Sugar and "Spice"

February 1, 2012

xoxo BLOG
This time of year, I usually begin to lose my "photo mojo".
When the weather is warmer, I can get out and explore, but right now it is just too cold and it's difficult to stay inspired. So, I have been trying to find some fun things to shoot without having to brave the elements.

While grocery shopping last week, I picked up some Valentine's Day candy. It is good to eat, but I thought it would also be fun to photograph. I loved the bright colors!!
Saturday morning, I grabbed my camera and the goodies and headed for the kitchen table to set up.
(I had a few assistants willing to help as soon as they saw what was in the bowl)

Vday M&Ms BLOG
I get tired of seeing my kitchen table in every food or flower shot, so I have been using colored place mats, tea towels, fabric, or even wrapping paper to provide different backgrounds for my photos. In addition, for this photoshoot, I decided to bring out a string of Christmas Lights to add a little more interest!

Candy Set Up Side Light BLOG
This is a poplar set up and I am sure many of you have already seen or even tried this, but for those that were wondering how to achieve this kind of look, I thought I would take a few steps back and photograph the entire set up.

Candy set up pull back BLOG
It was super simple. All you need is a table or flat surface near window light, a white board to clip or tape your fabric, a string of white lights, and your camera!

I had to work quickly, because my "props" were disappearing..... one piece at a time!
Pat lured the girls out of the kitchen(aka, my studio)and put a movie on in Sarah's bedroom, so when I was done "playing", I took them a little treat.

One for me, One for you BLOG
Except I made one mistake......
I only brought one snack dish for the girls to share.

Getting Greedy Over Candy Hearts Collage
When it comes to toys, she will share, but food, NO WAY!!!
Would you look at the expression on this child's face?

Me want candy blog
And just to make sure she did not get shorted, she decided to stock up...two handfuls at a time:)

Vday Sisters Arms Around Each Other BLOG
These two are quite the pair.
Even when sugar meets "spice" always ends nice!

hands and jeans collage
This series of photos were taken a few minutes before the ones I posted on Sunday.
I had to let Reagan consume quite a few of the candy hearts before I could get her to hold them in her hands without popping them into her mouth.

Happy Wednesday Everyone..... We are halfway through the week!!
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Tiffany said...

Super kiddos always love a "foodie" photo shoot. Happy Wednesday!


Laurie said...


Anonymous said...

I love the candy pics and I love Reagan's jeans! Too cute!

frogglet said...

oh my goodness did Reagan just grow up? She is looking more and more like a little girl. Great shots.

Love Letters To China said...

Love these Lisa! I'm afraid to bring any Valentine's Day candy into this house. I know for sure they will be gone before I even get a chance to pull my camera out for a shot. I've been wanting to make a mini studio, so I thank you for the tips. :-)

Your girls are getting way too big way too fast. Don't they know they need to slow it down?


Sharon said...

Oh the expression on her face!!! I love it !

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!

likeschocolate said...

Thanks for sharing yor photo tips! The girls are super cute!

Gail said...

That expression on R's face is hilarious!!! Fabulous as always, Lisa.

Love how you showed your set up. I've thought of doing that too at times.

Sarah's face is changing, she's looking more mature. Ugh, why do our kids have to grow up so fast?

Happy Wednesday!


The 5 Bickies said...

So beautiful....the girls and photos! Thanks for the details on the set up - so interesting to me.

Jboo said...

So cute!!! I would not be happy with someone eating MY candy either! Those two are adorable!


Unknown said...

So precious! Such adorable kids, great photos...and red is my favorite these photos are so festive to me.

Catherine said...

Your girls are so sweet! ;o)

Great shoot! I hate to admit that I'm still stuck in my 'auto' rut. Ugh!!! We hit the best part of the course just as we lost all daylight during my hours at home. As the days are getting longer I'm finally hoping to have time to snap some pics out of auto mode and work through the kinks. Time to dig out my notes from November and give it a try!!

Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

Off to buy chocolate! I wonder why? :o)

Anonymous said...

Love them!

Diane said...

Wow......I studied these photo's on FB when you posted over this past weekend wondering...."how did she do that"????? Thanks sooooooo much for sharing your "tricks" with us. Just the inspiration I needed to try something different. I'm going to give it a try and see what I can come up with.....'s a thought...maybe you could come up with a weekly post of your "tips and tricks" for all your "photog followers" and we could "link-up" and share or maybe start a FB page with a lesson of the week and share photo's of what we learned??? I so miss our "groups", sharing photo's with everyone and especially our AWESOME teacher!!!

The girls are adorable as always:)

God Bless,

Mimi said...

Lisa, your photos are superb!
You're so generous to give out your tips, sharing is caring!!!
I laughed so much at Reagan's face; she'll never be able to disguise her feelings, cos her face will tell all!
Sarah is so good, and obviously kind and generous (where'd she get that from?!), you can see her love for Reagan shining through here. She's great!

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

That 'don't eat my snack face' looked SO much like SJ! Precious precious!!! We don't share food either. LOL XOXO

Unknown said...

Valentines candy IS fun to eat..but I LOVE to photograph those sweethearts

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures! We don't like to share food either! I completely feel Reagan's pain! HA HA!

Sophi Belle said...

Wonderful Valentine's
Day photos. Yum!

I make mini studios like that too, especially during the winter.

And your little girls are both SO adorable! (:

Tara said...

Looks like Saturday mornings are a fun and happy place to be at your house! I love love those candy pictures. Thanks for showing us the set up. I can't wait to give it a try! Love the fabric and lights. I agree and have found the same thing even when I took pictures of a cake last night... I'm tired of my kitchen table for a back drop. I've got to try your ideas! Have a great Thursday Lisa! tara

Hunan Mommy said...

This Chenzhou mom has a candy eater...all things sweet! She's rocking those jeans. Love it!


Gina Kleinworth said...

First- I love that you showed your set up. I am always curious to see just how different mine is from others- (makes me happy to see that as it turns out- it doesn't differ all that much). :) So it seems I AM actually learning something in this hobby :)

As for the candy- it looks SO GOOD. I love that look on Reagan's face- it pretty much sums up how I feel when I am forced to share my goodies. A girl after my own heart!

Chelsea said...

Oh, I love this! I'd love to do it, but it would mean I'd have to move my kitchen table...don't know if I'm up for that!
I also love that the girls had their Valentine's shirts on...that was no happy accident! :)

Serendipityissweet said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful pics! Love seeing your set up. Thank you for sharing your talent ;)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

I would have never thought to do that so thank you for sharing your tips! :)

The girls are ADORABLE as always and are just like my girlies...hands always in the candy jar! :)

Mia is standing here drooling over your pics. We must go buy some M&M's now....

Ivy Shaffer said...

What a cute post! I just love Reagan's big eyes and expressions as she's "learning to share", right!!! Sarah looks like she's one patient big sister, good for her.

Had to swing by after you peaked my curiosity about the light set up. It's funny b/c yesterday I dumped a bunch of candy out on my "kitchen" work station and did the same thing, using metallic colored paper. If I was thinking straight I would have proped up a board. But you're so right using color under glass give some great depth and interest. The bokeh from the lights are spectacular. I took an old green dish and put that behind the candy and had to work really fast, as yes, the props were falling on the floor, getting eaten by a certain candyholic(s) and well, as a stress relief after dinner (then why am I drinking veggie fruit smoothies lol). I'll show you my funky masterpiece on my blog. Thanks for sharing such a fun and interesting way to photograph chocolate! Yummy.

Maria Triplet Mom said...

Great pics Lisa! It is so helpful when you give tips on what you used to set things up. Very helpful and thanks for sharing :)

Kayce said...

I love your tutorials Lisa...and your pictures are always so inspiring to me. Thank you!!