November 3, 2008


Way back during the first week of school, I had the opportunity to visit Nick's school for meet the teacher night. After sitting through an hour long meeting and listening to the things that each teacher wished to accomplish with our children, we were taken back to their classroom. Once in the room, we were told to find our child's desk and then flip over the piece of paper that was sitting on top.

The piece of paper was a letter that Nick wrote to me about what he wanted to accomplish this school year. It was a sweet letter with its fair share of spelling and grammatical errors, but what struck me were the things that Nick had included in his list of goals.

I won't list them all, but here are a few.....He said that he wanted to make more of an effort with Reading, because that is
always a struggle for him. He also wanted to be more independent with orginization and homework, and promised that he would do all homework right after school with no begging and pleading on my part. The last thing on his list was a personal goal....he said that by the end of the soccer season he wanted to score at least one point for his team. My heart melted when I read this...... This poor kid was crushed when he did not make the travel team last spring and instead of letting it beat him down, he is trying his hardest to improve.

Although it is a little tough to score when you play defense, that has not stopped Nick from giving it his all. It is in his nature to be a very mild mannered, easy going, compassionate child, but he has really taken us by surprise when he hits the field......the look of determination on his face just speaks for itself......He is a force to be reckoned with.

A couple of weeks ago, he thought he should quit the team because of his school work. He was feeling overwhelmed and said that if he gave up soccer he would have more time to dedicate to studying. If you remember, I was totally against this, although grades are important, so is being a kid, and I think Nick really needs this activity to keep him balanced and well rounded. I am so glad he stuck it out and didn't cave under the pressure of homework.

In these last few months, Nick has grown in both body and spirit. He has yet to score that goal for himself, but has had multiple assists throughout the season. Each Saturday as the coach yells out starting positions, I can see Nick just waiting in anticipation that he will be given a chance to play offense in hopes of scoring that goal. He may not have the opportunity this year, as there are only two games left to the season, but I know that he can do anything he puts his mind too. I couldn't be more proud of this little guy......

IMG_5267 Protecting the goal!

Hoping to get in on the action....the ball is headed in his direction!


I thought it was about time I give credit where credit is due......
This is Nick's Dad, Scott. He has gone to every practice with Nick and attended every game.....he even assists the coach when needed.
Typically I would not say that children of divorce are lucky, but Nick certainly is one of the lucky ones. His Dad is very much a part of his life. Scott and I are able to put the past aside and give Nick the best life we possibly can. He now has two complete families that love and support him.


Kate said...

Good for Nick...so nice to see a child with such determination...as you know...at least half of any battle...if not more!!!

Great action shots...and how nice to include a picture of Nick's dad...I would agree...Nick has the best of both worlds!!!


missy said...

This post made me tear up! Your sweet son sounds like an amazing little boy and one who anyone would love to call their own...lucky mom, you are!

I love it when children set goals for themselves. Life shouldn't always be about all the great things one does, but yet, all the great things that one can achieve!

Tell Nick that while I do not know him personally, he has a fan in TN.

Such a sweet, sweet post!

I love your blog!!! Mine is up and ready, too. Be looking for your invite soon : )

Tisha said...


Nick sounds like a wonderful young man. He is very blessed to have such a devoted andloving mom and dad. You all are blessed by such a beautiful son!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Go Nick! This post was touching to me!! He is blessed and looks like a great soccer player!
-sandy toes

CC said...

That is a wonderful post!!!!! And I am soooo glad he stuck with soccer. I often tell my parents to make sure their kids have other outlets that they can feel really good about, especially when school is hard.

Polar Bear said...

The drive and determination on Nick's face is amazing! One day I am sure he will reach above and FAR beyond his goals.

I wish my brother and his ex could do as you do for Nick. It is good to see that it can happen. Nick is very fortunate ~ as you are to have such a wonderful boy. Goodness, I didn't mean for this to sound sappy. This post really touched me.

I love your soccer shots! Great Action!! :o)

Briana's Mom said...

Nick is so wise beyond his years. What a special boy!

jennifer said...

What a sweet post, and what a great little guy you have there! How awesome that he has such determination to get better. That will bring him so far in life. I'm praying he gets to make that goal!

I love the picture of him and his dad. How awesome that you can have that relationship. Nick is truly blessed.

Lucy said...

So very sweet. You have a lot to be proud of, Nick is an amazing little boy!

Shari said...

I'm with Missy, I teared up reading this. What a wonderful little man Nick is, and what special time he's getting with his dad at soccer.

Jodee said...

What a sweet post for Nick. He is definitely one of the lucky ones! You must be so proud of him!

I hope he scores for his team this season. He is such a dedicated player! I love these soccer pictures too!

Deb said...

What a great kid Nick is! You are all so blessed to have each other!....like Briana's Mom said "Wise beyond his years!"

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Nick IS very lucky to have two parents who are totally supportive and obviously being very "adult" about things. My parents were not so "adult" when they divorced. I know it sounds strange, but I really do think he is a seriously lucky kid!

Catherine said...

What a special little guy you have there! What a treasure that letter is.

