome. Nick looks thrilled, doesn't he?? He loved being on campus, just hated to have to stop and pose for the camera!! I told him I needed at least one....and that is what I got.....ONE.

Rooftop shot of the Basilica WM
The tippy top of the Basilica. I took this shot from the stadium!

Basilica, the way I see it WM
We were just about to go into the Basilica and I looked straight up and thought it would make a pretty cool photo!

the alter wm
It is a beautiful church.....probably right up there with St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Basilica Chairs on the alter WM
As we made our way up past the alter, they had these pews on either side. I thought they were very different intricate. I also loved the reflection of the window on the wood banister.

There were a couple of other things I wanted to take pictures of in there, but just as I snapped this one, Sarah yelled out REALLY LOUD....."Mommy, I want a snack" Needless to say, we left the church within minutes.......

Pick me up WM
Do you see this happy face?? She got her snack and was ready to head to the incredible bookstore! But not on her own two feet.......

Me and Uncle Mike WM
Uncle Mike is smitten by Sarah.....and all she had to do was glance in his direction and he swept her up off her feet and carried her to our next destination.

Mike is Pat's twin brother. We don't get to see him all that often, but Sarah is really taken by him. He has a way with her that I just can't explain......

My husband always talks about the twin bond....and how it is almost like a sixth sense. They always know if the other one is in trouble or has something going on in their lives, even if they aren't around one another. Sarah is very much a Daddy's girl.....and I think she picks up part of that twin brotherly bond. She loves all of her Aunts and Uncles, but we both see her eyes light up when Uncle Mike enters the room!!

We did make it to the bookstore, but as you can imagine the day before the game it was sardines in a can!! I was really disappointed that I did not take my camera out because you are never going to guess who was in the bookstore?? RUDY.....the real deal!! That was pretty cool to see him....especially after watching that movie so many times.

After the bookstore, we all attended the pep rally which was wild. They had Joe Theism@nn as a guest speaker and a former football player Rocket the time these gentlemen exited the stage, the crowd was JUMPING!! They were really hyped!! It was such a great weekend for our family.......I am glad that we made the trip with the was worth every second of the drive to see the look of awe in Nick's eyes! Hope we get to make it out again next year:)

Have a great week.. We had a test run of Sarah's costume this weekend......I will be posting pictures in a day or two.

Pickin' the Perfect Pumpkin

October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch (2 of 45)-Edit-Edit WM
I decided to change the line up a little bit and break up all the "green and blue" with some photos from the pumpkin patch..... I will finish part two of our ND trip next week.

We had an absolute gorgeous day I finished up work a little early and I took Sarah over to the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patch (9 of 45)-Edit wm
Sarah insisted on pulling the wagon the entire time. I suggested she get in and let me pull her, but that didn't go over too well. At one point, she told me to get in so she could pull me. Now that would have been a picture.......

Pumpkin Patch (42 of 45) wm
Some pumpkins just waiting around for someone to pick them.

Pumpkin Patch (5 of 45)-Edit wm
"Hey Mommy, this one is cute, but it is really tiny.....and kind of squished.....maybe I should put it back"

Pumpkin Patch (21 of 45)-Edit WM
Still trying to manuever the big red wagon....on her own, with NO HELP FROM MOMMY.

Pumpkin Patch (27 of 45) wm
A pretty line of pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch (24 of 45)-Edit wm
The field is the perfect place to break into some dance moves.

Pumpkin Patch (43 of 45) wm
A big table of gourds.

Pumpkin Patch (38 of 45)-Edit wm
My spunky girl running in the big open field!

We had hoped to go and pick pumpkins this weekend, but it looks like the weather is going to be bad.....and I was afraid if we didn't fit in a quick trip at the end of the day, we wouldn't make it there at all this year.

The pumpkins were the last thing on our list and now we officially ready for Halloween. Picking Sarah's costume proved to be almost 3 years old she had her own ideas about what she wanted to wear.....and then she changed her mind, and changed it again.

We went to the store and she picked out the most adorable costume, but when we got home and pulled it out to show Daddy, she told me to take it back, it was not her costume. I didn't take it back, it is still hanging here in her closet. I am just crossing my fingers that she loves it when I pull it out next week. We'll see.......

