Spring Has Arrived!

April 21, 2008

The weather was gorgeous this weekend and we spent a good part of the weekend outdoors.

One of the down sides of being one of the first homes in a new development..... no other kids to play with on the weekends! It took some planning, but we arranged for Nick to stay busy with his friends from school and Sarah had some visitors too!

We were happy to dust off the grill after a long winter tucked away in our garage. Unfortunately, we were cooking on our driveway and not on the new deck!

We are in the middle of a deck project that was supposed to be finished the end of March but, it has been one thing after another and it is mid-April and it is still not finished. We finally have decking boards, but still no railings or steps. I am hoping that we have cleared all the hurdles thrown at us and we will be partying by Cinco de Mayo! I will get some pics of the project this week.

Here are some pictures from this week. Thanks for checking in with us:)

Sarah and her friend Camryn.
Five minutes before this picture was taken, they were fighting over this baby doll!

Nick and his friend David, playing Guitar Hero, while the girls were fighting over the baby doll!

Oh Boy......I see Elmo and Cookie Monster! Thanks for bringing me Daddy!

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