Bubbles, Bubbles... Everywhere!

February 11, 2013

Bubble Monsters Collage
Bubble bath after math BLOG
After cleaning up the mess in the kitchen yesterday, due to the serious damage we did making the delicious Asian Dumplings...
A few of our helpers needed to be cleaned up too!!

I was not planning to take pictures of them, but when I saw the bubbles starting to fly everywhere,
including up the big window.... I ran down for the camera.

The light was perfect and their expressions/reactions.....real and priceless.

After the New Year I shared with you that one of my goals was to start capturing more random everyday moments.
And honestly, along with that, I had made some other personal goals surrounding photography.
I spend so much of my time helping and teaching others, which I love and would not change for the world,
but this year I also want to spend a little time focusing on my own work...
Ya know, time to kick it up a notch or try to anyway.

Between now and then, I have been fortunate enough to join the ranks of the Clickin Moms Pros
and have started to participate in the CMPro Daily Project.
WOW, I am completely humbled by the talent that surrounds me over there.
Talk about an inspiring and talented group of women.

It is tough for me to take photos every single day because of my full time job, but I am trying to do it as frequently as possible.
Just thought I would prepare you.....as you will be seeing more random moments around here and
probably more frequent posts of whatever catches my eye on a daily(or almost daily)basis.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Lisa!! That's awesome!! looking forward to seeing more of your "random". :)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love seeing the random shots Lisa! You are truly an inspiration to me and I can't get enough of your gorgeous photographs!!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

I'm glad you are stretching yourself. Great shot.

Tara said...

Hi Lisa! I love seeing your 'everyday'... keep going girl! Also, congratulations of making those new goals for yourself too! It doesn't surprise me that you're a goal planner and it won't surprise me at all that you'll do it! (and we all benefit by seeing more happy blog posts... love em) Have a happy day Lisa!

Debbie said...

Loving your new concept of just "normalness" in your photos.....making me want to snap away more too!!!

Virginia said...

Wow, looks like they had some really bubbly fun! I need to catch the more random, every day "stuff" to document for later. We all know how fast time flies and how quickly they grow and change.

Gin =)

Marla said...

LOL @ those bubbles on the window, that is too funny! Obviously they were having a grand time!! Congrats on CM Pro, there are some awesome photographers there so of course, it's no surprise that they welcomed you with open arms! Can't wait to see more!!!

And can't wait to see you in just a matter of DAYS!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

Cyndi said...

These photos are so beautiful. I love how in the bottom photo, there's a sign that says, "Hotel Royale" haha - perfect!

patty said...

congratulations on your new designation, lisa! well deserved! they are in good company, too! ;)

just wanted to share with you photos i edited after our 1 hour session. i have found both classes that i took with you the most impressionable on MY work. so glad to have found you.

please stop by to see my most recent post and the photos. these were done in nov, but we had a busy winter! ;)


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