Nick and Alicia

March 11, 2010

This weekend, I did my first real shoot of the season. I have quite a few lined up already and am looking forward to booking more sessions in the coming weeks. I have had a separate photography blog in the works since January, but have not really done much with it........ the truth of the matter is that I don't really have time to keep up with two separate is hard enough keeping up with this one. So at the suggestion of one of my wonderful friends........ this one is about to be completely overhauled.

Big changes coming to "The Long Road to China"....... my blog is about to be turned into a blogsite, with a navigation bar and drop down menus. I plan to post about our family, food, and photography, just as I always have, but I will now be able to separate and categorize my posts. You will see what I mean once I am up and running......which will hopefully be in the next week:)

Anyway..... with the permission of my clients, I plan to post some sneak peeks during these next few months.

The White Wall Headshot WM

This lovely lady is the first one that will be going under the new "Photography" Sneak Peak Session. Most of you probably remember Alicia.. She is the daughter of a good friend of mine.

The WHite Wall Sitting2 WM

Alicia has not been in front of my camera since last summer and I cannot believe how much she has changed in a few short months. I see her at least once a week and I guess I didn't realize how much she has changed and matured until I saw her pictures staring back at me.

Laying Down Woodwm700

I have so many favorties of this beautiful girl...... her Mom is literally going to be able to wallpaper her house in photos.

First Sign of Spring (159 of 197)4 WM

Nick is so funny..... He hates having his picture taken, but is always happy to come along with me when I do shoots. He likes to help out.........I guess he will do anything as long as he is not the one that has to be in front of the camera. Well.... I also think that he and Alicia have a secret crush on each other. Whenever they are together, they are so shy and bashful at first, then they get super giggly. Oh yeah..... it is starting!

Nick Angle Door TEXTURE CD WM
I used a few textures that were made by my friend Colleen for this particular photo. If you are a texture fanatic, you must check them out. Click HERE for more info.

After watching me take pics of Alicia, he let me snap just a few of him as he sat there taking a break. I love him in this shade of is a great color on him:)

As for this location..... It is the side of a "Napa Auto Parts" store that is in the town where Alicia lives. We went after the store closed and had the entire parking lot to spread out. I love the peeling brings so much texture to the pictures. In addition to the wall, there was on old trailer with a lift gate......Nick was sitting on the edge of it and that is where I snapped those photos. This is also the same location where I took the pictures of Sarah with the bubbles.

The parks aren't quite in full color yet, so places like this are a nice change until we see that Spring and Summer are definitely here to stay!!

I ' ve gotta run..... I have a full day ahead and then tonight is the first online photoshop class and I am super excited! All of the March classes have been filled and I currently have a wait list started for April. Those classes should be posted here very soon!!

Have a great day!


jenbusymom said...

She has changed so much! Just as beautiful as ever still! That's so cute, can you believe that Caitie told me she's got a boyfriend last night?!! Yeah, like that's going to happen at six! Great pictures!

Patricia said...

Beautiful photos, as always! You really have such a gift!

Looking forward to the new blogsite!! Sounds fabulous!

Have fun with your class tonight!!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Great Photos! I too have a photo blog but I do keep them seaparate. It can be tough sometimes though...

Love Letters To China said...

What amazing photos! I don't know how old she is, I'm guessing she looks a lot older than her real age. She is beautiful and your photos bring out the beauty in her even more.

I sometimes look at Natalie and get a glimpse of what's to come. Brings chills to my spine. ;-)

Can't wait to hear about your classes and see your new blog. How on earth do you juggle everything? You make it look so easy... okay I'm feeling a little lazy around here!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...


These are beautiful photos. It is evident that Alicia feels super comfortable with you and that is my perception of how you must make EVERYONE feel.

Nick is stunning. Period.

I am sure your blogover will be wonderful and hope that it will be easier to manage for you. I hope you have a great class tonight. I know you'll be a fantastic instructor.

Have a great day, friend.


Shari said...

You have an eye for selecting awesome locations! Love these photos. Alicia and Nick's eyes both just POP!

Donna said...

Even though Nick doesn't like being in front of the camera, it's clear that the camera LOVES him!

The photos of Alicia are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you're going to do next!


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Anonymous said...


