Chenzhou - More Photos of Reagan

August 24, 2010

I wanted to quickly update you on some of what we found out about Reagan once we received her translated file.

I guess we were not prepared for all of the information that they provided. They did tell us her exact finding spot, including the street address. I am hoping that on our trip we will get to go there.(stay tuned for my next post where I will be giving you some of the new details surrounding our travel to China:)

In addition, they gave us a very detailed descripiton of everything she was wearing the day she was found and told us that she had a note in a red envelope. That is how they knew her birthday was November 23rd. She was only 10 days old when they found her and after the police were notified, she was immediately taken to the Chenzh@u CWI where she was cared for by the nannies.

She was named "Chen WenYi" Chen is short for Chenzh@ou, I believe all the babies in this CWI have the same surname. The CWI staff gave her the name "WenYi" hoping she would grow up to have knowledge and dreams, and will have a happy life.

They provided us some of the things she was doing at 1, 3, and 5 months of age.

According to the medical file we received, she was 7 months old when they ran the medical tests and measurements included in the file. At that time she was 25 inches long and weighed 14lbs. Just wondering if that was with or without 3 layers of clothes:)

Her developmental report seemed to be on track but again, just like her measurements, we won't know for sure until we have her in our arms and can see for ourselves what she can and can't do.

When we received Reagan's referral last monday and I read that she was from the Chenzh@u CWI in Hunan. I really had no recollection of this orphanage and couldn't recall any other families off the top of my head that had brought children home from Chenzh@u. Since this is the place she has been since 10 days old, I wanted to find out all I could about this particular orphanage.

Let's just say I have quickly been brought up to speed.

I am sure almost everyone feels this way, but the minute I saw her face and got the translated file telling me about her, I felt it was just not enough...... I wanted more information. I wanted to get my hands on anything I could that might be something I could start to collect as part of her lifebook.

As luck would have it, through the wonderful world of blogging, I received a few emails from other Chenzh@u families giving me some INCREDIBLE information.

The first thing I learned is that the Chenzh@u CWI is one of the orphanages run by Half The Sky . In addition they just built a new building that houses all of the children. I believe it was built sometime in 2008.

I have spent a good deal of my time emailing back and forth with a few people that were recently at the orphanage to visit. A few of them had older children that had been there as babies and they went on something called a Heritage Tour. I also was able to make contact with a group of ladies that went there as part of a mission trip in July and actually spent 3 or 4 days in the orphanage playing with the children and babies.

Low and behold..... LOOK WHAT WE FOUND........

Pictures of some of these lovely ladies holding our precious girl!!!

Reagan and Carissa - Mission Trip 710 BLOG
This is my favorite photo.... I love how she is sucking her two fingers..... I think she must do it often. Look below:)

Reagan and Megan Mission Trip 710 BLOG

Reagan (1 of 3)

Reagan and Megan in Nursery 710 BLOG

Needless to say, these photos are INVALUABLE to us and we cannot thank these girls enough.
They are priceless and will be treasured ALWAYS.

This group of ladies did such a wonderful thing. In looking through their photos, I was able to see first hand how much joy and happiness they brought to all the children of Chenzh@u. They spent a lot of time with the babies and the older children. They came prepared with bubbles, jump ropes, face paints, tutus, and arts and crafts. I am sure the children loved every minute of it......and it looked as though when their trip came to an end, the goodbyes were very difficult for all involved.

I have attached this video that someone was kind enough to forward to me. It was taken in March of 2009. You can get a good look at the inside of the facility..... and some of the children too. I have cried each time I have viewed it....... and cried once again, when I saw more than a few of the children that were in this video, in the recent pictures the girls took on their mission trip.
They are still there waiting.......and hoping to have a Forever Family.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and turn off my pop out player before you play the video.

UPDATE: I forgot to add this in this post..... when we found out what her Chinese name meant, we made a slight revision to the name we were going to give her "Reagan Elizabeth WenYi" We couldn't leave the Wen without the Yi:)


Kayce said...

What an incredible blessing of information about your girl! And the pictures and video are beyond priceless. I'm overwhelmed with happiness for you guys!! :)

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what a blessing to have this information and photos and to see your sweet baby being loved on! I know it makes your heart about to burst. Have heard that the Half the Sky orphanages are the best. Waiting to go to her is hard, isn't it. Hang in there -- soon, she'll be in your arms!


