A Winter Wonderland

December 6, 2009

Snow Day Sarah WM
Late yesterday afternoon, it started to snow, but we were up to our eyeballs in Chrimtmas decorations. The plan was to decorate the entire house on Saturday and then on Sunday, Sarah and I were going to bake Christmas cookies together. Nick is at his Dad's this weekend, so it was time for a little girl bonding in the kitchen.

Well, our plans kind of changed when we woke up this morning and looked out the window to see a beautiful white winter wonderland.

I asked Sarah what she wanted to do. Bake cookies or go play in the snow?? Dumb quesiton I know.....

Walking the dog WM
Shortly after lunch we headed out across to the empty lot where there are a few hills and lots of pretty snow covered trees......and oh yeah, my FAVORITE RED BARN!!!

Smiling ear to ear as she is taking a cruise on a sentimental old sled........I went for many rides on this very sled with my sister when we were little girls:)

Follow the leader WM
Pat and Rudy{our dog}joined us for this little outing:) Rudy loves the snow just as much as Sarah does......maybe even a little more, he doesn't get cold!!

Sarah 2 WM

Pulling the sled WM
Sitting in the sled was fun, but someone had to try her hand at pulling the sled......

Down hill WM
Pulling didn't last too long. I think she prefers being the passenger instead:)

Don't leave me out here 2 wm
"Hey, I am cold, tired, and my nose is running. Can someone please carry me back to our house?"

Sorry for all the pics....First snow fall always makes me go a little wild with the camera. As if I am not already camera crazy......

We had a great time out there. Cookies can be made anyday, but snow only comes once in a while, so we had to take advantage.

I made some serious progress on the house and everything for the most part is decorated. I only have one or two things to put out yet. I snapped a few pictures during the process and I will be posting those with the Turkey Barbecue Recipe I promised last week. I always like to post a picture of the food with the recipe and by the time I went to get my camera and take a photo, the barbecue was gone:( Yep....it is that good!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Tomorrow starts a new week:)

BTW, still working on the Chrismtas Card dilemma. I might have to face the fact that my kids faces are going to look a tad jaundice........UGH!!!


Rachel said...

I love the snow pictures! I can't believe so many people (including those in Texas and Virginia) and we still haven't gotten any here in SE Michigan!

Turkey BBQ sounds yummy!

Have a great week.

Polar Bear said...

The sled is so neat!!
Your pictures are FANTASTIC, as always! What fun memories!!! :o)

Kim said...

Love the sled... great photos..
sounds like a great weekend..
Have a great week..

Love Letters To China said...

Love, love, love your snow pictures! I so wish we had some of that down here. It makes me want to move back up north. Can't wait to see your pics of your house. I'm sure they're going to be beautiful.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Such a happy, wintery feel!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

No one thought to hook Rudy up to the sled??? That'd be TONS of fun!!!

Love the snow pictures! It started here tonight {sigh} and it gets COLD with it......

Kam said...

Aww, so sorry your card issues aren't resolved yet. But on the upside, these photos are amazing. I need you to teach me a few things! You know, since we live so close to each other and all...lol. Sarah looks like a snow princess and that red barn just makes it all look right. Well done my friend! Can't wait to see your house all Christmasy!
Love ya~

Jodee said...

It looks like you are enjoying your snow. That sled looks like sooo much fun! Ozzy loves the snow too.

Hope you have a great week!

Robin said...

Great pictures ... looks like you guys had a great time! We haven't gotten that much snow here yet. I'm sure it's not too far away :/ Love the little sled!

Belinda said...

Love your Chrismas blog makeover! you did a great job! I also love the snow! I cant wait to take the kids out in it this year! We are suposed to get some snow tonight but only fluries! Hope you are having a great Sunday Night!

Shell in your Pocket said...

You have so many beautiful pictures...how do you pick your christmas card?
sandy toe

Ice Cream! said...

OH HOW FUN!!!! The pics are great! The snow looks so billowy and fresh. I love how Sarah is enjoying the same sled you did. Making memories...that's what it is all about :)

Michelle R Photography said...

What a fun snow day!! These are great pics of Sarah and that adorable dog of yours!

I hope you have a great week!

Briana's Mom said...

Look at all that gorgeous snow! I'm so jealous! We had about 20 minutes of flurry action yesterday morning and that was about it.

Glad you liked my card. :) Sorry you are still working on your dilemma!

(My hat is actually just brown. And I love it. I get so excited when it is actually cold enough to wear it! Which is not that often! Ha!)

Courtney said...

Love the snow pictures. I wish we would get a little snow to put me in the Christmas spirit. I can't wait to take snow pictures with my nephew, this is his first official year out in the snow!

Unknown said...

Great picture...your daughter is beautiful and the first snow is SO fun!

Patricia said...

These photos are sooooo peaceful!!! I love the way Sarah stands out in all of them...her sweet face, dressed in pink against the freshly fallen white snow...GORGEOUS!

And your dog...I almost didn't see him in that first photo!! He's as white as the snow!! Adorable!!

Your Christmas look & your post put me right in the Christmas spirit!

Lucky you got snow! We got flakes the size of half dollars for about 15 minutes, then it just rained & rained.

Aspiemom said...

The pictures are beautiful, Lisa!

Tisha said...


