Favorite Photo Friday - "The Little Details"

April 18, 2013

YIKES!!! It has been one of those weeks and I have been going non stop.... no photos to share except the Instagram style, but I have good reason for not picking up the camera:) As I mentioned last week, a few ladies are coming to town for a fun photography weekend and I have been running around like a lunatic each night after work buttoning up all of the last minute details.

I can bet you there will be LOTS AND LOTS of photos to share next week as we will have our cameras strapped around our necks for two full days! For now, I will share a few glimpses of what the ladies will be in for.... not showing you what is inside the goodie bags just yet because I want them to be surprised!!!

If you want to follow our weekend, Instagram will most likely be blazing with photos of our adventures!
Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and a fabulous weekend!!


Shari said...

Now I'm dying at not being there! Have fun everyone. Can't wait to see the results!

amy said...

AHHHH!!! Everything looks amazing Lisa! Your jump drives turned out great and look at those bags...you have not missed a single detail! I just hope once we all arrive you can relish in your hard work and enjoy the weekend!

I'm off to finish packing and look forward to giving you a big hug when I see you at the airport! I read this today in my Jesus Calling..."peace is my continual gift to you. It flows abundantly from My throne of grace. I have designed you to need Me moment by moment. Praying for peace to cover every part of you this weekend :)) xoxo amy

likeschocolate said...

Can't wait to see everyone's photos!

patty said...

ooohhh... jealous! :))

hope you have a wonderful time... i'm sure it will be amazing! i've learned SO much from you... can't wait to see pics.

just to let you know, the linky isn't active until the 25th.. :)

Jeff said...

Can you guys use a hashtag so we can all follow your Instagram photos easily?


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


Our hashtag is going to be #framethisweekend
Thanks so much for sending your sweet wife!!! What a wonderful gift you have given her. I can't wait to meet her!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

4 Lettre Words said...

Have a fantastic time!

Tiffany said...

Have a great weekend!


Dita said...

Of COURSE you have every little detail covered...it wouldn't be a Lisa Weekend without! These ladies sure are in for a treat....I can't wait to follow as the weekend unfolds.

Enjoy every AMAZING moment!


Mary Gene Atwood said...

Looks like you pulled out all the stops! *sigh We will meet one day Lisa, mark my words.

Gina Kleinworth said...

It's all so beautiful- so exciting with all the things you have been putting together.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Unknown said...

how did i miss this?????? ugh!! i with i was coming!! I guess this weekend wouldn't have worked for me anyway as my sister is getting married, but boo. I need to know the next time you do this. i still would like to plan a day to come and shoot with you.

enjoy your weekend. looks like you've thought of every perfect detail! looking forward to seeing all the photos!

tiarastantrums said...

can I be your friend Miss Lisa?? Have fun!!

Unknown said...

Awesome. So cool!!

Unknown said...

Oooh so exciting!

Grammy Carol said...

OMGosh. I'm not sure what I'm reporting on here, however, I hope it's about your magnifico week-end with your compadres. Looking forward to your review.

Love, LOVE, the work you do; so wish I was a member of your inner-entourage, but maybe I will be down the line, once I buy a fancy camera.

Your girls are the most arresting subjects I've ever seen and I always look forward to your comments.

Huggies to you, Carol in Ottawa

...melody... said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! It is moments like this when I wished I lived in the US! :)