Favorite Photo Friday - "Tinkerbell and Rapunzel in the Studio Space"

November 8, 2012

rapunzel on the ladder3 BLOG
Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Halloween did not go exactly according to plan, but never fear, these two princesses definitely did not go without the sugary and chocolatey goodness that every child looks forward to.

Tink and Rapunzel BLOG
They both definitely had their fill....and then some:)

Princess Sisters BLOG
This year they both picked out their own costumes.

the disheveled princess BLOG
We actually ordered them online and when they saw all of the matching accessories pop up, they had to have them.

Princess Sarah BLOG
We ended up with light up shoes and crowns for both of them. A wand for Rapunzel and some wings for Tink.

Tink looking out the window BLOG
But as luck would have it.... Tink, was not a fan of her wings, crown, or her shoes.....she just wanted to wear her "pretty tutu".

Lensbaby Princess Crossed Arms BLOG
Rapunzel decided that she did not need her crown complete with long braid.
Besides, who needs a long braid for climbing, when you already have a ladder:)
(truth be told, she loved the crown, but it was huge on her and not very comfortable so she opted for her very favorite shabby flower compliments of Sophia Jane Boutique)

Tinkerbell Up Close BLOG
After the girls were dressed up, we jumped in the car and went over to the new studio space above the 2 Hip Chics boutique. It as really the first time I have shot in there and can I just tell you.....

vintage tink4 BLOG
I am in heaven with the gorgeous light and all of the old charm that fills the third floor space...oldistressed hardwood floors, Little doors and crawl spaces, old radiators and lots and lots of windows.

This space will certainly come in handy this winter when it is too cold to shoot outside. It is pretty empty and bare right now, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have been frequenting some antique dealers in my travels looking for some fun props that we could use up there...... so you might be seeing more of this light filled room and some of the antiques too:)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! It sounds like we might get a bit of a warm up here in the northeast..... it has been bone-chilling cold. If all the stars align, I might even get my Christmas Card photos done this weekend. Fingers Crossed....toes too!

the long road


Unknown said...

Sigh..... Gorgeousness!!!

Pride In Photos Beauty said...

Your studio looks so fabulous...just think of all the memories you will be creating for your family and others...how precious!

Anonymous said...

Sarah is absolutely gorgeous. A calm comes over me when I look at her photos. She is so beautiful.

M3 said...


Marla said...

Oh yummmm, these are just gorgeous. The one of them hugging with Reag's face all squished up is my fave, I need that one printed!!

Happy almost weekend!!!

Frogmum said...

Stunning as always ~ and I love your 'space' :D

Susan said...

Just Beautiful!!!!!

ellieshine said...

so. pretty.

xo ellie

Virginia said...

Georgous, georgeous, GEORGEOUS!!
Those two girlies of yours are so cute and so sweet together. And that space....sigh..

Gin =)

tiarastantrums said...

the studio looks and sounds awesome! I think I'm going to get going on Christmas card photos this weekend too!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my . . . and wow!

Pieni Lintu said...

So pretty!! Lovely outfits!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Seriously Gorgeous Lisa!!!!

patty said...

just LOVE these pictures... you are right, the background and light are perfect! and i love the subtle texture... oh, how you've opened a whole new door for me! :))

Tamar SB said...

That is beyond precious!! Love the old ladder - ads such a great touch to their costumes!

Love Letters To China said...

Those two girls of yours just keep getting cuter and cuter by the minute! I LOVE the lighting in your studio. I bet you're going to camp out there at some point and make sure you know exactly when the right time of day/night is for the perfect light.

Wish I was able to see you while I'm up in your neck of the woods. I'm renting a car. Hoping it's not as bad as all the news reports are saying about the traffic and lack of fuel.

Have a fabulous weekend Lisa!


Lori said...

These little ladies are so super cute!

Heather H. said...

Hi Lisa! You found some VERY nice costumes. Where online? I'm so happy to hear you love your new studio space. Have a great time with it! I wish we lived close enough to be a customer. ;) About the temps, yeah, our highs have been in the 30's the past few days. We have about an inch of snow this morning. Emmalyne keeps saying, "Yay, it's winter!" Dana did say we're supposed to hit 50 this weekend so he'll be able to get some more work done on our new shed! May I just say, "I HATE THE TIME CHANGE!!" I wish we either just stayed on standard time, and therefore were gradually introduced to it being dark at 4 o'clock, or we (as a state) were moved to Atlantic Time/perpetual Daylight Time so it would NEVER be dark at 4 PM. :( OK, enough of my whining. :) If I haven't said this before (and I probably haven't because I've been terrible at e-mail lately), I'm so glad you were not terribly affected by the storm! Take care and keep in touch! <3 Heather

Tiffany said...

Love the light in your new space..enjoy and have a great weekend.


Dita said...

Love the costumes and the colors against the starkness of the studio backdrop. The light in there is just dreamy and it showcases the beauty of your two little princesses....so perfectly.

I love watching these two enjoying these special moments of childhood.

Great shots...and that one of Sarah at the window...wow, one of my all-time favorites!


Sarah Halstead said...

WOW!!! These are amazing!!!

Honey Mommy said...

What a beautiful space! No wonder you love it. As always, you take gorgeous photos!

snekcip said...

OMG what a beautiful place for pictures!! I was OOOOOHHH and AWWWING wondering WHY you never used this area of "your home". I then saw at the bottom of the post it was in your studio. The girls costumes are just adorable!! LOVE THEM!!!

Amy said...

These pictures absolutely stunning! Out of curiosity, where do you get your photos printed?? I'm just wondering where the best place might be.

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

Congrats on your studio space. It looks like a dream!!! Loving all these photos and your girls in their costumes are so precious!

Unknown said...

Oh! I am loving this space so much! The lighting is absolutely perfect!! The girls, of course, are adorable in their costumes. So excited for the warmup this weekend! Just wishing it would stay for awhile! Enjoy your weekend.

CC said...

Gorgeous photos of your precious girls!!!!!