Sunday 6:30am

December 8, 2013

Ella Adventures 2 Collage
It has taken us a few years to get on the bandwagon, but this Thanksgiving, Ella, our Elf on the Shelf finally arrived.
Ella has been one mischievous little elf.
So far, she has toilet papered a bathroom, redi whipped our kitchen, decorated a chandelier, partied with Barbie and Minnie Mouse, helped herself to a stack of pancakes with syrup and lots of confectioners sugar, had a little run in with a tube of crest toothpaste, and took a swim in a big bowl of M&M's. I am sure she has more than a few more tricks up her sleeve :)

I could kick myself for not taking pictures each day, because the girls have enjoyed it so much and it would be great to look back on when they are older. It is just time consuming and hard enough to keep up each night, let alone photograph them in the morning before I rush off to work, but I might need to make this a goal for next year.

Since I did not have to hurry out the door this morning, I decided this would be a good one to try to document. Reagan is my early riser on the weekends, so she was the first one to find Ella and her note!! Apparently she likes it a little chilly to remind her of home, so she decided to hang out in the refrigerator clutching a Christmas Tree made of Hershey Kisses. Even though the girls will not touch the elf (they are big believers in the story and they are scared to touch or move her), something tells me that Ella does not have a tight enough grip to hold onto those kisses for herself :)

Ni Hao Yall
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Diane said...

Ooooooooh soooooo cute!! Our first year too:))) LOVE the b&w shots with the refrigerator light....amazing!!!

God Bless,

Unknown said...

Aww, this is so cute! <3 :)

Maureen said...

Such a great photo! Thanks for the cute idea of putting the elf in the fridge-- stealing it tonight! Any other photos of your elf's antics would be greatly appreciated by moms like me who are not nearly as creative!! Happy Sunday.

Macladie said...

I love all this elf stuff that goes on. It is funny but on Fridays I have a few elves behind my desk at work that get picked up by different parents because of split homes and you know the elf must travel.

Jodee said...

What a silly elf! Love these pictures! We don't have one but should have gotten one this year. Maybe next year!

likeschocolate said...


molly said...

This is such a cool idea. I think mine are too old to be fooled by this now though