Open Gym

February 28, 2012

parkettes collage blog
The local gymnastics training center held an "open gym" for ages 1 through 7 last weekend so I decided to take the girls to see if they might want to give it a try. This is the same gymnastics center that I attended when I was 6. They have been around for a LONG TIME and over the years they have produced some really amazing athletes..... a handful even went on to become part of the US Olympic Team.

As soon as we entered the gym, the girls became eager to break free and run about.
Luckily, Nick agreed to spend a few hours helping me with the girls because I really needed his extra set of hands. Reagan and Sarah each had their own agenda from the moment they stepped foot on the floor and there was no way I could have kept up with the two of them by myself.

Balance Beam Walking With My Big Brother COLLAGE
Reagan really enjoyed the balance beam..... we started her out floor level and then worked our way up to the one that was a few feet off the ground.

Sarah on the uneven bars BLOG
Sarah had no fear whatsoever. She was game to try anything and everything. I have never seen her like this. When she reached the front of the line for the uneven bars, I half expected her to say she was afraid and she didn't want to try it, but she listened intently as the coach told her what to do and she went for it......each and every time.

Reagan on the red mats Collage
The place was PACKED.... there were kids and adults everywhere, but it did not seem to bother either one of the girls. They were having a blast tumbling around on the mats.....

Sarah on the Red Monkey Bars Collage
and working their way across the monkey bars.

Parallel Bars Sarah BLOG
After Sunday's little expedition, I can say without a doubt, that both of girls would really enjoy doing this on a regular basis.

The next semester of classes is about to begin and guess who will be sportin cute little leotards each Saturday morning for the next 12 weeks?

They can barely wait.... and I have to admit, I am kind of pumped too!

Speaking of classes, I have to run. I finished work early today and I am headed out to pick up Nick and take him to the High School he will be attending next year. We are registering him and selecting his courses for Freshman Year. Exciting times for everyone in this house!!!

Will update later. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

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Sunday Snapshot - "Girls Day at the Salon"

February 26, 2012

Reagan at the wash bowl collage BLOG
Yesterday the girls and I went to visit Enzo, our stylist!
This was only the third time Reagan has been there and it was the first time he actually had the girls wash her hair before the cut. Usually he just uses the spray bottle and quickly trims. She was a little bewildered at first, but she was all smiles by the time she was done at the shampoo bowl.

Sarah Getting Her Hair Cut Collage BLOG
Sarah is a pro when it comes to standing still for "Uncle Enzo"...(any Seinfeld fans out there?)
She told me she wants to grow her hair long again so she just got the tiniest trim to even it all out and clean up the back.

Reagan Hair Cut Enzo Collage BLOG
I was not sure what I wanted to do with Reagan's hair..... I do love those pigtails, and was trying to let her hair grow long, but it is so thin and unruly. I couldn't help it... I wanted to make our morning routine easier, so I told him to give her a chin length bob but crop the back and make it a little longer in the front...and no bangs. We have been growing them out for a long time and they are just about the length that we can tuck them behind her ears.

Unlike Sarah, she does not quite have the hang of standing still and by the end of the cut, it looked more like a wrestling match.

Hair Behind her Ear Sarah Jean Jacket BLOG
Sarah was super excited to see herself after new cut and blow out. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, I look like the old me again".

Reagan checking out her new cut in the mirror BLOG
They had to give Reags the hand-mirror so she could watch as they attempted to blow dry her hair. She is not a fan of having her hair blown out, but it sure does look shiny and beautiful after it is done.

Striking Poses Collage BLOG
The girls "striking a pose"(in Sarah's case a very serious pose) to flash Mom their new "dos" before we walked out of the salon.

Strike A Pose Reagan BLOG
Someone is definitely feeling Sassy with her new short hair!!!
I have never seen her work it like this before when I pulled out my camera.

We had a fun day together and enjoyed the pampering while it lasted.
Today we are headed to church and then later this afternoon there is an "open gym" at the local gymnastics training facility. I thought the girls would love to flip around for a few hours:)

Enjoy your Sunday Everyone!

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Sunday Snapshot

Favorite Photo Friday - "Mimi's Treasures"

February 23, 2012

Reagan in Shabby Celtic Garden Standing in the Sunflare2 BLOG
My parents live very close to us, just a few minutes away, and quite honestly, I could not imagine life any other way. We have become accustomed to having them "just around the corner" and the kids love to stop in when we are out and about.