Nick, your team is lucky to have you! We can tell from this post that you're an awesom asset to the team! Way to go Nick!!!

Kim said...

LOVE this post..
One reason is the goals that Nick has set out to accomplish and is heading in the right direction..
Two because of the love you and Nick's dad have for Nick.. knowing that that is why you are here.. I too am blessed with KyLee's dad and I being a big part of her life and doing it as two families..
Have a Great Week..
Hugs girly..
You have raised a Great young man..

Jboo said...

What a great post . . . and what a great son!! His determination shines through and I am sure you and Pat and Nick's Dad are all so proud of him -- rightfully so!! Great photos too!


Michelle R Photography said...

I got all misty reading this post. Nick is such a special little guy and obviously raised with a lot of love and support.


Kerry said...

Lisa- you continually impress me- you are so amazingly strong and clearly put your children and their interests first. Nick is lucky to have both his parents so very active in his life.

Love the shots and your new blog look!

Jennifer said...

What an amazing little boy!!! What a wonderful post about your son.

He does looked determined in those photos.


Gail said...

What a mature young man your Nick is...I believe he'll score that goal.

I am also mama to a Nick, he is grown now and I'm divorced from his father. I applaud you Lisa for being the kind of person who knows what is important...your son. The love of 2 families is a great thing for him and he'll be a better person for it.

Take care.

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Good for Nick having a goal : ) What great kids you have and how nice thatn Nick has two families that adore him..the more love the better..that's what I always say.

ZONE F DG TEAM said...

I love the soccer shirts... they have my hometown name on it - ST.THOMAS.

Rebecca Lily said...

What a wonderful young man your Nick is!! A great testament to the kind of parents he is blessed to have. :) The pictures are all beautiful, Lisa!!


day by day said...

BEAUTIFUL post, Lisa!!! Nick sounds like such a great kid and I can hear your pride in him as you write!

I loved what you wrote about his dad, too...that was very sweet and oh, how I wish I heard more things like this from families that have gone through divorce. You and Nick's dad are giving him such a gift by keeping him the focus...not the differences you had in the past. How wonderful!!

Have a great evening!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I got teared up too! it isn't often that you hear these great stories of kids who set (and ACHIEVE) goals for themselves! You must be so proud!

Your blog is A-dorable!! I wish my pictures were bigger and my sidebar smaller like yours ;)

Keisha said...

Okay first.. Your blog looks Great!

..second.. the sweet words of determination from your son touched my heart! What a sweet little man you have. He sounds like he has his heart in the right places. Just keep encouraging him in Sports (as I know you are!)

...love the picture of him and his Dad. Not alot of Ex-wives would had said such nice things about their ex. But, I'm proud and very happy to hear you say that. To tell you the truth, the things you said make ALL the difference in the world in your son.


Sherri said...

Your dedication and devotion as a mom just shines in this post.

Nick may not have scored any goals yet, but I'm sure he stopped a lot of goals from getting in their net. That's just as important.

You're such a good mom.

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, those are some really great soccer shots. You have a good camera!

Lisa said...

Awe, you all are so lucky to have one another. That was such a sweet post! Thanks for sharing a picture of Nick's dad...he is so lucky to have so many people who love him so much! You're such a great mom! : )

jenbusymom said...

Nice new blog look btw! Nick's a really good kid and kudos to him for not giving up!

Kam said...

Lisa, how precious. He is just so handsome and you gotta love all that soccer! I know that you'd say it's the other way around~ But Nick is so blessed to have you...all of you. Kudos to you for loving your son more than yourself and for providing him with such a loving and supportive family. It's rare these days and you are parenting him beautifully.
Have a great Tuesday!

Our Complete Family said...

I'm crying and I have goosebumps now~ all at the same time! What a sweet, sweet, sweet post.
You are a wonderful Mother.
Nick is one very lucky boy to have two families that love him so dearly indeed!
My Bryce is a defensive player, too. I hope Nick makes his goal or a great assist to finish the season with a bang!
Go Nick!
Hugs, Les

kerri said...

Your so right Lisa, sometimes children of divorce are not so lucky. Too many bitter spouses lose the focus, they are out to get their spouse, use their children as tools to get revenge. I applaud you and your ex in being adults, it shows, your son is one amazing boy.
Kudos Mom...

LaLa said...

OH, what great goals. He is such a handsome young man!! So happy he is setting and working to attain his goals. Good for him!!!

Love all the pics and happy his dad is such a support!

Anonymous said...

Nick, I am rooting for you to score, but assists are diamonds on the field of soccer!

I am so amazed at couples who walk through the pain of divorce and manage to keep their children out of as much of the sorrow as possible. Well done you two. This was a beautiful post!

Monogramchick said...

Hurray for Nick! Good for him, he looks like a pro out there and so intense.
He is so blessed to have twice the family support!

I love the new blog design!

Shari said...

What a sweet post! I love how he is so determined and just sticks with it!! Great pictures of Nick!!

Belinda said...

This post was so sweet and heart felt. I hope he gets to make that goal this year! and it is so refreshing to know that divorced people can get along and co parent in a healthy way! unfortunately my brother does not have that with his X.