As always, spectacular pictures! I have to live vicariously through you in these winter wonderland images. No chance of snow here! ;)

Thank you for your encouraging words about Sloan. And yes, I would love to "meet" the friend in which you referred.

I can't imagine that your Christmas cards are going to be anything less than amazing! Have a great week.


Lucy said...

You beat us in the first snow! We're usually covered by now. Tonight is our first big snowfall. I thought I'd be more excited but I need to get out and Christmas shop this week and my car is rear wheel...terrible for snow! Look out online shopping! Your photos are gorgeous. I love the one with the dog (yours?) in it...the trees in the background are breathtaking. Have a great week!

JMCS said...

Great images Lisa. You capture the moments so wonderfully and of course Sarah is one gorgeous little model as well. :)


3 Peanuts said...

These are beautiful photos. You are lucky to have the empty lot and barn so close..the make the perfect backdrop for your snapshots.

Gail said...

Beautiful images Lisa! Love the contrast of the snow and the red barn with the texture of her vest and the pink and brown. So pretty and she looks like a snow princess I think. First snows are always so beautiful, but being a born and raised Midwesterner I confess I do love the snow!

Have a great week!



Wanda said...

Wow...you got a lot of snow. We've only had a dusting but what you got for your first snowfall is perfect. Looks so pristine and crisp and clean.

And your pictures are gorgeous. I love that everything almost looks black and white or washed out a bit and the soft pink that Sarah is wearing just pops out. She looks adorable in these shots. That helps.

Looking forward to your decor pics. I'm still working on the house - it's upside down right now but it's always darkest before the dawn.

Have a great week!

Donna said...

Stunning! Wow!

I feel like I say that every time I comment on your photos but I can't come up with any other words. I love how crisp and bright all of your pictures come out.

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Love the sled! I could look at your pics all day long, just amazing!!!

De Lucchi Family Treasures said...

Merry Christmas Lisa!! I especially love that last photo as her face says just what you wrote and it looks like I can reach out and touch her.
Lots of Love

Steffie B. said...

Beautiful images Lisa....looks like a wonderful day.....and don't worry about the CC....I'm sure it will be fine! ;)

Shelly and Family said...

What a great day to play outside ~ in the snow (it snowed here too)! Love all the photos!

Here's to a great week ahead...

Love you!

fleur de lis cottage said...

How beautiful...it does look like a winter wonderland. Can't wait to get the bbq recipe and I know your house looks gorgeous (can't wait to see those pics too).

Hope you get your xmas card dilemma worked out.

Sherri said...

Lisa, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

There are some kids here who are dying for some snow :)

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Your snow pictures are awesome! We got two inches of snow here in Northeast Nebraska yesterday and the weatherman is saying another foot of snow by Wednesday. Have a good week.

Marla said...

How pretty!! Sarah looks adorable, I love her little hat and mittens!

Sue said...

Sounds like a fun time playing in the snow. Cute pics too!

My dogs love the snow too, not that they see too much of it out here. ; )


Christy said...

Those pictures are amazing-- as always. I love the dog and the sled. Just today my son was saying how he wished we could live in snow so we could have a mush team-- I laughed outloud since we live in southern California-- haha!!! Great pics adn a great weekend.


Jboo said...

Oh my Lisa -- those are great photos! Looks like so much fun! Sarah had the best seat in that sled, didn't she!

Hope you have a great week!


Marla said...

Great snow pictures, love the white stuff! And that sled, fun!

day by day said...

Ohhhh...such beautiful pictures! You are one dedicated photographer, Lisa! Did you see my one and only snow picture...taken from inside my house? lol! I do not like the cold and snow. : ) It sure was pretty, though....I will give it that!

have a great week, Lisa!!


Kim said...

Lovely snow photos! It is snowing here right now, we oculd get up to 12 inches. I stayed home with Alyssa who has Strep Throat and she was begging all day to play in it. I hope she is better soon so she can.

Sharon said...

Love the snow pics! We were promised 1-3 inches and woke up to barely a dusting. : (

Kayce said...

Great pics! I so wish we had snow here! I miss it.

Dita said...

What gorgeous pictures....I love every one of them....especially the ones of your puppy and Pat's shoes speeding by.

Sarah is just the most adorable little thing....I just want to eat that child up...with a big mug of hot chocolate on the side!


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

I love, love, love this post! These pictures are some of my favorite. Looks like it must be warmer there than here with not a heavy coat on ;) I agree...much more fun going out and playing in the snow than baking, although it is fun to bake with the girls too!! We went skating on the river last weekend too. I do love to play outside in the winter although it is highs below zero this week!

jenbusymom said...

Great pics! I remember the sleigh from last year, what a great prop, and of course, the beloved red barn!

Kristen Chase said...

Love these pictures Lisa! (esp. that last one!)

Hope you end up enjoying this season and that things simplify a bit... :)

Take care!

Keisha said...

Lisa.. She is like a Snow Angel! She is the prettiest little thing EVER!!
Love the pictures! You ALWAYS do an Awesome job!

Alyson and Ford said...

Beautiful!! Love the pictures of your family! Snow is wonderful (as long as it doesn't stay around too long!)

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Unknown said...

You never have to apologize for the pictures. I can't get enough... : ) very wonderful images. I love that it is your sled. Super sweet!

prashant said...

Have a great week.

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