Lucy said...

Wow, beautiful photos! I love your locale! Can't wait to see your new blog too! I'm so glad your classes have filled up, I hope I can squeeze one in someday...when the timing is right! :) Take care, Lisa!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Exciting!You take the best pictures really have a great eye.

Jboo said...

How cool a new blog/website! You are one amazing woman with all you do and you do it all so well! She is a beautiful girl and that Nick is such a cutie! :)

Have fun tonight with the class! Hope to be in one in the future.

Unknown said...

The pictures are beautiful. She is a beauty for sure! I can't imagine how hard it will be for her mother to pick favorites : )

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Great photos as always.

ellieshine said...

What a great location! yep, she is a beauty - and Nick is just dreamy - I can see why they might have a crush on each other :)

I'm excited for your new site, I love photography sites but I need the inspiration of "knowing" the person through their posts and family photos to really enjoy them - so your site will be just a perfect stop for me!

zombies man... zombies. said...

These pictures are beautiful!
Great job!

Lourie said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Sorry I'm so late with my comment...very crazy day. Lisa thank you for the shout out on the did a great job : ) they look really nice.....: )
I can't wait to get outside...I've got big time cabin fever..I need the snow to melt just a bit more and then I'm breaking free!!!!!!!!

Cindi said...

I can't believe how many different things you can tackle! The photos are stunning, as usual! If you ever get near the Cincinnati area....

Look forward to seeing your new blog-style!

Jo said...

What a great photo shoot ~ you really bring out the best!

Congrats on the first class. I'm sure it will be fabulous.


Deb said...

Simply beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing the new look!

Love the black and whites below!

Kelly And Allison said...

Hope your class went well today. Your pictures are so beautiful I always want to know how you did it.. LOL. Nick is a handsome young man. We should meet up this summer either at Cape or Maine to do a photo shot so I can see how you work.

Ivy Shaffer said...

Great photos of such a beautiful child! She's just a natural in front of the camera and wow did she grow. Seems strikingly taller.

Love seeing handsome Nick. Those expressions and smiles are always a joy to see. Hope your class was a real success, I'm sure everyone loved it!

So what, no more LRTC! RU changing this blog pro or what? Didn't know you had another blog? Well, it's easier to manage one anyway. Oh love the music too, nice compliment to the pretty blog.

Have a good day tomorrow. Insomnia got the best of me again!

Dita said...

Awesome shots, Lisa. I can't believe how much Alicia has grown up...13, huh? Oh, MAN!

Nick is scrumptous as EVER and I agree that he is gorgeous in blue...but then he is in yellow, red, white, green, gray, black....

I am still so excited with last night's incredible class. I can't wait to play with Photoshop this weekend! Now, just to find the time!


Sharon said...

SO exciting Lisa!! Just love seeing you take off! And the pics are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such talent.

Michelle R Photography said...

These are such great shots, Lisa!! Your friend must be so thrilled with the photos of her beautiful daughter!! And congrats on the booked photo shoots and successful PS class! You are rockin' it, girl!!

Georgea's Mommy said... are such a talent. I'd love to dabble in of these days. Thanks for sharing with us.


sanjeet said...

Great photos of such a beautiful child! She's just a natural in front of the camera and wow did she grow. Seems strikingly taller.

Work From Home

a Tonggu Momma said...

Are you creating the site or is someone else? Drop me a line if it's someone else... would love to know who you used.

Jodee said...

I think this is the perfect way to add photography to your blog, as well as have a special place for B&W Wednesday posts. It looks great!

The Byrd's Nest said...

You are oh so very talented sweet Lisa...I love them all and yes your sweet prince is gorgeous in blue! Have a blessed week!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Wow, these are great Lisa!!! I love your new header and cant wait to see your new blog when it is all done.

How exciting to have your class start up soon. Hopefully I will be able to take one sometime in the future!! I need help with photoshop soooo much!!

Have a great week!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Wow! Beautiful shots!!

Launa said...

Wow Lisa! Your new blog looks fantastic! I haven't been online much since Justus was born...but things are slowly getting back to normal.....what ever that is! LOL!! Awesome photos.....the kids are getting so big! I can't wait to see what's next! said...

Simply wonderful! I just love your style :)