Highlights From Easter Sunday

April 11, 2012

First Photo Easter Morning BLOG
The girls did not wake up super early, but when they did wake up, they were super excited!
As they walked down the steps, they saw that the Easter Bunny left a trail of jelly beans for them.

Reagan Skipping Along the Trail of Jellybeans BLOG
The trail started at at the bottom of the staircase and took them right to their baskets. Sarah started running and Reagan.....well, she took her time and stopped to savor a few jelly beans along the way:)

Sarah with Candy In her Mouth BLOG
Once they reached their baskets, it was only a matter of minutes before they began taste testing their favorites. I am not sure Reagan remembered too much from last Easter, so she was watching and taking cues from Sarah. "Are they really going to let us eat this right now, we have not even had our breakfast?"

Hula Hooping Collage
From the kitchen table, there was one more trail that led them to our bar room where they found two hula hoops, 3D sidewalk chalk, and pavement paint! There were some loud screams followed by a lot of hip shaking..all while eating candy. Look closely, Reags has something green in her mouth.

HulaHoop Around the Ankles BLOG
The hula hoops were a big hit with both of the girls, even though they landed on the floor more often than they stayed around their waists!

Easter Egg Hunting Collage
Even though the sun was shining, it was not that warm.....and the wind, oh the wind!
We tried to hold off on the Easter Egg Hunt hoping it would warm up, but it didn't, so the girls just embraced the wind(hence the crazy hair in almost every photo) and combed the backyard in search of colorful eggs.

Let's Find Some Eggs BLOG
Reagan hit the ground running and was not going to let a little wind stop her, it was GAME ON!!

A little wind is not going to stop me BLOG
Sarah had her heart set on finding that "Golden Egg".....

Right there Reags Look for the Egg BLOG
but still helped to point her sister in the right direction of some of the eggs that were not in plain sight!

Counting their Eggs COLLAGE
It might have been the quickest egg hunt in history(because we were so cold)but that is okay, the girls could not wait to bring their baskets inside and count their money!

Nick with the girls on Easter BLOG
So many precious moments to remember from our Easter holiday, but I still think this my favorite!
Nick, at 14 years old, has outgrown a lot(like Easter Egg Hunts), but he will never be too old to stop and show his little sisters how much he loves them and if you can't tell, they both adore their big brother!


Diane said...

Precious memories! Precious children!!

Sharon said...

Gene did a private indoor egg hunt with L but definitely did not participate in the big outdoor one. I just love the excitement on Reagan's face running in the wind!

Unknown said...

Lisa, these are lovely. How fun that Sarah has someone to join her on egg hunts now since Nick has outgrown them. Thanks for sharing. Their smiles are so heartwarming!

likeschocolate said...

They are gorgeous! I love the idea of a jelly bean trail.

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

What a fun day and the dresses are gorgeous! LOVE the past photo too!!! Brothers are the best! XO

snekcip said...

Lisa these are the cutest pictures ever!!! Love the look on the girls faces and their dresses are adorable!!! I love the MASCULINE balance Nick gives your pictures!! He is such a handsome young man! I love that he STILL smiles in pictures! I can remember my sons at this age would either have their heads tilted to one side or look like a "deer caught in the headlights"! What is it with SOME BOYS?!!! Ha!!!

Love the "jelly bean trail" idea! It would NOT work in my house, because I have a schnauzer that LOVES...LOVES...LOVES sweets!! I had bought a choc bunny for Bre and left in the bag to stash in her basket later and do you know that crazy dog managed to maneuver that bag off the cabinet and eat the WHOLE bunny! After a sheer panicking moment and scouring the "net" for "CHOCOLATE being dangerous for dogs", I looked over at the VERY satisfied schnauzer and decided I should be "surfing the net" for HOW TO REMOVE CHOCOLATE off of a silver colored schnauzer's "beard"!! HA!! That dog was happier than a "tick on a dog's back"!! PUN INTENDED!!!

All that to say...the bunny DID NOT make the Easter basket this year, but that was fine...Bre participated in 5 "hunts"!! 1 at school, 2 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday!! She had more than ENOUGH sweets!! So much so, that most of it is STILL hidden (and kept very high) if not THROWN away (especially the BOILED EGGS)!!

*got your msg in regards to the BARNYARD PARTY pics-still gathering pics from family* I'm uploading them to flikr and will let you know when its completed* :)

Amy said...

Such a wonderful day!!! Love the jelly bean trail. My littles got Hula hoops too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great day. Hope you had TOO much fun!!

Susan said...

That Bunny was so smart to leave a trail of jelly beans! Such cute Easter dresses too! Looks like it was a wonderful day, wind and all!

Jaime said...

Love it Lisa! I am not even sure how you got photos of the Easter egg hunt . . my kiddos run like there is no tomorrow. LOL . . I also love that you allow your kids freedom on Easter to eat what they want . . I was reading something yesterday about what a bad parent this mom was because she let her kids have chocolate for Easter morning . . all I could do was laugh . . life is too short! Love the photos as always. Your kiddos have such a light about them that always makes me smile!

Catherine said...

What fun!!! Kids and Easter Egg hunts...wheee!!

Hannah received a hula hoop from the EB too! So far she'd much rather jump through it which is fun too.

Such beautiful kiddos!!

Teresa said...

Love all the pictures but the one of Nick and the girls is absolutely precious!!!!

Unknown said...

Love the story and photos LIsa...Your family is just too cute. And Reagan is growing like a weed.

Cropped Stories said...

That sounds like an exceptional Easter! The kids seem like they had a blast; and you always capture them beautifully! BTW: I have those same kitchen stools!

Gail said...

Those big smiles speak volumes about their Easter!! Love the hula hoops!! We have a couple of hula hoop lovers here too. ;)

I hope you're framing the last one of Nick and his 'girls'....just precious!


Jodee said...

It looks like you had a fabulous Easter! The girls look sooo cute in their matching PJs and dresses! I love the jelly bean trail too.

Hope you have a great week!

Virginia said...

Looks like you all had wonderful Easter. I love sleepy eyed girls in their matching PJs..and those dresses!! Great shots. And I love that Sarah was helping Reagan find eggs...so sweet.

Gin =)

Heather H. said...

Those two girls look SO HAPPY together. Oh, I'm sure they have their moments of disagreement, but I love seeing the bond between them (AND their big brother).

I noticed that despite the reported cold the girls are out barefoot. Is that some sort of tradition? Anyway, we received about 5 inches of snow on Easter day so I think we got ya' beat. ;)

Heather in northern Maine

mmdwhitten said...

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Unknown said...

SO Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Snazzy PJ's and Gorgeous dresses so much prettyness in this post!
Looks like a great Easter you guys had x x

Gina Kleinworth said...

What a glorious day Lisa!!!! Love love love these.