Love Letters To China said...

Okay... I'm crying like a baby after watching this video. I'm so happy for you to have this priceless information for you and your daughter. I so wish I had something like this for my little boy.

Your little girl is adorable. She is just so sweet. I just can't wait until she is in your arms all cozy and secure. It won't be long now...


Melanie said...

Oh!! That's great you were able to find such wonderful information! By the pictures we can see that Reagan likes to suck her index and middle finger (?) =)

Donna said...

What a treasure you've found! So precious to see how Reagan comforts herself. I can't wait to see her smile in your arms!!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Sandra said...

How wonderful to have so much information on your girl!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Oh my goodness!! What awesome information you have...I can't wait to see more.
That is one of my life long dreams is to go over there on a missions trip, I feel it would change my life just seeing the joy it would bring to others. So happy for you guys and can't wait to view the video when I get home from work. Getting closer!!

LaLa said...

That is incredible. I am so happy you have these photos and the knowledge she is being loved on.

Noticed she sucks the same two fingers Annslee did : )

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

that is so awesome! I felt the same way, once we got a tiny info I wanted more and more. Since we were able to go on a visit trip when she was 3 months and meet the fosterfamily as well I ws able to get video's of her and pictures, adn oh how amazing that was.

LivingSimply, SimplyLiving said...

What a gift from God to have received more info when that was what you so very badly desired.
She is beautiful..and I am so very much enjoying going on this journey with your family.
Looking forward to more pics:)

Launa said...

Just incredible Lisa, I can't help but get choked up when I see these photos and hear the story. I Just hope things get moving for you and she is home with her new loving family soon! You just want to wrap your arms around each and every one of these children.......I can't imagine going there like these ladies did, and then having to say goodbye. They did a special thing indeed! Many Blessings, and I'm looking forward to your updates!

<3 Launa

Marla said...

I just love your sweet baby already!! Those little fingers in her mouth make me smile every. single. time. Hang on pretty girl, we're coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

And forget what I said about not picking up the babies when I'm there, I'm holding as many as I can get my hands on!! Haha!! I'll bawl when I put them down, but it will be worth it to snuggle those sweet angels.

Come on Travel Approval!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Oh wow... that's just amazing! I can't believe what a small world the blogging community can be!!

Kim said...

What a gift!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

What an incredible gift to have these photos!!!!!! I am so happy for you:)

Dawn said...

These pictures are so special...isn't the internet an amazing tool??!! I LOVE that you added "Yi" to her really makes it special! xoxo

alicia said...

Very sweet photos. Thanks for sharing your story.

Lindy said...

Oh, what a beautiful little snuggle-bug. I bet you can't wait to hold her. I can't wait to see her smile in your arms.

Wanda said...

Oh, what an amazing gift. These pictures and video will be so precious the older sweet Reagan gets. What a treasure.

You will likely be staying in Changsha when you receive her. This is where we were for Dahlia. (Her round eyes remind me of Dahlia a bit too.)

Loving all these details, Lisa. I know you are too!!


Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

I know exactly the way you were feeling. When I received our referral for our daughter it was so vague. I knew there had to be more to her little life than what was portrayed on only a few pieces of paper. I searched every yahoo group imaginable and numerous blogs. I too found a few more pieces of my daughter's life puzzle. But you truly struck gold. You are so very blessed to have found such invaluable photo's. And the video as well...I still have tears in my eyes. I am so very happy for your family and cannot wait to see Gotcha Day photos...when you are finally holding your miracle in your arms.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

From her name's (Wen Yi) pronunciation , I think/guess her name means "graceful".

Patricia said...

What a wonderful gift to have these photos & information!!!! This is truly a treasure for your little girl to have!

Isn't it amazing how so many people are connected to your little girl? The faces of these young women holding Reagan just struck don't know them, they don't know you, yet, here they are holding & loving on your girl!!! AMAZING!!!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Lisa! I am so EXCITED for yoU!!!


Deb said...

What an incredible gift to receive these photos of Reagan! They are absolutely precious. I too, cried when I watched this video Lisa! One cannot cannot adopt from China without feeling that incredible bond....a big part of our hearts will always remain there! In recent photos of Kate's SWI, there is no shortage of breaks my heart!

Praying for a quick TA so you can bring your sweet little girl home soon! :):):):)

Rebekah said...