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Game Day

October 20, 2009

The golden dome wm
We are back from our Notre Dame Football weekend!! We had a great time, but it went way too fast. That is always the case.....isn't it? I love going away, but why do I hate coming home.......or should I say, what I come home to......

LAUNDRY.....I am still digging out from under a huge mountain of it.......we all wore lots of layers to keep warm all weekend, which means LOTS and LOTS of clothes to wash....UGH!!

In addition, I have tons of pictures to go through, and just have not had the time to spend organizing and fixing them. I took a couple shots on Game Day, but most of what I have to go through was from the day prior. We spent Friday on campus walking around. We visited the bookstore and the basilica, then attended the pep rally Friday night.

Nick was in heaven the entire time we were there and was in total awe of the university. How could he is such a beautiful campus. Both Pat and I told him he better start hitting the books a little harder if he has his eye on ND.

I will be doing another post in a day or two when I have a chance to sort things out, but for now, here are a few of my favs......

Packing the Coolers WM
Nick showing off his "Fighting Irish" tattoo, while Pat and Sarah are packing the cooler in the background. You know, the cooler is one of the most important items on game day:)

Family Photo WM
Attempted to get my three ND fans together for a photo. Someone was not cooperative and this was as good as it was going to get.......

Game On Nick WM
Nick showing off his new shirt........he could have gone HOG WILD in that bookstore. I definitely got a couple great ideas for Christmas.....little does he know that I can order anything he saw there online:)

The house that Pat's family rented was only a few blocks from campus so we could all walk to the stadium on game day, but the problem was bringing food and drinks along to tailgate in the parking lot.

Pat and his brother were determined to find/buy a parking pass from someone so that we could at least take one car stocked with all the goodies and then the rest of us could walk over.

My BIL worked it like no other and ended up scoring us a parking pass. We ended up just outside the stadium in section one......which was extra lucky for us. As you can see, Pat was loving every minute of our time out there getting primed for the game:) Not the best photo, but I had to include it. It was really the highlight of the day....especially since they lost the game:(

Too Much Partying
Just as we were getting ready to head into the stadium, Sarah decided she needed a nap in the back of the car. She snuggled up with her ND blanket and of course her Nuk, which we have yet to get rid of at naptime and bedtime, but that is a story for another post. Supposedly she is giving it to Santa on Christmas Eve....FINGERS CROSSED. Anyway, when we all looked over, we saw that she was surrounded by adult beverages......had to capture this one!!

Touch Down ND WM
Sarah did sleep for a good portion of the game....but she popped up in the fourth quarter for all the action and decided to cheer on the team!!

That is all I have for now. As I said, I will post the rest of our trip in a few days. I still have a lot of catching up to do around here. I will be back to blogging again in a day or is actually my birthday and I plan to spend it with my family:) I won't tell you how old.......let's just say that I am inching closer to the big 40.

We're Hitting the Road.....

October 14, 2009

We are getting ready to head out on a little trip.......and might I add that the "boys" in this house are very anxious for our little getaway. They have been talking about it for weeks and the time is finally here......we are hitting the road tomorrow for a fun filled, action packed weekend.
Any guesses where we might be going??

How about a small hint......

Take a look at the photo below courtesy of Bus!

12-university-of-notre-dame[1] courtesy of Businessweek
Did you figure it out???

No.....Maybe you should look at the little guy below, I bet that will help:)

NotreDameFightingIrishLogo[1] guessed it...we are headed to South Bend, Indiana to visit the University of Notre Dame where we will be meeting up with the rest of the "Gaelic" family.

Pat's parents are renting a house right off campus for the next few weeks and we are all going out to attend some of the upcoming games. If I forgot to mention it before.....they are DIE HARD FANS!

Each year, Pat tries to make it to at least one home game. I have gone out once before, but this will be the first trip for Nick and Sarah. Nick is so excited he can barely stand it. He had never attended a professional or college football game. Sarah....well she is still convinced that we are going to the beach....she equates visiting "Grammy and Pops" to our trips to Cape Cod. She is in for a rude awakening when we arrive in South Bend.

We are all set to addition to all of our ND attire, we pulled out the winter gear....hats, scarves, gloves, and winter coats. We are hoping we won't need them, but you never know!!

I probably won't get a chance to post/blog until we get back next week, so I thought I would share a little cuteness in the meantime......

