Apple Orchards and Pony Rides

September 21, 2009

Apple wm
Today we were going to go see "Cl@udy with a ch@nce of Me@tballs", but when we woke up and saw how beautiful it was outside, we decided a change of plans was in order. We went to our favorite apple orchard for some apple picking and pony rides!

Going in for the pickwm
Nick going in for his first pick. He thinks he can hide from the camera if he is wearing his shades!

First Bitewm
Sarah thought each apple needed to be taste tested:)

Waiting for the buswm
In a matter of minutes we had an entire box of Cortland Apples hand picked and ready to take home.

Funny Apples
While we were waiting for the bus to come pick us up and take us back to the farm stand, Nick pointed out these funny looking apples. Umm....I bet you can't guess what he thought they looked like:)

Happy As Can Be wm
From the minute we pulled up to the farm, Sarah could barely wait to ride a pony. She ended up riding the sweetest little guy.....his name was "Fat Jack". She was in heaven the minute she sat in the saddle....just look at the expression on her face.

Pony Ridewm
"Hey Mom, Can I Have A Pony For My Birthday"

One handed wm
By the last lap around the ring, Sarah was getting a little brave and had to show me she could let go with one hand:)

Under the Sun WM
I promised myself(and Nick)that today, I was going to let the kids be kids and get some "real life" photos, but I couldn't resist this close up shot of Sarah right after she mounted the pony. I loved her sweet expression and the way the sun was shining down on her hair!!

We had a really FUN day.....and we can't wait to go back in a couple weeks when they have a different variety of apples, also by then they will have pumpkins and a corn maze. In the meantime, we will be busy using up all those apples. I plan to make applesauce, apple pie, and maybe even apple bread.....YUMMY!!

Hope you all have a great week:)


Sharon said...

With that cute expression even I want to buy her a pony for her Bday! L picked apples yesterday too and I took the older kids to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It was good...nothing like the book, but good nonetheless.
I see ponies in your future. Think of all the great photo opts if you had a pony!

Sandra said...

I LOVE going to the apple orchard. It's such a fall thing to do ;-)

Great pictures, as usual!

Jodee said...

What a fun outing! Cute pictures! Yep -- I think Sarah definitely needs a pony! You should have enough room there! HA HA!

Hope you have a great week!

Love Letters To China said...

Oh how I wish it would get a wee bit cooler down south. I long for a chance to bring our kids to a pumpkin patch or apple orchid to pick apples.

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Love the pics of Sarah on the pony! Adorable...

Jo said...

It was a perfect autumn weekend here in Connecticut as well. We visited the cider mill but no pony rides :(

The photos of the children are lovely ~ Nick looks very cool in his shades!


a Tonggu Momma said...

If Jack is fat, then what does that make me?!?!!!!

Kim said...

Looks like you had a great day..
LOVE the photos..
Have a great week..
I LOVE apple butter.. remember my Grandparents always eating it..

3 Peanuts said...

Your "real Life" photos are beautiful too:) I have not take pictures in such a long time....

I have purposely been leaving my camera at home (soccer games, water park, etc) and just be there with the kids. I know my boys really appreciate that once in a while. And you know -mush to my surprise- I discovered that I do too. At first I thought about the shots I was missing but then there was a relief that I did not have t "get a shot" and I could simply have fun....

All that sad, it is time for me to get back into the swing because I am rusty now:)

Looks like a GORGEOUS day. It makes me miss living up north. We don't have apple orchards here:(

Shari said...

Beautiful pictures! The apples look yummy. And you MUST go see the movie - it's what Amelia wanted to do for her birthday and I think my mom and I enjoyed it as much or more than she did. (We didn't do the 3D one, as it was too late at night, but wish we would have!)

Alicia W. said...

What a fun trip for you guys. Fantastic location for pictures of your beautiful kids too.. Now.. I'm waiting on a apple recipe.. YUM!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Beautiful, I must agree that even your normal pictures are great!! I love the apple orchard pictures, and the processing too..looks like so much fun. I am hoping in a couple weeks to bring the girls to a pumpkin patch and get some great shots, but like you, need to just get some normal ones every once in a while:) Have a great week!
P.S. The apple bread sounds wonderful, could you send me the recipe if you get a chance..yummmm!!

Patricia said...

Looks like you all had a perfectly fun Fall weekend!! And as usual, BEAUTIFUL photos!!

