Sibling Rivalry

April 30, 2008

Sibling rivalry at its best! Nick is in school all day so these two pal around and get into trouble together. Sarah tries to take Rudy's toys and bones and Rudy is constantly stealing stuffed animals and his favorite....Fisher Price Little People. Sarah has all of the cute Little People sets, minus the Little People. They have all ended up chewed into bits by Rudy.

I sware Mommy....I am not going to tease Rudy! We are both behaving perfectly!

As a Mom you learn to pick your battles. Here is one I can't win.......The Unorganized Spice Drawer. This is Sarah'e favorite spot in the house......whenever we turn around, she is in the spice drawer. Let's just say, no matter how many times I rearrage the spice rack, it is always a mess. (Those of you that know me well are already aware that I am touched with the OCD bug) I caught her in the act tonight!

Hey you.......give me that camera!

Deck Update: The deck looks like it just might come together in the next 7-10 days. After screaming, ranting, and raving, I think we finally got their attention. I think they get it now and understand why we were so upset. They say they will have it finished by next Friday.....anyone care to place a bet? We are waiting on a couple of decking boards and trim that they are saying should be in by the end of the week! Time will tell!

3 Words Sunday

April 27, 2008

Sarah decided to feed herself mashed potatoes the other night! I think there was more on the floor, than in her mouth, but she thoroughly enjoyed herself!

The nightmare project! This deck was supposed to be done weeks ago and it is still not finished. It has been a frustrating week of dealing with a deceitful contractor. He has a story for everything and we are done with him and his stories. We had to threaten that we were going to an attorney and The Better Business Bureau. The sad part is that the foreman is awesome and is so meticulous with everything that he does. We are waiting to hear back from the township inspector and hopefully this will be done in 2 weeks max! We have some parties to throw!

This was a rough week. In addition to dealing with a shady contractor, both the kids had strep throat. So that meant 2 trips to the pediatrician and to the drugstore for prescriptions. By Friday, I started coming down with a sore throat. Needless to say, most of the weekend has been spent in bed resting up. I hope this is a better week!

Spring Has Arrived!

April 21, 2008

The weather was gorgeous this weekend and we spent a good part of the weekend outdoors.

One of the down sides of being one of the first homes in a new development..... no other kids to play with on the weekends! It took some planning, but we arranged for Nick to stay busy with his friends from school and Sarah had some visitors too!

We were happy to dust off the grill after a long winter tucked away in our garage. Unfortunately, we were cooking on our driveway and not on the new deck!

We are in the middle of a deck project that was supposed to be finished the end of March but, it has been one thing after another and it is mid-April and it is still not finished. We finally have decking boards, but still no railings or steps. I am hoping that we have cleared all the hurdles thrown at us and we will be partying by Cinco de Mayo! I will get some pics of the project this week.

Here are some pictures from this week. Thanks for checking in with us:)

Sarah and her friend Camryn.
Five minutes before this picture was taken, they were fighting over this baby doll!

Nick and his friend David, playing Guitar Hero, while the girls were fighting over the baby doll!

Oh Boy......I see Elmo and Cookie Monster! Thanks for bringing me Daddy!

3 Words Sunday!

April 20, 2008

We survived Sesame Street Live!

More pictures and info to follow! It has been a hectic weekend and I have not had a lot of time! Check in later tonight!

A New Chef In The House!

April 16, 2008

Move over Nick, Mommy has a new helper in the kitchen!
Sarah is starting to show signs of watching to much Food Network.
She was so cute this morning, I had to grab the camera! If she is not into the pots and pans, it is the spice drawer. Pat calls her his Spice Girl. She is certainly spicy!
Tomorrow we have a big event planned for Sarah. Nick did not want to participate, so grandma is taking his spot. Hint, he is red and furry and every preschooler loves him!

First Soccer Game Of The Season!

April 13, 2008

Today was Nick's first game of the season. So much for the spring weather, it was freezing out there today. They lost their first game, but had a good time playing!
Sarah spent the entire game trying to run out on the field to play with her brother Nick! She was happy when he came off the field so she could play with him. Every time she saw him sitting on the sidelines she would run over to give him a hug. She certainly adores her big brother!

Here is my favorite picture of the day!

Autism Speaks!

April 12, 2008

Sarah is getting ready to walk!

Today, Sarah and I walked to support Autism. A friend has two boys, both diagnosed with different forms of Autism. I cannot believe how many families are dealing with this disease. Ten years ago, when I was pregnant with Nick, you never heard about Autism. Now, it is everywhere! It was unbelievable to see the people who were out to show their support.

We had a great morning with my friend Shelly and her two girls, Delaney and Mackenzie! I think I have two babysitters in the making!

Spring is finally here and we are all ready to put away the winter clothes!

Nick starts his spring soccer tomorrow, so I am sure we will have some more photos to post!

Enjoy your weekend!

First Post!

April 7, 2008

As you can see, we are on our way to adopt a baby from China. We started this process in December of 2005 and have been logged into China's system since May 12, 2006. I always thought that I would start my own blog as we got closer to referral, but as we all know the wait has gotten extremely long.
I have been following lots of blogs since we started this process and have shared a lot of joy watching other people find their children through adoption. My husband and I have one biological son and we recently adopted a little girl here in the US. We are truely blessed and can't wait to add to our growing family. We hope that you enjoy following our journey.
A couple of facts about me:
1. Love to shop!!! Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry and Clothes!
2. Cooking- Always have the Food Network on the TV, totally addicted!
3. Fitness Fanatic
4. Constantly Changing My Hair Cut and Color! I like to keep everyone guessing!