What a wonderful gift to have extra pictures of Reagan. We cherish all the "extras" we received when we adopted our son.
Many blessings as you prepare to travel and bring Reagan home.

These Are The Days said...

Those are great photos to have. I'm so happy for you!! I wish I'd taken a picture of the sweet nurses that took care of brain just wasn't thinking.

Mandi said...

She is So beautiful. What a treasured gift to have received those pictures. Someday those are going to be very special to her.

I love that you are including her entire Chinese name. Can't wait to hear more about when you will travel. Are you taking Nick or Sarah with you???

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness Lisa these are just adorable! What a special special gift! Did you receive a copy of the note that was left with her? Make sure you get one if you did not. A note was left with Faith and we received it when in China with translation.
She is just the cutest!!!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

I am just thrilled for you and she looks beautiful and I'm just so glad that she seems to be so well taken care of. When will you get her?

t~ said...

What a beautiful blessing to have these extra photos! Something to be treasured forever~

I know that little crooked eyebrow look as well, I can't wait for her to feel safe & secure in your loving family.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Lisa. My heart is breaking for the children without forever families. She is so beautiful. I am so glad you get to be her Mommy!

Keisha said...

Oh Sweet HEAVEN!!! I know this was like a special gift! She is so adorable!!!!!!!
Blessings Lisa!!

Praising the LORD!

Denise said...

So excited for you to have gotten so much info...I should NOT have watched the again stirs a desire in me to go back to China~
Hope you are feeling better!

Bridget said...

Oh Lisa how exciting to get these additional photos!! She is just beautiful and I love how she sucks her two little fingers. She looks happy in the pictures. I can't wait for her to be in your arms and then she will know what true happiness is!! Thank you for sharing the video -needless to say it brought a tear to my eye! Hope your feet haven't touched the ground yet!


Mimi said...

Lisa, she is just beautiful!
It is heartbreaking that she was abandoned- I'm assuming that's what happened.
Love the first one of her sucking the two fingers. But I think she looks sad in the second one, like she knows she's missing something (and that something is your/her family).
Reagan is one very, very lucky girl, she'll soon be enveloped in the love and warmth of a wonderful family. Soon.

paige said...

oh my goodness, sucking those two fingers...could you eat her up!!!!!
what priceless photos of her being loved on.
thank you for keeping us posted!

Gail said...

I love the 3rd picture can almost see the hint of a smile!
She's a precious little girl. And a snuggler you can tell. :)
Love 'Wenli' added, sounds so pretty.

And I watched the video again, thinking I wouldn't cry and of course I did. Now I REALLY want to adopt again!!!!!!

Hope you're feeling better today Lisa.



Ewa said...

How great that you could get all that information and photos on your little girl, so happy for you and I love the name you gave her
I'm your new follower,

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your referral! We received photos from missionaries that went to our daughter's orphanage. I couldn't have been more thrilled. It has meant so much to receive those photos from hear early months in her first home.

Shari said...

WenLi is beautiful. Amelia treasures her Chinese name and even wishes I would have left the orphanage name on it...she's only 5 so that may change.

I am so happy that she is being cared for in a Half The Sky orphanage. I have been supporting them as much as I can for the last 5 years and you are the first family I will "know" with a Child from one of their centers.

My niece went on a mission trip to Venezuela in June to volunteer at a children's home and I can tell you how much she loves and misses the girls there - your little Reagan - she was LOVED and is loved.

You are all very blessed!

Virginia said...

What priceless pictures and information! She is so beautiful, and she looks like a real sweetheart. I know what you mean about wanting every scrap of information you can find about your girl. You want to know ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING there is to know about her. I still scour the internet from time to time for any new information about the orphanage Kerry was in for 15 months. Can't wait to hear all about your TRAVEL plans. Exciting stuff! And WenYi is a beautiful name. =)

Kim said...

What amazing information and pictures of your baby girl..
Have a great week.
can't wait to read more and can't wait to see her in your arms..
love ya..

Sharon said...

Oh Lisa! She is so, so beautiful. Congratulations. Amazing, I have no words.

Do you know that the second young lady down is Megan, sister to Mei lyn and Miyah,(and Matt) daughter to Cindy from Afamilyisforever???

Sharon said...

Here is her blogspot (just in case you are not already in touch)...She is not posting anymore but sees the comments...And you can see pics of their journey

Kim said...

