Favorite Photo Friday - "Messy But Fun"

December 16, 2011

placing sprinkles on the GB man blog
Last weekend we decided to change things up and instead of building a gingerbread house, we made gingerbread men. I made the dough for cut out cookies and baked them. Once they were cooled off, I let the girls decorate them.

OH MAN, did they have fun.
They made a huge mess, but it was worth it. Just look at the smiles on their faces.

Sprinkles and Icing  S&R BLOG

gb man making collage

gb man making collage2

I think I am going to start with his head BLOG
Of course Reagan was the first one to take a bite:)

They went a "tad" overboard with the icing and sprinkles and decided that their cookies did not taste quite as good as the ones Mommy made. I was not as heavy handed as they were!!

We never made it to see Santa, so that is on the list for this weekend!
Slowly but surely we are getting there. Cookies were baked, Christmas cards are done and out. Now I just need to finish shopping and wrapping. One more week to go...... I can't believe it!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Special thanks to my good friend Jodee who sent the girls these adorable "R" and "S" Christmas Shirts!!
They are so fun and festive....and totally cute. We love them.

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Unknown said...

ok that is total cuteness and sugar overload! ha! love it!

have a blessed weekend!
jill xoxo

Yvonne said...

Great photos& awesome idea! I absolutely adore those shirts ..they were the first thing that caught my eye :)

Sharon said...

These are so precious. Those gingerbread men are HUGE! Do you have the Jan Brett books, Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends? Beautiful books. Linhsey loves them!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

those shirts are so adorable. And, those girls doing the decorating are super cute. they have the best look on their little faces!


Love Letters To China said...

Love how you let them have fun decorating cookies all on their own. Every time I see a new picture of Reagan I'm so shocked at how big she looks.

So glad you're almost done with all the preparations. I know you've been so busy these past few days, weeks, months. Hope you'll be able to slow down and enjoy the next week.


jade said...

Just looking at your beautiful girls makes my day Lisa, thank you so much for sharing this!

paige said...

i love a girl that goes overboard with her icing!!
so cute!!

Jboo said...

As I always say, more icing = better cookie! The cuteness is in overload!

Have a great weekend.



Michelle R Photography said...

I just love your adorable girls!!! And they look like they are in training to be right at home in the kitchen - just like their mommy!!

BTW, your Christmas card was beautiful!!!


Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh my goodness- Lisa- what fun! Those smiles are so infectious!

Anonymous said...

I just love what you do with your girls. It reminds me of the great mothering of M3.

Lisa said...

So cute! We going to do it!

Gail said...

Oh what fun!!! Love their expressions as they're decorating....I think we may attempt this next week.

Those shirts are adorable. :)

Sounds like you are getting finished with all your Christmas prep, enjoy your weekend Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Aww. How fun. Sweet photos.

snekcip said...

I love the shirts!! They just bring out the photos even moreso!! I stopped by the local Walmart and picked up what I thought was a "gingerbread house". Bre was so excited to get it open, that I never notice it was actually a "gingerbread VILLAGE"! I mean like seriously!!!! It was like opening a box of legos!! It was pieces/parts everywhere! I surveyed the packaging to look for a disclaimer that said : This product was intended for the child(ren) of an architect, engineer or ROCKET SCIENTIST. Bre and I opted for "frosted and decorated walls" of the gingerbread "village"! 0_o

Honey Mommy said...

That looks like so much fun! My boys would LOVE it!

Mimi said...

Cute doesn't even begin to describe it! They're having a ball!
I wish they had those bags of icing here...maybe they do, I must visit the supermarket tomorrow and look! Usually I just use a spoon, but that bag looks very inviting, especially in red!
Love the S and R tops!

Diane said...

Looks like soooo much fun!! I think we will have try this this weekend:) LOVE the shirts!!

God Bless,

Kim said...

Total cuteness indeed. These photos bring back precious memories of decorating cookies with my little sister years ago!

Virginia said...

Goodness, those two are cute!! I love their shirts. Looks like a fun day. Cookies with lots and lots of icing and sprinkles are a favorite activity at our house, too.
Gin =)

Jodee said...

Holy cow! How did I miss this post?! The girls look soooo cute in their personalized shirts! It looks like they had loads of fun!

Hope you have a great Christmas! Cory is putting together the ping pong table as I write!