Triple the Fun

April 23, 2013

Alexa Close Up BLOG
This weekend was a complete blast..... words cannot even explain how much fun we had shooting at all the cool spots around town and spending time with each other talking photography and adoption. Most of the ladies who came to visit are also adoptive Moms and I absolutely adore them.

It has taken me a few days to recover from our action packed weekend.
Seriously, I can't believe how much we fit into two days.
You all have heard me say that I require very little sleep, but the last two nights I have been in bed by 8pm and slept straight through until 6am. When I do that, I know I am REALLY REALLY tired.

I woke up this morning feeling energized and finally ready to start sorting through some of my photos.
We had 6 shoots in total. All of them took place in Bethlehem except for our triplets. The girls and I took a field trip.... literally:)
We went to visit the field of dreams because the blue bells were still standing tall!!!

Triplets On The Run Collage
A few months back, I put out a note on my facebook page looking for models for this particular event.
As soon as I saw this darling trio, I knew we needed to fit them into our lineup and I am so glad we did.
These adorable little ladies totally knew how to work it for the camera.
Their momma is also an aspiring photographer and it did not phase them in the least to have 12 ladies with big cameras pointed at them.
In fact, they totally ate it up! I have never seen so much personality in my life. I have a new found respect for Maria, their Mom.
Keeping up with them on a daily basis must require some stamina.

Isa Blanket BLOG
One of the many things we learned this weekend was how to deal with things that happen that are out of your control. Early in the morning I was talking about ways to improvise when things happen that are unexpected. We had a couple things crop up that reinforced this lesson. This sweet girl was in tears just a few minutes before because she stepped on a little twig that scratched her foot. She was also a bit chilly (it was really windy all weekend) so we wrapped her up in a pretty blanket and gave her a break. As I saw her sitting there with the blanket wrapped around her, I thought it would make a great photo. Funny that this was never part of the original plan, but it is now one of my favorite photos of the day:) She was also ready to ditch that blanket and get back into the limelight with her two sisters moments later. What scratch?

We had shoots with a gorgeous ballerina, pretty little girls, a couple of cool dudes,
and a beautiful child who is about to receive her First Holy Communion.
On Friday I plan to share more photos..... I have only just begun to go through them.
I have also received a number of emails and messages about future photography weekends.
This weekend went so well and the feedback was very positive..... I am thinking about doing it again in the Fall when the leaves change.
It is my very favorite time of year for our area.
If you have an interest in attending, please email me as I have yet to firm up dates.
(visions by lisa at gmail dot com)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week....we are almost halfway through already:)

Favorite Photo Friday - "The Little Details"

April 18, 2013

YIKES!!! It has been one of those weeks and I have been going non stop.... no photos to share except the Instagram style, but I have good reason for not picking up the camera:) As I mentioned last week, a few ladies are coming to town for a fun photography weekend and I have been running around like a lunatic each night after work buttoning up all of the last minute details.

I can bet you there will be LOTS AND LOTS of photos to share next week as we will have our cameras strapped around our necks for two full days! For now, I will share a few glimpses of what the ladies will be in for.... not showing you what is inside the goodie bags just yet because I want them to be surprised!!!

If you want to follow our weekend, Instagram will most likely be blazing with photos of our adventures!
Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and a fabulous weekend!!


April 14, 2013

Reags profile Bluebells2 BLOG
The light was not quite the same the evening I went back with Reagan. The clouds were beginning to roll in, but we managed to get some photos and now I am pretty sure I can fill up an entire wall in our home with this series of photos of Sarah and Reagan. Only kidding:)

We had a few hair malfunctions, so we went with the flyaway messy hair look.

Reagan Blue Bell Collage Blog 2
For the last 2 years, I have had the privilege of working with some incredible women through photography.
There is a core group that has pretty much been together from the beginning and they were asking for a weekend together in person, so now that the warm weather has arrived, they are coming for a visit!!

There will be 12 of us spending an entire weekend together shooting in all of my favorite locations around town.
I have some SUPER CUTE and BEAUTIFUL models all set up and have tried to stylize the clothes for each session.
Everything arrived about 2 weeks ago and I decided to give one of the props a test run on Reags Wednesday night.
Although it is quite lovely, it was a smidge too big for her tiny head.
Our model is older, so hopefully it will fit her perfectly!

