Surfer Girl

August 29, 2013

"Enjoy Life One Wave At A Time"

Well, we returned from Cape Cod last weekend and reality smacked us in the face.
This is our last week before school starts and the "to do" list was endless, but we are officially ready now.
All uniforms and clothes have been purchased and laundered and all of the supplies are labeled and neatly packed in backpacks.
On Tuesday morning, all of the kids will head back to school..... three different schools, so back to the crazy morning routine!

Unfortunately I have had zero time to play with my photos.
I have not even looked at them since we left the beach.
It was certainly fun having time to edit each morning before we went to the beach.
Those that follow me on facebook were getting daily sneak previews of some of our adventures.
This was a series I shared on facebook, but wanted to have it documented here as well.

Pat's Dad bought the girls boogie boards and they were hooked (no pun intended) the minute they strapped them onto their wrists.
Reagan would not leave the water. She wanted to paddle around on that board all day, every day!
I snapped these one afternoon in the bright sun.
I love the way the water glistened in the light.
A few of you have asked questions about how I shot on the beach during the day in harsh light.
Most of the time I shot a little underexposed so I did not lose the details of the water and then I brought back the exposure in my post processing. If you have any other questions, I am happy to answer!

I am posting early again this week, so feel free to link up when ready.
There are just a few more days of summer and I am going for a quick trip to visit one of my BFF's who happens to live in Texas.
Bet you can't guess who?

Next week after I return home, I will post photos of the other surfer girl :)
She met some friends on the beach that day and they were all boogie boarding together.
In other news... Sarah's cast was removed this week!
After 5 weeks, she is cast-free.... just in time for school.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Labor Day!
I will continue with the beach photos next week:)


Cheryl said...

Wonderful!!! No other words... Just wonderful!

Michelle said...

Your photography just gets better and better. I love these!!!

Nicky @ Awesomeville said...

gorgeous shots! Love the colours and light, and she is just too cool on her board!

Kim Stevens said...

Just beautiful, love, love that first shot! And I know what you mean, I went to Chicago weeks ago to visit my mom and meet up with some of the women from my collaborative blog (so fun) and am just now sitting down trying to look through them!

Mimi said...

Oh wow Lisa, these are just stunning! The first one has so many lovely qualities in it!
these also brought back very happy memories for me of my kids boogieboarding in West Cork, and yes, they want to stay in the water ALL day!!

Jboo said...

Love these!! The beach is my happy place -- weird since I am landlocked in Nebraska! :) Going to the Jersey shore while the hubs was in law school in Phila got me hooked!!

Have fun in TX!!!

likeschocolate said...

Have fun with Marla!

Tiffany said...

Have a great weekend!


Ewa said...

Just fantastic captures!! Your beach holiday must have been a blast!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Looks like it was a wonderful trip Lisa- hope you find time to breathe here over the weekend.

Hugs my friend!

Amy said...

What beautiful photos! I don't know how you decide what photos to display, they are just all so good!

Unknown said...

Great captures, you made a lovely series on Instagram. Enjoy your visit to TX!

...melody... said...

These are just lovely! Love her cute little swim suit as well!

JinXiu said...

the girls are growing up so fast

Kris @ beyond the whiskers said...

Thank you the tip for under exposing the shots. I did find myself wondering...but would have never thought to ask. Love the close ups.