Fall Vibrance wm
We had a really cool weekend and had to layer up to go outside. The trees are really changing is so beautiful!!! Give it another week or two and the leaves will start dropping like crazy. It will be lots of fun for the kids and it makes for great pictures, but it sure stinks whe you have to clean them up in your yard....

Fall Delight wm
Just playing around with some layouts.....Since I actually mastered photoshop and blog design, I have decided to layout/design our Christmas Card this year......I have a couple of ideas running through my head.....but we'll see how it goes.

Okay my friends.....I am out of here. I only have one more thing to say......

GO IRISH!!!!!!!

When He Takes The Field.........

October 7, 2009

Out of my way wm
..........HE MEANS BUSINESS!!!!

Control WM

Kickin It WM

Go get it WM

You may remember, as the last school year came to an end, Nick found out that he did not make the travel soccer team. Since it was the second year in a row that he didn't make it, he was beyond dissappointed. He told us that he was not sure he wanted to play soccer at all this year.

I didn't want to push the issue with him, because I didn't want to force him to do something he didn't want to do, but I was secretly hoping in time, he would change his mind.

In August, we got a call from the coach that Nick played for last year. He wanted to know if Nick was going to play intramurals this year. Nick didn't even hesitate for one second and said, "When is the first practice?" He agreed to play again for the Fall and Spring Seasons.

So every Wednesday and Saturday he takes the field........and when he is out there, he puts his heart and soul into the game. He may not be what people consider "all star" material, but he will always be a star in my eyes.

He has come so far and improved so much over the past two years. Win or lose, he always stays positive and gives 100%. He is a team player in every sense of the word. I have watched my shy little guy, become a more confident and outgoing player, and it definitely makes this Mom...... VERY PROUD!!!

A Little Photo Therapy

October 5, 2009

Colorful WM
It has been a really strange week....
I am not sure why, but I have been dealing with a multitude of things....well, not really things, more like emotions.

There is a lot going on right now between work and "real life" and I guess my stress-o-meter finally reached maximum capacity, so I have been scarce around here. I will explain later in the week, I don't think I have it in me to put all my feelings into words at the moment.

By the time Friday rolled around, I was thankful to have a couple days to recuperate from a long week. I was feeling physically and emotionally drained and in desperate need of some R&R.......and a little PHOTO THERAPY. Everyone has their vices, and for me, grabbing my camera and my kids puts me in a calm place.....and when that doesn't work, then it is time for a big glass of RED WINE.

Sarah was willing and ready to play "Camera" as she says. I wasn't sure where I wanted to take her, I just knew I wanted to try somewhere or something new.........

For months I have been dying to take one of my favorite livingroom chairs outdoors to use as a prop, but it is way too big for me to take anywhere, so we settled for the backyard. My neighbors must have thought I was totally insane as they watched me carry this big and HEAVY chair out to the cornfield that backs up to our property{Pat was working, so I didn't have any man muscles to help out}.

Sarah in the chair dark WM
Sarah was not thrilled to be this close to the corn.....It was pretty breezy and the sound of the cornstalks rustling in the wind scared her, so we had to settle for plan B.......

Kick Your Feet Up BW2 wm
I brought the chair up onto our deck and placed it in a way that I could still get the scenery behind her without getting the railing in the frame.

Studio Shot wm
Looking so sweet and innocent.....kind of angelic!! Don't let her fool you though....underneath that halo are a couple of horns that do pop out from time to time.

Arms Crossed 1 wm
Something about this one just speaks to me......Maybe it's the attitude.

I also got some action shots at Nick's soccer game. I felt really guilty for not having the camera last weekend when they WON their first game, so I was armed and dangerous this weekend. Nick played his heart out and I caught some really great moments. Unfortunately, my camera must have been a jinx, because they lost by one point:( I am still going through those pictures and plan to post them in a day or two.

All in all, we did have a nice quiet weekend....just what the doctor ordered. Am I the only one who looks forward to the quiet, low key weekends? More often than not, I dread the ones that are action packed......

BTW, There have been more than a few readers who have asked questions about photography over the past few months. I try to individually address questions if I have your email or blog address, but this summer A LOT of these things slipped through the cracks and I am embarrassed to say that I never got back to not like me, SORRY! If you have questions, please leave them in the comment secion and I will answer them there as well.

Hope everyone has a great week. I for one, am happy to be starting a new has to be better than the last one.