Sarah's New Summer Cut and Our Winner!

June 20, 2013

Summer Cut Collage 1
I have loved watching Sarah's hair grow so long, but it gets to the point where it becomes unmanageable...and we reached that point a few weeks ago. She will not let me do ponytails and as of late, she has been refusing hair clips. I can't stand seeing it hang in her face, so we made an appointment to go visit Enzo and decided on something much more manageable and cool for the summer!

Summer Cut Collage 3
We are loving her new angled bob!
It fits her face so well and now you can really see her pretty petite features:)
Her hair falls right into place without fuss....and the best part is no more tears in the morning due to tangles.

Since we did this, I have been tempted to go get a shorter cut for Reags.
At least she will do ponytails or braids and let me pull it out of her face.
I might have to sleep on that one a little while longer!

We are looking forward to a nice weekend.
I am taking off tomorrow, so 3 day weekend for me.
Hoping to take the girls to do something fun like the splash pad or mini golf...maybe both!

Before I wish everyone a HAPPY WEEKEND, I want to announce the lucky winner of the $250 Cardinal Camera Gift Card.
Accorading to
ScreenShot Random Org Winner
#18 is our WINNER!!!
Congratulations GGHadden!

I will send you an email to get your mailing address.
Looks like you will be doing some shopping soon:)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Cheryl said...

Sarah's haircut is so sweet! It seems to me that years ago Alexandra had a similar cut. It's so polished!!
The shots you took are beautiful. The sharpness of her eyes is perfect. I love it.

jennifer said...

Beautiful and love the new look.

Jodee said...

Love, love, love Sarah's new summer do. Kamree just got one too!

Enjoy your long weekend!

Unknown said...

Love this hair cut on Sarah! Perfect for her! So wishing I could convince a daughter of this easy do!!:)

Virginia said...

I love her new hair cut. Seriously cute on her. Beautiful shots, Lisa. Her eyes are amazing aren't they?!

Gin =)

GGHadden said...

Love that haircut, she certainly can rock a bob. After Mia's last hair ordeal with daddy's hairdresser I think it's going to be a very long time before we get another haircut.

YAY ME !!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to start shopping for my new camera/gear :)

likeschocolate said...

Beautiful, but don't cut Reag hair because she is just too adorable with the pony tails! When I think of Sarah I think more of her with short hair.

snekcip said...

Love that haircut on Sarah!!! It fits her perfectly!! While I do adore Sarah's, I think Reagan should rock those pigtails a bit longer!! I'm a tad nostalgic and love the "pigtail phase". Speaking from experience, I know the time will come when pigtails are far behind and "new styles" will be on the forefront of a young girls mind. HOLD ON to those times as long as possible! :) Wishing you a long restful weekend and CONGRATULATIONS TO GGHADEN

Gina Kleinworth said...

It looks so cute!!! I can relate on the hair hanging in their faces. My girls have hair to their waist & I'm constantly asking them to do something with it.

Hope you have a blessed weekend my friend.

Laurie said...

Sarah's haircut is simply adorable!! Love it!

And yay Gina! If it couldn't be me I'm glad it was you.

Unknown said...

I love her hair cut and her blue eyes are so beautiful. Love love love it.

Unknown said...


diane said...

What an awesome haircut and such a lovely face!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend with the girls :-D

Ivy Shaffer said...

Your girl is as lovely as ever. I can't believe how both are growing so fast. Great hair dew!
Awesome photos too Lisa. Gosh my camera has so much dust on it I have to take it in for a cleaning lol.

Happy weekend!

...melody... said...

Awesome haircut! I love it! :)