Lisa said...

What a perfect fall day! Your photo's are beautiful!

Wanda said...

The last photo is really breathtaking!!

You've inspired me. We need to go apple picking soon too. And Cortlands are my all-time favs. I think it's going to be a beautiful fall.

Have a great week and enjoy that apple bread (and..umm...if you're so inclined, feel free to share that recipe.)

M3 said...

Sweet!! Ooo, ooo, can I have some apple bread, please?!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oh how fun! your pictures are gorgeous and the little ones are so cute=)!

Gail said...

Love all of these, especially the ones of Sarah on the pony and the last pretty of her!

We are fortunate to have quite a few apple orchards near us too...this is my favorite time of the year!


Michelle R Photography said...

What great photos of your fun day!! You are SO good. My poor apples would rot, but I know you'll use every single one in some yummy, gorgeous way. :)

Jboo said...

Gorgeous photos! Sarah does look so happy on that pony -- maybe Santa can bring her one! ;)

Hope you have a great week!


kerri said...

we picked apples on the weekend too, they are a beautiful crop this year.
Gorgeous photos(as always!!);)

Missy said...

I am sitting during planning period cracking up about what Nick thought the "apples" looked like. Am I the only immature one who thinks that kind of humor is hilarious??? :)
LOVE these pics, Lis! The smile on Sarah's face is priceless. What a gorgeous pair of kiddos you have! Love your processing.
Have a GREAT week!
Luv ya!

Courtney said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Sarah looks totally in love with that pony. What a gorgeous day!

Kayce said...

Looks like a fun day indeed! I love apples and making anything with them, but my favorite of all is just an apple with a bit of peanut butter! YUM!!

fleur de lis cottage said...

Looks like an awesome day of apple picking and pony riding. And what yummy treats you'll be making.

Oh, but be still my heart...that last photo of Sarah is seriously sweet!

Briana's Mom said...

Please send your beautiful sunny days down here! Please!!!! It is awful here - rain, flooding and more rain!

What a gorgeous fall day you had. Love the pictures - especially the ones of Sarah on the pony. Briana would have had the same expression on her face!

Denise said...

They are all wonderful, but that last one, wow! I enjoyed our chat today...I could have talked to you for hours! Thanks again for your help~

Casey said...

Such adorable kiddos!! Love their expressions!! I so miss living in upstate NY this time of year... perfect apple-picking. Looks like we are going to see a good apple pie recipe soon!! Bring it on!!

Marla said...

Not only do you take amazing pictures, but your post have amazing titles. You are my super hero.

I mentioned to Leslie our road trip, keep ya posted. :o)

Dita said...

Oh, what a fantastic day! I see Nick is just too cool with his shades on. His little plan didn't work 'cause there was NO WAY you couldn't get him in the shot looking so grown up and so darned cool!

Sarah on the horse is priceless. Young equestrian? I can completely see her in the outfit..International Velvet!

These kids are beyond gorgeous!

Miss you too, Babe!

Robin said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! Sarah has the biggest smile while riding that little pony... every little girl wants a pony... don't they :) Apple pie sounds yummy... with ice cream of course!

Shelly and Family said...

Oh Lisa what a great day! I can only imagince how much fun you all had! Hope all is well & call me when you get a chance...!

Sue said...

That first photo of Sarah on the pony is just the cutest!!!

Love her outfit too!

Sue : )

jenbusymom said...

I think you need to get a pony for that little princess of yours! She looks in heaven!

Nick looks so grown up his cool shades! Looks like a great day!

Unknown said...

Naji and Kaish took riding lessons this summer and just LOVED it! : ) I am glad she got to ride. She looks so sweet. Your pictures are perfect. Even the apple that looks like a behind : )

Sylvia said...

Sarah's outfit is darling!

Jennifer said...

Looks like an amazing day!!! I LOVE this time a year and all things Fall. Sarah looks adorable in that outfit!!!


Trina said...

Goodness your kids are gorgeous!

Ivy Shaffer said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! Do they have a pony my size LOL!

What a fun day, plus you were so productive with those apples. Good for you! Now hope you saved me some, I LOVE APPLE CAKE:))

Speaking of treadmills I would have to do laps around the airport landing strips to get rid of some major calories. But at least it would be worth it.

Hey, next post how about a low calorie delight?