Apple Lovin' Little Ladies

September 26, 2013

Grims Orchard Collage 5
Sunday afternoon I took the girls over to the orchard and pumpkin farm.
There are two that we visit each year, one is about a 30 minute ride and the other is within a mile of our home.
The weather was not looking too promising so we figured it was best to stay close.
Upon arrival, there was a sign that all of the trees had been picked over and the only apples left were on the ground.
This coming weekend they are moving on to the next type of apples, so they will open up a new portion of the orchard, but I was already there and the girls were so excited, I knew we could not turn around, so we went apple picking from the ground:)

Grims Orchard Collage 3
We did not get too many keepers, but they sure did have fun running through the trees and trying to find apples that were not "yucky".

Grims Orchard Collage 1
Reags found a few that she said were perfect and she held them like a prized possession.

Grims Orchard Collage 2
Once they realized it was slim pickings, they said they would rather go look for pumpkins.. and that was not much better either.
The field was looking pretty empty.... it is still a little early yet, so we will definitely head back in a week or two.

Reagan could not wait until we got home to test out her special apple.
After a few rubs on mommy's shirt to clean it off, she took the first bite and she had that baby finished by the time we reached the car.
She said it was the best apple she ever ate:)

It is hard to believe that we are approaching October.
Halloween is just around the corner and then the holidays are upon us.
The girls have been flipping through Halloween costume catalogs for the last few weeks and they had a quite a few different looks doggy eared, but they finally made their decisions last night and we placed the order. We are taking a break from the Disney Princesses this year. In fact, I was shocked with their choices, but I think they will look SO CUTE! Sarah really chose it and Reags went along with it. They are not matching, but they do coordinate. Sarah has already asked today(not even 24 hours later) if they have arrived yet! I am guessing by next week they will be here and we will have two giddy little girls.

I am posting a little early this week.
Have to be out the door tomorrow morning by 6am for a full day on the road.
Bring on the weekend.... it cannot get here soon enough.

Rock Climbing and Hermit Crab Hunting

September 20, 2013

Hopping Rocks on the Jetty Collage 1
Each day not too long after we would settle into our comfy beach chairs, Sarah would start asking Pat to go walk the Jetty.
I am not sure my pictures really show how challenging these rocks can be, but they are not easy to maneuver.
Most people get about halfway and then they turn around and head back in...but not our Sarah.
She was going all the way out to the very end where they have the tower.
Pat was behind her every step of the way as I sat on the beach watching with baited breath.
At high tide the rocks were almost complete submerged under water, but at low tide, you can see that with one slip of the foot, it would be a pretty big fall. She is such a daredevil and she did not let that cast on her arm hold her back at all. At certain points along the way you have to get on your hands and knees and almost crawl to the next rock.
For a minute I thought about following with my camera and then I had visions of me and the camera taking a tumble, so I stayed put with my feet firmly planted in the sand with Reags:)
Hunting Hermit Crabs Collage 1
Hunting Hermit Crabs Collage 2
When the girls were not boogie boarding or climbing rocks, they were hunting for hermit crabs.
As the tide goes out, the little crabs hang out around all of these boulders.
The girls took their shovels and pails and started collecting them with a little help from Pat.
Each time they would find one, a big smile would instantly appear as if they stuck gold.
It is the simple things that makes them so happy!!!
At the end of every day, we would take the bucket and set them free.
Thank goodness we did not come home with any.
They are fun to find on the beach, but I am not sure I want them in the house:)

For the most part I have made my way through the beach photos I wanted to share.
I will not torture you all with any more and we will move on to other things happening around here.
Just wanted to make sure I documented our trip and all of our fun days exploring the beaches of Cape Cod.

~Have a wonderful weekend everyone~

Sunset on The Cape

September 15, 2013

Sunset 2013 CC Dollcake Collage 3
There is something to be said about the soothing sound of the water and having your feet firmly planted in the sand.
Sunset 2013 CC Dollcake Collage 1
The stress of every day life just slips away.
Sunset 2013 CC Dollcake Collage 2
It is our family's happy place....and an incredible place to witness a beautiful sunset.

If I had to pick my most favorite photos each year, it will always be the beach photos.
Not only do they represent God's natural beauty that surrounds us, but they bring back a flood of wonderful memories.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
While I am still posting Summer photos, it feels like Fall has officially arrived here in PA.
I am thinking a trip to the apple orchard is in order:)

Ni Hao Yall
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Let's Be Friends

September 13, 2013

Surfer Girls Sarah and Friends Collage 2
Finally beginning to dig through the beach photos. I promise, I will be done by next week.
I have one more set of Pat and the girls on the beach and then the sunset photos and I am moving on to all things "Fall".
These are just some quick snapshots of Sarah playing with some new friends that she met on the beach.
The girls all had boogie boards, but instead of riding them, they were trying to stand on them to see who could stay up the longest.
Surfer Girls Sarah and Friends Collage 3
They were out there for hours playing in the waves and I thought it was so cute that they just happened to all match in their pink bathing suits. Not too long after these photos were taken, Sarah's new friends had to head back home. There were a few tears shed over this news.... they were all having so much fun together.
They said their goodbyes and hope to see each other again next year.
Like our family, they come back to the Cape every summer!

The craziness of the new Fall schedule has continued here.
We have added dance classes for both of the girls and soon basketball for Sarah.
As you could imagine, the excitement level was through the roof about attending dance.
And I am not just talking about the girls...... Me too!!
They are taking Ballet and Tap at the same studio where I spent a good part of my teenage life.
I did not get to look behind the closed door while class was going on, but I did get reports that Sarah did well.
Reags did well too, but she had a moment.....
In case you were wondering, it is possible to suck your two fingers and tap dance at the same time:))
They asked her to remove her fingers from her mouth and she started to cry....but I was told she recovered quickly.
It was the first time in a new place for Miss Reags, and as we all know those fingers are her security and when she is unsure, they go straight in her mouth. Hopefully I will get my camera in there soon. They have designated nights that you can watch!!
I did post a few shots on Instagram of the girls testing out their tap shoes in our kitchen.
Our dog was not pleased.... it was kind of loud up in here!!!

Okay, off to work I go.
Bring on the weekend....I am more than ready!
TGIF everyone~

Favorite Photo Friday - "Windswept"

September 5, 2013

Fav Photo Friday Sunset Collage

Going from one vacation to another and then straight into the first week of school has left me feeling a little, Ummmm....CRAZY!!!
Seriously did not know if I was coming or gong this week, but we have made it through.
Never have I been more happy to see a week come to an end.
The first week of school is never easy.... new schedules means adjusting to new routines.
Nick and Sarah have been exhausted when they get home from school.
Reags really has not missed a beat because she continued to go to school through the summer(daycare) although she has graduated to the next classroom:) All three of the kids seem to be happy with their new teachers and Nick is excited about all of his courses....... especially drivers ed. Can you believe he will be driving in a few months?
I am not sure I am ready to see him behind the wheel.

In addition to preparing the kids for back to school, I have also been spending a good part of my evenings getting things ready for my beginner photography class that starts next week. I am also hosting another photography weekend here in PA mid October. That weekend will be here in the blink of an eye. Lots of little details to wrap up, but I have crossed a good deal of them off my list and it has been a lot of fun! Can't wait to share with everyone.....especially the ladies who will be coming for a visit!!

So after all of this rambling, I must confess that I have not touched a single photo since we returned from the beach.
Top of my priority list this weekend is to get the editing done.
I need to get through the beach photos before Christmas(only kidding).

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
~See you next week...preferably before Friday~