Well, all of this to say, this week will be more hectic than most and I am anxious and nervous at the same time.
I can't wait to meet these super sweet ladies. I just hope the weather will cooperate and the sun will shine down on us like it did on Sarah this week! And that the bluebells make it until Saturday.... they all want to visit the "Field of Dreams" :)

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week!
We are headed to the soccer field today!
Sarah traded in her yellow jersey for a blue one.
It's not pink, but we are getting closer:)

Ni Hao Yall
It has been a while, but I am participating in my friend, Stef's, Sunday Snapshot today.
Take a minute to pop over and say hello!


April 11, 2013

It is safe to say that you might be seeing a lot of "blue" around here the next two weeks.
Spring has sprung and so has the famous field of blue bells in the neighboring town.
Those of you that have been following the new "2 Hip Chics" photography site, have seen more than a few of these photos already,
but since this is where I document for our family, I wanted to post them here as well.

Sarah was the first one to go running through.... She looked so stunning in the light she literally left me breathless and I could feel the tears welling up when I looked at her. Reagan is not the only one that is looking very grown up these days. I can hardly believe how mature Sarah is looking as well.

Bluebells Sarah Collage 3
The girls got these light pink night gowns for Easter and I thought they might look pretty out there in the field.

Bluebells Sarah Collage 1
It seemed like it was one of those evenings where everything lined up perfectly.
The light was simply AMAZING and I have never seen Sarah look more radiant.
She must have picked about 100 flowers... all for her Daddy:)

Bluebells Sarah Collage 2
Needless to say, I was kicking myself for leaving Reags at home...and I made a return trip the following night.

You know what that means, right?
Yep, you got it... more photos, but since I have already packed more than a few photos into this post, I think we will say:

But I will leave you with just one teaser:)

Windswept4 BLOG
~Have a fabulous weekend friends~

A Taste of Spring

April 8, 2013

Thank heavens it finally warmed up around here...
We had temps in the high 60's on Sunday, so Reags and I headed out for a morning walk to bask in the bright sunshine.
Reags Striped Legs Collage
Nothing is bloom yet and it was a little windy, but that did not stop us from enjoying the fresh air.
We are so ready for Spring and all the fun things it brings like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, trips to the park, and our favorite, Rita's Italian Ice.

Scrunched Up Toes BLOG
It has been a long winter and I don't think Reags remembered what it felt like to have sandals on her feet.
She has been keeping her tootsies warm in her boots for the last few months and I think those toes were in shock to be out in the open.
Every time I looked down at her feet, she had her toes all scrunched up!!!
Something tells me by the end of the week, she will be loving her sandals and won't give those boots a second thought.
Weather forecast says a high of 79 Degrees tomorrow....HOORAY!

The Only Proof of Easter Break

April 4, 2013

Easter IG Collage BLOG
I really seem to have fallen off the wagon lately when it comes to picking up my camera.
For a while there I was in a good groove and making an extra effort to document the little moments.
I sure have gotten lazy about it and would you believe never picked up my camera once over the Easter Break?

Luckily I snapped a few iPhone photos, so I do have proof that the holiday existed, jut not in the normal fashion.
Nothing fancy about these.... just the girls for the most part loving their time off together.

It sure was hard for everyone to go back to school and work this week. No one wanted to get up and go their separate ways.
Too much fun and a lot of sugar. Trying to detox everyone this week.
I moved the Easter baskets out of plain site, but the little one found them in the dining room and plunked right down and helped herself to the chocolate. That girl will stop at nothing when food is involved..... especially when it comes to the sweet stuff:)

Happy(almost)Friday friends.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.
It sure would be nice if Spring would finally arrive.
It is still quite cold here.

the long road

Another One "Bites" the Dust

April 2, 2013

No Front Teeth BLOG
We have a little domino effect going on here....
Guess who lost another tooth?

We knew it was on it's way out, it has been so loose, but she would not let any of us get near her mouth to pull it out.
For days I have been watching her eat carefully using her side and back teeth, so it would not come out.
On Easter Sunday, it was a major topic of discussion because we could all visibly see it moving when she talked or opened her mouth.
She was still adamant that no one was going to pull it.

Around 8pm, after everyone left the house, she came over to me and said, "Mommy, I want you to pull it".
It took a few wiggles and it popped right out so the tooth-fairy could make a visit!

The girls were both off yesterday and playing in Sarah's room(their usual), so I asked Sarah if I could quickly take a picture to document the occasion. I don't know about you, but the toothless years are some of my favorite to look back on.

Someone wanted to get in on the action.....

Don't pull my teeth Collage
I am thinking they were both still on a sugar high from all the Easter Candy:)
They were as giddy as could be!

We had a wonderful Easter... I hope you all did too!!