Room Redo

January 31, 2014

In early December, I posted a photo of my dining room and sort of complained that it was a waste of space for us. We have lived in this house for 7 years and I can count on one hand the number of times we have actually used it. So without breaking the bank, we are repurposing that room. It is more of a do it yourself kind of project, except I am not the one "doing", my sister had done the majority of it. She is extremely talented with home design and refinishing. She started a new business where she repurposes and refinishes furniture/cabinets. So basically, the only thing we needed for this project is paint and my sister:)
She tackled the furniture and we did the walls.

The room is not quite finished yet, but in the end it is going to be a workspace/studio. The table is going to become a desk. When I take the leaf out, it becomes a square and we are going to push it up against the wall. The glass doors on the hutch are being replaced with tin that my sister painted(you can see it in the photo above). It is really coming together beautifully and the light in combination with all of the white makes the space so bright and cheery!! I have been snapping iPhone photos as we go. You can see the before in the upper right. Goodbye black furniture and green walls. We went back and forth on the wall color and as much as a nice soft color would have been pretty, I decided to go all white for photography purposes and for some reason, the white in the one photo of the chair looks different than the other pics. It is all the same, must have been the way the light was hitting it. Once my canvases and accents go into the room, there will be more color in there.

With any luck, this project will be all finished up and the room will be complete within a week.
The girls and I are anxious to get in there. I promised them a corner for their arts and crafts and a special board to display their favorite paintings and creations!!! I am also thinking the teepee might find a new home in one of the corners of this room!! A cozy little reading space for two:) I will bring out the big camera and take everyone on a little tour once it is done.

One last piece of news before I go. . .
a certain 16 year old, just received his learners permit.
He went to the DMV this week and passed the test on the first try.
I will be riding shotgun with Rosary in hand(just kidding).
It is so surreal to see Nick behind the wheel, gosh time sure does fly.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Stay safe out there and keep warm.

Keep Me Warm

January 24, 2014

Colorful Hats and Coats Collage
Last weekend with temps around 39 Degrees, we attempted to get out for some fresh air.
It lasted all of 5 minutes before we realized this was probably not a good idea.
The arctic air was moving in and so was the snow. The kids have spent more time at home this week than they have in school. At this rate, school may still be in session on the 4th of July.

This winter has been brutal and we are beginning to climb the walls. I think the girls have built every lego set in the house and we have gone through all of the arts and crafts in our bin. We downloaded some new apps on the iPads for them, but even that is getting old.

I know we are not alone, this has been a rough winter for everyone, but it certainly does not do much for the mood. January and February are always the most difficult months for me and with the weather this year, it seems even more difficult to work through the winter blues.
I am not myself. I really could use a nice dose of warm weather and sunshine, but it doesn't look as though I will be getting that any time soon. The 10 day forecast is looking quite bitter. Stay warm my friends!!! How many more days until Spring? I wish we could fast forward :)

A Tiny Glimpse Into the Future

January 17, 2014

Window Light Veil Collage 3
Last Saturday, the girls and I had a little fun walking down memory lane.
There has been some talk about First Holy Communion around here and Sarah asked if she would have to wear a veil like I did on my wedding day.
One thing led to another and the next thing I know, the girls are taking turns wearing it.
I have always wanted to do a photoshoot of them in my wedding dress but the veil seemed like just enough. I lept down the stairs to grab my camera bag out of the closet and back upstairs before the novelty wore off.

Window Light Veil Collage
Window Light Veil Collage 4
I will admit, it was a little scary get this kind of glimpse into their future.
Rushing them to grow up is not something I want to do, I certainly want to keep them young as long as I can, but I think these photos will be very special one day when they actually do get married.

Window Light Veil Collage 2
Window Light Veil Collage 6
How incredible will it be to pull out these photos and show them what they looked like when they "played bride" in their younger years?

~Happy Friday Friends~