Christmas In July!

July 25, 2008

All month I have been hearing about "Christmas In July".....local radio stations are doing special giveaways and contests, so I thought.....this would be a good post topic.....and what better day to post it than July 25th......we have exactly 6 months until Christmas......can you believe it?

I wasn't blogging last Christmas, so I thought I would share some of the fun from "The Half Gaelic, Half Garlic" 2007 Christmas Eve Extravaganza!

We have had some major shin digs since moving into this house......we had always said that we wanted a house that we could entertain and accomodate lots of people for family get togethers and parties.....we have done a pretty good job so far.........we just had our first annual 4th of July party, we have also hosted the last two St Patrick's Day parties.....for obvious reasons(Half Gaelic), but Christmas 2007, we had the pleasure of hosting the Christmas Eve Extravaganza!

The "Garlic" side of the family always does a big Christmas Eve celebration....for all of my childhood it was hosted by my grandparents. The one I talked about HERE.....anyway, after my Grammy passed away, my Aunti Em has always hosted the party. This year we decided to do it and give her a break. We always have a wonderful time no matter where the party is, as long as we are all together, that's what counts.

Take a you think the ladies in this family know how to have a good time....I also included a couple pictures of Christmas morning and the kids opening some was complete chaos.......and all of the adults were feeling......cough, cough....a little rough.....we went to bed at 4am and the kids woke up at one looked pretty that morning!!!

I am going to leave you all on this one.....this was Pat's Christmas present to know how I talk about my little problem with OCD and being a complete neat freak who constantly cleans......Pat thought this would be the perfect gift for someone with my condition........


He bought me a tool belt.....a really good one I might add....from H*me Depot and filled it with all of the cleaning supplies that I use.....thought it might make my life a little easier!

The rest of my family was hysterical when I opened thinking it was funny....I tried to put it on like a good sport....the thing was so darn heavy, I could barely stand up!

So.....Pat.....if you are reading have 6 whole months to get me a gift......start shopping now, because a toolbelt isn't cutting it this year!!!!

(Just so you all don't think he is really this cruel, this was not my only gift.....he did pull through with some good stuff too)


Shelly and Family said...

Christmas in July...actually I am watching QVC this morning and they have their Chritmas in July special today (not sure what I am doing up at 5am but I can't sleep). Anyway..."a tool belt"...."a tool belt full of cleaning products"...I can see where Pat would think this might be cute, but...after only having two hours of sleep...I can so see you just not thinking that...rotfl! (I can't wait to tell my husband that one...he'll laugh his butt off...). I couldn't get the slide show to work, but you might be just posting it so I'll have to come back later and check it out. It hit me this morning (when I woke up to turn off the AC at 4am...and seeing QVC Christmas in July special...that we should have Annabelle home before Christmas 2008! Holy Sh*t!

You know how we talked about being is one of mine...I always get 98% of my Christmas shopping done the day after Christmas for the following year! I have been doing it since my college years and haven't stopped since (I get some amazing deals this past day after Christmas, last year everything I purchased was 75% off than another 15% off that...and it was everything in the store!). So it is looking like all I have to get for is Annabelle this year!!!

Can't wait to see the slide show!!!

Jodee said...

Wow! It looks like you had a great time and your house is sooo perfect for entertaining!

That gag gift is hilarious! I hope there was some "bling" hiding in there somewhere!

Kate said...

Tool belt with cleaning sad is it that I am thinking of getting one of those?? I could just follow Lia aroung the house....fingeerprint on the tv screen....ZAP!!! Popsicle juice on the carpet....GONE!!! Oh the beauty of it all....

I'm just saying....the wheels are turning...

Great pictures!!

Lucy said...

Love the thought of xmas being 6 months away! Fun pictures & great toolbelt! :) Did you change the look of your blog??? I really love it! Take care, Lucy

Briana's Mom said...

Wow! You know how to throw at par-tay! Fun times!

The tool belt is hilarious!

Jboo said...

What a blast!! You all really know how to celebrate, don't you!!

And your comment about your little dog hiding in Nick's stuffed animals like ET -- so funny!!! Hope your doggie is doing better. My Mom's dog is eating the baby bunnies nesting in her backyard -- yuck!

Have a great weekend!


Lisa said...

You want to hear something crazy...I have been doing my Christmas cards this week!!!!! I know, I'm nuts, but we had our pictures taken professionally a few weeks back and I loved them and the gal who took them made me Christmas cards using three of the photo's!!! So your Christmas in July post is very appropriate in "my world", ha!!

I think the tool belt idea was brillant! Just think of how much time he spent getting it all together for you! What a sweetie!! I wish I lived closer so I could come to one of your parties!

P.S. I got a little something in the mail from a little someone---THANK YOU!!! I'll be posting about it soon. You are a doll!!! Love it!

M,R,J1,J2 said...

Extravaganza indeed! You are my kind of people, hands down :-)
My family in Germany always had great Christmas Eve parties, too.
I haven't heard a lot about Christmas in July this year, but how about a Christmas in July party? Come on down to Florida and we have it by the pool-winter clothing is a must-LOL!
Enjoy your weekend (we're going to the Mascott Game tomorrow)!

Jake and Taryn said...

I too have been hearing all kinds of stuff about Christmas in July! I didn't realize it until I read your post, but it IS only 6 months until Christmas! I can't believe it!!

That tool bet is a riot! It may not have been your favorite gift, but I love that it is so creative!

Kayce said...

Oh I can't do Christmas yet.

Love the pictures and that toolbelt is hysterical!

Shari said...

I bet your husband wasn't on the top of your list after that gift! Good thing it wasn't the only thing you got! I am ready for Christmas and have already started shopping! I will still end up getting everything last minute but at least I have started and thought about it!!

Anonymous said...

I need to come and spend some time with you and your family. All I know is it would be a GOOD TIME!

This was such a fun post idea.

Have a great weekend,


PS I love the cleaning belt idea~ you have hand it to your huddy he is creative!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

I knew I loved you!!! I am OCD about cleaning too. My neighbors in CA used to walk past my house and yell..."We smell pinesol". I clean all the time. I have someone come once a week but I clean before they come LOL
Hey I love the look of your blog...very pretty. I also love the pictures from Christmas Eve. My side of the family (Italian) always made a huge deal over Christmas Eve. My family isn't big anymore but we still do a big dinner on Christmas Eve and eat the same things every's tradition. Only now I am the one doing the cooking, cleaning and hosting. But I love it!!! It's my favorite holiday!

Shari said...

Your husband sounds like a hoot!
Your family looks like a blast. We used to do Christmas Eve but then everyone got married and it eventually moved to Christmas Day afternooon into night. My sister had a major issue this year though...the red wine ruined all of her photos...Everyone's teeth her black!