Favorite Photo Friday - "For the Love of Blueberries"

July 25, 2013

Since Reagan missed out on the trip to pick Raspberries, I promised her we would go back when blueberries were ripe and ready for picking.
Last Saturday, despite the oppressive heat and humidity, we ventured out there to pick one box full.
Ate her weight in Blueberries 1
Someone just about ate her weight in blueberries in the hour we were out in that field.
I kept telling her to put them in the box, but every time I turned around, her little hands were in her mouth:)
Ate her weight in Blueberries 2
Sweet Sarah was working double time to try to get that box filled.
Everyone that walked past us laughed as they saw those puffed up cheeks on Reags.
There was no hiding what she was up to.
Eventually with a full box of berries, and a full belly, we decided we were D O N E and it was time to cool off.
We dropped the berries off at home and hit the swimming pool!!

I knew REAGS ate a lot while we were out there, but when I saw almost every photo with her hands in or near her mouth, I was hysterical.
She is just like her Momma..... it is all about the food!!

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I am trying to catch up on a few things, so I am posting early!!

Have a Terrific Thursday and a wonderful weekend!
This summer is flying by.... our beach trip is not until the end of August.
We are counting the days!!!


Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

These are beautiful! Some of my favorite summer memories are picking blueberries with my girls. I'm trying to convince my daughter to go with me today. It's unseasonably cool and it's always so hot when we pick!

Karlie said...

love these photos. you're reminding me that I need to send my kiddos out to the blueberry bush out front and pick the berries.

Unknown said...

oops that last comment from Karlie was really me..did not know my girl was signed in. LOL

amy said...

Love the priceless faces you captured of your blueberry princess!!! Lils would be right there with her enjoying every bite. These are beautiful and I love their Sanguinetti dresses!!! Always love your storytelling photos with all the details that make you feel like you were right there...they both look so grown up and I love Reagan's little piggies! Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo amy

Love Letters To China said...

My word Lisa... Reagan has grown tremendously over the summer. Cannot believe it!! She is so precious. Love the fact she is a foodie like her momma.

These are so cute! Love her facial expressions.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Marla said...

Love, love, love!! Reag's face is priceless, you can tell she was LOVING those blueberries. Love their dresses!! So light and flowy looking.

Happy almost weekend!!

Anonymous said...

These photos are incredible!

TanyaLea said...

As always, your photography takes my breath away! What a treasure you are creating for your family to look back upon one day. I only WISH I had photos like this of my own childhood days!!

Your girls are sure growing up ...Reagan is getting so tall!♥

Anna said...

I just can't get enough of the photos and clothing choice. ( we didn't go picking this year, my little one doesn't sweat and I couldn't bear to leave her with a sitter. Frown) the berries are so yummy straight off the tree!

Amy said...

These pictures are amazing as always! Your girls are just so adorable.

4 Lettre Words said...

So precious...and I hope you and Sarah are feeling a bit better now. XO!

tiarastantrums said...

too adorable! I totally missed the season here in the midwest! My kids LOVE to pick the berries, but they do not like to eat them!

Debbie said...

Oh what a girl!!!!!

Reagan is growing up too quickly, Lisa....MUST SLOW DOWN!

patty said...

we had blueberry shrubs in my backyard when i was growing up. they are all gone now, but the memories of picking them every summer seem so fresh. looks like a lovely time!

Gina Kleinworth said...

As always- so beautiful!!! We need to go back to the farms & do some picking ourselves.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Unknown said...

So cute, have a beautiful weekend too!

Serendipityissweet said...

Gorgeous photos and I adore their dresses! I always ate my weight in berries when picking too ;) Reminds me of one of my favorite books, Blueberries for Sal.

Thinking of you and your family Lisa. I hope you get some good news from the doctors this week!!



Patrice said...

Our blueberries are producing like gangbusters!

...melody... said...

These are just too sweet! What wonderful memories your girls will have when they get older! :)

Mimi said...

Aww! bless her little heart!
I love her outfit, so delicate and looks like the perfect gear for hot days.
The blueberry bushes put mine to shame! I must look for a spot in the ground for them...they are not thriving in pots!
Hope you're fully recovered Lisa!