Our Very Own Giving Tree

May 3, 2014

The Giving Tree Collage 2
Last Saturday, the girls and I had some errands to do.
They did not realize it, but I had packed the car so that we could stop at the park and have a picnic style lunch after we were done.
We went to a park in Allentown with the most beautiful, big, old trees.

The Giving Tree Collage 1
We decided unanimously that this was the prettiest tree around and that this is where we wanted to set up for the afternoon.

The Giving Tree Collage 3
We ate our lunch, read the new books compliments of our trip to Target, and we also practiced our soccer skills.
Too bad the rain cut our trip a little short, but we sure did have fun.
The girls can't wait to go back and do this again.

Sarah does not know this, but I am going to be the mystery reader at her school in a few weeks.
I have chosen "The Giving Tree" as the book I am going to read to the class.
Hoping to incorporate these photos of our very own giving tree into a fun activity for her classmates.
Happy Weekend.... It is a beautiful one here in PA!