Sunflare and Sunset Collage 1 BLOG
The girls especially love it when Mimi lets them play with all of the little trinkets that are sprinkled throughout the house.

Sarah in The Celtic Garden Ruffles and Peasant Top BLOG
Although there is plenty they could get into on the first floor, their most favorite things are up a flight of steps and through the bedroom doors.

Sunflare and Sunset Collage 3 BLOG
They could spend hours going through her cool jewels and accessories....

Mimi's Treasures Collage 6 BLOG
while they bop around to the tunes coming from this funky old radio that she has out on display!

Sunflare and Sunset Collage 4 BLOG
There were lots of big smiles as they caught glimpses of themselves
in the mirrors as they danced by.

Reagan Looking Down at the Sea Glass BLOG
Eventually they made their way to next bedroom to see what they could find.

Sunflare and Sunset Collage 5 BLOG
My Mom recently transformed this guest room and when you walk in, you feel like you have entered a quaint beach bungalow.

Hands Celtic Garden BLOG
The girls immediately spied the colorful sea glass and the big bowl of seashells
she had sitting out on the end table.

Sunflare and Sunset Collage 2 BLOG
They counted, divided, and passed shells back and forth as the sunlight poured into the room. Add a little sand and water, and it would have surely felt like we were on the beaches of cape cod!!

They had such a fun afternoon playing with all of Mimi's treasures... they hated to leave, but we promised that we would be back soon for another visit.

Watching the girls that afternoon made me flashback to my own childhood memories of the "treasure hunts" my sister and I went on in our grandparents house. We loved every minute of it and like Reagan and Sarah, we also never wanted to leave when my parents said it was time to go.

Sunset and Sunflare Close Up Fabric Collage
This photoshoot was inspired by the gorgeous new Secret Garden Collection that my talented friend Robin is officially releasing today over at Red Thread Stitches. Be sure to stop by and see all of her beautiful new creations. The outfits the girls are wearing are just two of the options she is offering in her spring line. You can click HERE to browse her shop.

The soft and elegant hair pieces are my new found favs from Sophia Jane Boutique. I love the "Shabby" feel of the material and the sparkly jewels. The girls do too! If you are looking to accessorize your little princess, you have to check out Kimberley's pretty things.
You can view her boutique filled with all things girly by clicking HERE.
~Have a Wonderful Weekend~

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Sunday Snapshot - "Ten Minutes With a Two Year Old"

February 19, 2012

Reagan SBJ FlowerHeadband TEXTURE3 BLOG
It is not often that you will catch Reagan sitting still.

Taking off the headband Collage BLOG
She is always on the move.....

SIlly Girl Spindles Collage BLOG
Running, climbing, and dancing about.

Look at my belly BLOG
She is a very mischievous little one.....and I found out the hard way what happens if I take my eyes off of her for just one minute.

Serendipty Meets Baby Powder Collage2 BLOG
I turned around and saw that my family room was one big cloud of baby powder.
It was EVERYWHERE! Reags decided that she needed to change her baby's diaper and she knows that I keep all of the diaper changing supplies in the storage compartment of our ottoman. So she helped herself:) I am just thankful that the baby did not have diaper rash....... the desitin was right next to the baby powder. The mess could have been a whole lot worse!

Sarah woke up on Friday morning with a high fever, so Reagan was flying solo and was totally missing her partner in crime. I worked from home and sort of had my hands full. I was juggling work and both of the girls, which is why this happened.

After a little cleaning, the family room is back to normal, no baby powder in sight, but it sure does smell good in there:)

Needless to say, I was ready for a big glass of wine by the time Pat got home from work. When he did arrive that night, Reagan told him "I made mess, me naughty". We tried hard not to laugh at her. Even when she is being bad, she is SO CUTE and she gives you that big smiley face that causes her little nose to scrunch up. She even turns her head to the side and puts her arms behind her back all so sweet and innocent. Gosh, at two she already knows exactly what to do!

