Anyone Else . . . .

January 21, 2011

Anyone Bored BLOG IT
Totally Bored and Sick and Tired of Old Man Winter?

R is for Reagan BLOG IT
Yep.... We are too!!

Two snow days in one week and it looks like we are going to get another blast in a few days. At this rate, Nick will be going to school until the fourth of July!

Winter is starting to get on my nerves. I could use a little warmth and sunshine to brighten my mood. Not to mention that I would do anything to spend some time outdoors without having to bundle up in a heavy winter coat, snow boots, a hat, scarf, and gloves!

How many more days until Spring?

Yeah, that is what I thought.... still a long way to go!

Hopefully we can find something fun to do this weekend and stay warm in the process because cabin fever is setting in.

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend~


These Are The Days said...

Sorry it's so flippin' cold there! Now I feel bad for complaining about the temp this morning. Soph had to wear shoes when we took the boys to school (gasp!). Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your new lovey dove!

likeschocolate said...

I hear you! My children were out of school for a whole week because of a layer of ice that covered the streets here in Georgia. Thankfully they went back to school on Tuesday and thankfully the sun came out today. The grey days were starting to get to me. Hope you find something fun to do this weekend.

paige said...

as much as i love a cozy day at home in my jammies, dark blustery wintery days can old , really fast!
did i tell you that school was out for a WEEK for snow & ice (last week).
oh my word!
some of my friends didn't get mail all week
oh...& the trash didn't come either.
yuck indeed!
however, come august when the heat index is over 100, i might just take one of these days back again :)

ps-thank you for all your kind words & encouragement about the photoblog. i think you are awesome!

ellieshine said...


We just had a week off school - so I hear ya! It is nice here now so we are enjoying it before snow is expected again on Sunday.

I never get tired of your gorgeous photos of your gorgeous girl!!! precious! I love the pink flower!

I hope you get out and have some fun this weekend!

xo ellie

Tara said...

the only part I still like is the cozy nights and the yummy food that seems to go along with it. Big bulky sweaters that hide all that yummy food. As for the rest, I'm done too!

Rosie Grey said...

Same here, sigh...! Wonderful photos, Lisa! Have a great weekend!

Love Letters To China said...

Wish you could come down and visit with us. Definitely not feeling any winter blues around here. Hope you're able to find something fun to do indoors this weekend. I know when we have our endless days of rain during the summer, we feel the same exact way.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

You know I'm feeling the same way - sigh! 6 degrees tonight - YUCK! I have to go out in this too...pray I don't turn into a human popsicle. LOL!!!!

Hugs and much love! Your girl is enough to make any cold day warm! Love her!

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness! You are not even kidding, and I'm in ALABAMA!!! We already have 5 snow days to make up, so I'm going until June 3rd. Not. Happy. About. That! Plus, I feel like my 365 is REALLY BORING so far. My husband is constantly finding me aiming my camera at very strange things and asking, "Wow Brooke. Are you really taking a picture of THAT?"

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

You are SO welcome to come down to GA and have one of those fabulous photo workshops~ I'll host you here in the not so cold really... we had a 65 degree day this week. LOVE Reagan's precious little face.
Blessings and stay warm!!!

Dita said...

DITTO!!!!!!!!! Funny, JR just mentioned that we might need to get a Furey fix soon...yep, JR said that!

I think we need to pick a nice fun meet up for the 9 of us...whaddya say?!



I could eat that precious baby RIGHT up!!

Aleasing said...

Thanks for a "Sunny Bright Spot" in a cold and cloudy day ^_^

Beautiful Picture!!!

snekcip said... that means you will have plenty time to snap more pics of that precious baby then!! Bring on the SNOW DAYS!

Just kidding....sending warmth your way, we are a "balmy" 37degrees here in Southeast Texas! I see you starting to thaw out!! Hey you "thaw out" well! :0)

Charmaine Poulin said...

LOL!!! I live in Alberta, Canada & we were just hit with almost a meter (close to a yard) of snow in 10 days!!! It might be more snow than we had all last year! So I'm with you.....I'd be ok if old man winter just went away!

Beautiful photos of your little miss, by the way!

jennifer said...

I'm right there with ya and it doesn't even snow here! I was looking at our beach pictures lately and longing to be there. Guess we just have to dream for now! Ughhh....

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I hear you Lisa. It is so cold here! Really cold!

I love these picture of your beautiful Miss Reagan.


PS. I would love to know how you decided on Reagan. It is very cute and it suits her!

Jodee said...

As you already know, we are in the same boat here. This winter is dragging on and on and on. I, too, am counting down the days until spring.

P.S. Little Miss R looks soooo cute in her personalized shirt! She looks fabulous in chocolate!

Kim said...

Have a great weekend...
Love the photos..

Laurie said...

At least you are stuck inside with a whole lot of cuteness!
I love the pictures and quotes in your last post.

Sammy said...

You have such beautiful pictures and kids and taste! : - )

Wanda said...

Ha...there's an echo on this blog. And it's deafening. Hope you find something fun to do this week-end. Dita's suggestion sounds like the perfect fix.

Adorable captures of Miss Reagan.

Stay warm (ie. hug a kid)!!


Steffie B. said...

We have cabin fever here too....yesterday our kids could not even go out for recess....sadly it won't be warm here for months we constantly have a challenge to find something to do on the find I hardly pick my camera up during these winter months which is so sad....I need to start being a little more creative.

Have a good weekend....

Sharon said...

57 days until Spring, I think, but who's counting?

Mimi said...

Oh i know, cabin fever does set in, doesn't it? we had all that before Christmas!
Now, it's just cold and frost and (don't shoot me!) I'd love a bit more snow, just a few days of it before spring jumps in!
beautiful photos of Reagan, funny to see the 2 fingers make an appearance! She can really carry off the strong colours.
have a lovely weekend, whatever you do!

3 Peanuts said...

I feel for you. We have had a cold winter for us (which os NOTHING like those PA winters I grew up with). I simply would loathe those cold long winters now. Stay warm. I posted a soup recipe this morning hat will warm you up:)

Mia_h_n said...

I absolutely love the chins and the look in her eyes in the first picture! :) Too cute.

(I won't mention my longing for more of the nasty, white, cold stuff. Where did it all go so soon?!)

jade said...

I'm sure you found the perfect activity for this weekend, am looking forward to reading all about it! Wish I could send you some sunshine, but the sun's been hiding from us too - and I'm not even a good photographer, so can't even make lovely pictures of my children in the meantime. Why not bake a cake and cookies and enjoy them after having gone out for, let's say, 10 minutes of snow fun?

Virginia said...

That baby girl is just ridiculously adorable! I remember the post where you were choosing bedding for her crib, and it's so sweet to see her in it. And, yes, I'm more than ready for Spring.

Gin =)

Cindy M said...

Oh, dear goodness, that photo of her wielding the chopsticks makes me howl! I would frame that in a second!!

JMCS said...

I completely agree! Go away Winter. :(