Truly amazing! The internet truly makes the world seem smaller. Your little girl is so sweet and I love her name!

Jodee said...

How exciting to get these pictures! You must be over the moon! She is absolutely adorable!

Cindy said...

Yay! You found pictures of your little one from the VO trip. As Sharon has said, that is my girl, Megan, holding your Reagan (2nd, 3rd, and 4th pictures)! I'm so glad she was able to love on your sweet girl that week. I told her to pray over each of those little ones and specifically for their forever families to find them more prayer answered! We are so excited for you! And beyond thrilled that one more child has a family. Cindy

Mysty and Anthony said...

I have to tell you that we too have a Spicy girl from Chenzhou, Hunan orphanage! To tell you our lives wouldn't be the same is NOT an exageration! She is the most incredible girl! Gorgeous, most intelligent, hilarious little girl!!! Our Olivia (Chen Li Jian) was born Nov 20, 2006..almost exactly 3 yrs apart from your Reagan!! I was VERY pleased with her care. She was a little dehydrated when we held her on Gotcha day, but they come on a bus and it's a 4.5 hr drive, so she was hungry also (Might want to have those "melties" from Walmart handy. We went directly to the store and bought diapers (we brought some but she needed size 2 bc she only weighed 16 pds and was 9 mths. So I used none of my diapers and the formula we brought we had to ease her into it! I can tell you as much as I know about what to bring (that I didn't but found helpful) if you would like. My email is
I also wrote you about your photo class online, so when I saw that you had a Chenzhou girl, I couldn't believe it!! I was so excited.
If you need anything, just let me know. YOu can see the beginning of our journey (haven't updated in a while but the first of the adoption is on there with pics) it's at Congrats on your little girl! It's a amazing journey that you will never forget and will not ever want to!!!!
LOVE your site and LOVE your pics!!!

ellieshine said...

Oh how special! You are so blessed to have found photos of and info. about your sweet Reagan! To see her being held is just so incredible! I know I would treasure a photo of either of my little ones being loved on by someone, anyone.

xo ellie

Catherine said...

I'm absolutely thrilled for you that you have received these precious gifts of pictures and a video!! There is something inside us that longs for as much information as we can possibly get for our children and it doesn't change once they're home. You'll still find yourself searching, emailing and so much more. The more pieces to the puzzle we can get, the better.

What a beautiful daughter you have Lisa! SOOO happy for you! Excited to hear what you have learned about your upcoming travels!

runninggal said...

What a wonderful set of gifts you have been given this past week! I am so happy for you. I can't wait to read all about the travel and when she gets home. God bless!

JMCS said...


What an absolute blessing to receive these pictures of Reagan. She looks like she is doing well taken care of and healthy. What a doll she is. The internet is amazing isn't it? Love her sucking her fingers. I used to suck the same two when I was a baby. :)


Tina said...

I just wanted you to know that while I was watching this video... from the very beginning to the very end my little Emily was mesmerized

It's almost like she knows something we don't.

hm said...

Hi Lisa,
Congratulations on your referral. Your munchkin is soooo adorable. Your sight is beautiful as is your photography. First let me tell you I am a friend of the beautiful and talented Wanda. She is my buddy and partner in crime!!! We got our first girls together in Changsha and I was blessed with a second Hunan beauty last year. Get ready girl, everything you have heard and will hear about the Hunan babies is true...SPICY!!!

If you want any info ask Wanda for my email and contact me. My husband and I were able to upgrade our room to a suite at the Sun City Hotel for 100 US dollars for the whole week. I'll give you the details.

Enjoy every moment there is nothing like it!!!

Your family is so beautiful and is about to become that even more.



Unknown said...

Oh Lisa... she is beautiful! praying that things move ahead fast! SO excited for you!

Casey said...

Oh my. Those photos are priceless. And it is so nice to see the love.

I am so happy she will know she has an envelope sent from her birthparents. That will mean the world to her as she searches for answers when she is older. I SO wish we had even the tiniest bit of info like that for Em. It's just wonderful.

I'm so, so happy for you!! She's a doll!

jennifer said...

How wonderful to have all those pictures and the video too! I received a video from a mom who traveled to Wesleigh's orphanage before me. It was such a gift and I cried every time I watched it. Seeing all those babies just waiting is hard to swallow.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Blessings for you and your loving family.