Two was a "fun" age with both Nick and Sarah...... but I don't remember either one of them being quite as active as Reagan. Maybe it is just a sign that I am getting old?
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Sunday Snapshot

Favorite Photo Friday - "Green Beans and Peas"

February 17, 2012

Sarah God Is Love1 BLOG
Since Easter is quickly approaching, the topic of our after dinner conversation the other night turned to Lent and what everyone was going to give up this year. Nick actually started this discussion and was the first one to say that he was going to give up chocolate and all sweets. He then asked me what I was giving up and I said, "Sweets, Diet Soda, and I might even go as far as giving up wine too".

Sarah God Is Love2 CROP BLOG
With that, Sarah, in her most serious voice, chimed in with her "sacrifice"......
She declared that she would be giving up green beans and peas. We all broke out in laughter because these are two veggies that she cannot stand and will not touch if they are on her plate.

Obviously, we have a little work to do with her on the understanding of Lent and what it means to sacrifice. She is probably a little young to actually give up something, but it is never too early to teach them why we give up our favorite things and skip the meat on Fridays this time of year.

Has anyone else decided what they will be giving up for Lent?

~Happy Weekend Everyone~
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Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2012

Reagan Vday Card BLOG2

Sarah Vday Card BLOG

Thanks to Florabella's beautiful and free photoshop templates, two very excited little girls are heading to school today all dressed in red and pink carrying 25 personalized valentine's for each of their teachers and classmates! The cards turned out really cute and in hindsight, I should have ordered a few more to mail out to family and friends. At the very least, I thought I would post them here to share with everyone!

The girls will be attending a big party today where I am sure many sugary treats will be consumed.
I will be anxious to hear all about it when they come home tonight!

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day!
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Sunday Snapshot - "Heartbreaker"

February 12, 2012

Check out my hat and sunglasses BLOG
Friday night was the 8th Grade Valentine's Day Dance.

Hat and Shoes Vday Dance Collage
Nick has been talking about this dance since early January..... which was about the time we started shopping for the perfect outfit for such an occasion. The school requires them to get dressed up with button down shirt and jeans.

Sideview against the rusty wall vday dance BLOG
Some of you may remember when he went to last year's dance.
He actually wore Coachie's(my Dad)suit and a beautiful red tie!

full length view Nick Vday 2012 BLOG
Well, there was not going to be any shopping in Coachie's closet this time around....
Nick has grown a lot this past year and he is now towering over his grandfather.

Hey Mom VDay Dance BLOG
I think my Dad was a little disappointed. He loved telling everyone that his Grandson wore his suit last year. My Dad is pretty snazzy when it comes to clothes. Seriously, he might be one of the best dressed men I know. My Mom's shopping habits have definitely rubbed off over the years and now that he is fully retired, he actually enjoys going with her to see what they can find.

Vday Collage No Jacket Nick
The week before Nick's birthday, my parents decided to meet us at our favorite mall so that we could look for something.

Against the garage door vday dance BLOG
It did not take him long to decide what he wanted.... This kid was on a mission and he found the shirt, pants, tie, and hat at the very first store we walked into.

Glass Windows Vday dance BLOG
And thanks to his grandparents, who tend to spoil him a little, he got the outfit in its entirety.

It's All About Perspective Nick Vday Dance BLOG
I wish you all could have seen him that day as he made his way through the racks at Banana Republic. My Mom and I were exchanging sideways glances as we watched him navigate. It was a special afternoon for all of us and I know that my parents were grateful to be part of it.

Walking down the alley vday dance BLOG
When he got dressed Friday, I could hardly believe my eyes.
There in front of me stood a very stylish and handsome young man.
I would have done anything to see what went on inside the school Friday night.
When the permission slip came home, it said they needed chaperones and I wanted to check the box to say that I would be willing to do it. Nick begged me not to.... I think he was afraid I would have my camera a blazing.... so I respected his wishes. When we were on our way, I asked him if he was going to ask any certain girl to dance. Sort of prodding to see if there was anyone that he was interested in. He said, no Mom, there is no one that I really like this year.
(said in true teenager fashion complete with eyeroll)

A few hours later, I returned to pick him up and I received what I am sure was the "cliffnotes" version of the night. But I did get the most important detail.....

There is a girl... and her name is Erin!

I knew there had to be someone!!

He and his friends had a great time and they are already talking about the graduation dance that takes place at the end of the school year. I guess we better start shopping now.
I hope Grandma and Coachie are up for another retail adventure:)

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Sunday Snapshot
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