Strawberries, Rolling Hills, and Rain Boots

June 30, 2014

Grim Straw Collage 1

Grim Straw Collage 2

Grim Straw Collage 5

Grim Straw Collage 3

Grim Straw Collage 4

We checked out a new strawberry picking patch on Friday afternoon!
Reags was still at school, so it was just a special trip for Sarah and me.
This is the farm where we go for our pumpkins every fall, it is just up the road from our home.
They have never done strawberries before, it was their first strawberry picking season and I have to say, I was quite impressed.
It was so gorgeous up there on the hill.... just a little too hot.
We did not last too long in thew beating sun, but we picked a few pints to bring home. Reagan was a happy camper when she saw the fruits of our labor. She is a berry loving little lady :)

It was a busy weekend here.... shopping, sleepovers, bday celebrations, pool time, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and bike riding.
You name it, we did it!! For those adventures, you will have to see instgram as my iPhone has become my go to camera for our day to day.

Have a great week everyone!


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Sarah is getting so big! One would hardly recognize her! WoW! Did you blur these in camera or in photoshop?

Mimi said...

Fab photos Lisa! I love the "swish" effect in them, such a lovely sense of movement (and fun!).

Macladie said...

Lovely as always. Beautiful children in strawberry patches. I have to say the east coast is lush and green and our west coast is dry and brown. We need water desperately. We do have some strawberry fields and beautiful children. I'm going down the coast next week so I hope I see some better places for photos.

snekcip said...

Lisa I love the "ground level" photos!! These photos are YUMMY I tell ya!!

Jboo said...

What fun!! A late spring frost killed off the strawberry season here! But at the least grocery stores have some! :)

Have a Happy 4th!


carolina said...

WOw!!! beautiful pictures!!!! really enjoyed them!

Alison Winterroth said...

Love this and those strawberries look amazing!

ljholloway photography said...

What a fun shoot - this depicts childhood and summer so beautifully! <3

Beira said...

I love the fun feel of these! Beautiful work. I can almost feel the summer sun through your images. I hope you got to enjoy the strawberries!

Lisa (Tout Petit Pixel) said...

Love the colors and happy summer feel!

GINGER said...

such fun and colorful images of a wonderful summer day. i loved the feel of these.

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Richard S. Milian said...

She looks amazing! And her hair is just top notch <3 Jazzpad. I love her boots.

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John Forrester said...

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