The Look Of Guilt

July 24, 2008

Do you think that is the look of guilt or what! Guess why Rudy just got scolded? He just peed on our living room carpet!

I am not sure what is up with him lately.....he is going to be 3 in September and we are way beyond the days of having accidents in the house.....but something has gotten into him these last couple of weeks.

We have had a tremendous amount of thunderstorms pass through, which he hates.......before I even realize we are getting a storm, he is already running up the stairs to hide under our bed, then we cannot get him to go outside to go to the bathroom because he is scared. I do think that is part of the problem, but it is just happening way to frequently.

I would say he was mad at us for leaving him when we went to Las Vegas, but he wasn't even in a kennel, he stayed with my Mom and Dad......and this did start before our trip.

Our entire first floor is wood or tile, this is the only room that has wall to wall carpet....and it's of course, that is where he picks to do his business.

You know me....OCD, queen of the clean this just infuriates me, especially after just paying to have our carpets cleaned. A month ago, Nick got extremely sick in the middle of the night and let's just say he didn't make it to the bathroom and we were left with a huge vomit stain. It would not come out, so I called the professionals....I only really needed that spot cleaned upstairs because we have only been in this house a little over a year, but they said that they have a minimum charge to come out and I should take advantage of the situation and let them do another area.....guess which room was just cleaned? Looks like they might be making another house call!

We love our Rudy....I can't imagine our life without him. We spend a lot of time with him...he is fortunate that I work from home most of the time, so he is not alone and he is not starved for me! He is so much a part of our family.....and when they can't tell you what is wrong, is just very frustrating!

Rudy has some company in the dog house after this mornings episode........I might be joining him........Grandma isn't the only one teaching little Sarah naughty things.....when I saw the stain, I said...."Son of a know what" I thought I said it under my breath and Sarah was in the other room, but apparently she has impeccable hearing.....Sarah has just learned her second curse word!


jenbusymom said...

These things do happen. We had our dog Hunter for 13 years and some days were not easy having a third baby around but my guess would be the weather or maybe he's not feeling the best, do you have a trainer? Maybe a trip to the vet or a trainer would help to figure it out. Murphy's law would have it that he picks that room, I mean peeing on the hard, cold floors wouldn't be half as comfy right!

Don't feel so bad, Caitie scolded me for saying a "bad" word this morning so I apologized!

Shari said...

Hopefully it will stop! By the looks of the picture he looks incredibly sorry and promises not to do it again!! Our dog hasn't had any accidents but does the same thing when he thinks it is going to storm!

Briana's Mom said...

See, that is why dogs are cute. Look at that face! It is hard to be mad at a face like that!

LOL about the swearing!

Jodee said...

The poor little guy! He is way too cute to be mad at for too long!

You are going to have to teach Sarah "ear muffs" like Adam Sandler did in Big Daddy!

Nicole said...

Little ones love to repeat everything. My step daughter is going through that stage right now!! The best part is when they get on to you for saying a bad word!!

Jboo said...

We had a dog once that ran and had an accident every time it thundered and had to seriously drug him up for the 4th of July! Hope things get better with your little puppy -- he sure is cute!!

Love your new look!


Shawnstribe said...

oh im right there with you girl!!!
i get so frustrated with my pooches when they do how about this one....

the chickens got out, one came up the stairs to look for company , if you please and yep...

pooped all the way up!!!!
animals!! dont we love them : )

Ashton said...

Too funny!

Lisa said...

Poor Rudy...I'm impressed you only said "Son of a *****" I may have said something worse, ha!!

Denise C said...

Oh dear! Our Rosie-Bows has an accident once in a blue moon....but I will tell you a wonderful secret....those little Magic*Erasers (by Mr Clean)....will get out anything! Honestly...I spilled a bottle of RED fingernail polish on one of our ORIENTAL rugs about 5 years ago...and tried everything to get it it was just smeared larger and I strategically placed a table over the stain....and tried to forget it!
Then my wonderful neighbor introduced me to the little rectangles called Magic*Erasers....and more RED fingernail polish on my oriental rug! It was amazing...this stain had been on said rug for about 3 1/2 years!
Good luck figuring out what Rudy is up to....I'd say it is just a combination of everything...from the storms to you all being away for a bit...he's just a nervous little dude!
I finally updated my blog....thanks for your comment...I was afraid everyone would forget me while I was busy "doing summer life" here on the lake!!!
Love ya!

M,R,J1,J2 said...

I would have Rudy checked out by the vet, just to make sure there's nothing wrong with him (bladder infection?). When our cat didn't use her litter box anymore the vet discovered a urinary tract infection. She started using her litter box again as soon as she felt better.
I know what you mean, we used to have white wall to wall carpet, too - with two puppies and a baby -you guessed it, we now have tile in every room.
Best wishes,

Shari said...

You might take a trip to vet with some pee pee. I had a dog that would do that whenever she got a bladder infection (is he drinking a lot?). If they ask for a urine specimine I advise running around the yard chasing the dog till he squats or lifts a leg, then stick a soup ladle under there. Keeps you far from the pee pee.
Just a tip from a former dog owner...who misses dogs until she reads posts like this!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Our dog Lucy is only 7 months old but I am so tired of the accidents...everytime one of the boys walks in she pee's. We have always had big dogs and they were so easy to train..our Lucy has been hard ; ( but I love her.
Bring Sarah over I'm sure she would learn a few more curse words to add to her vocabulary.
I love the picture...our dogs look so much alike!

Kerry said...

So hard to stay mad at that cute face. And he does look so so sorry!
:) Hugs!

Our 2 year old Golden Retriever gets moody too. I can relate- they can be so infuriating especially when you are trying to tend to the kids too.

Kellyann said...

Aren't pets fun? Poor Rudy...he is cute at least!

Becky said...

Sorry this is happening and I feel your pain. Our 10 yo ShihTzu was diagnosed with a heart murmur this week and is on a diuretic to get rid of some of the fluid around his heart. His choice of place to pee is on my BED -- thankfully on my dh's side LOL. I would give anything for it to be the

Kayce said...

ARGH!! Yeah I so know this! For some reason our dogs think the nursery is a great place to get back at me for leaving them at home.

Rudy is too cute for words though...