We Actually Made It This Time!!

January 4, 2009

I was starting to think we were never going to make it to Cape Cod. We never made it for Thanksgiving becuase of a work emergency, and as we were ready to leave on New Year's Eve, we found out we were going to be driving into a snow storm! We were determined to get there, but we could not leave before lunch time because of some other obligations. We felt pretty comfortable because we are on highway the whole trip and our vehicle is 4 Wheel Drive, so we left as scheduled!!

Our typical 5 hour trip, turned into an 8 hour nightmare drive...the traffic was horrible and the further North we got, the worse the roads were. On top of the snow there were really bad winds that were causing a lot of snowdrifts.

Poor Sarah was stuck in her carseat the entire time. Thank goodness Nick was already up there.....I was able to sit in the back with her to try to keep her occupied as best as I could with books, games, and snacks!!
This is Sarah with her "Are We There Yet" face! Believe it or not, she tried to get herself out of her carseat at one point. The little devil figured it out....she got her arms out and was unhooked!! Have any of your kids tried this? Nick did it to me once, but he was older and I was driving on the highway and looked back and saw that he got himself out....I screamed so loud out of shock to see him sitting there that I scared him half to death....he never tried it again!!

Our time of arrival was 9pm....We actually made it this time!!! Since we were running so late and the weather was really bad up there, they cancelled plans to go out and had a little party at my Sister In Laws.....as you can see the party started way before we got there and we had some serious catching up to do!! Pictured here are all my sister in laws Jan, Mary Pat, Ann, and a fun loving family friend, Dee Dee!!

Just about midnight....I am trying to catch up!! We literally walked in the door, dropped our bags, and grabbed a bite to eat and something to drink!! I had planned to wear a very cute outfit for going out.....but since we stayed home.....I never bothered....I went with the "Just sat in the car for eight hours look"

Me and my girl at midnight!! Sarah made herself right at home at Aunt Ann's....as soon as we got there she put on her ballerina PJ's and she went straight for the toy box...you can see she is clutching a red bag in the picture....that is her newest obsession.....bags of all kinds....I call her my bag lady!!

Sarah and her Daddy.....ringing in the New Year!! I am not sure who has their hands on Pat...I was taking the picture......must have been one of his sisters......I hope!!!

Not even five minutes after midnight, she fell asleep on the couch with a crown on her head....she was our baby new year!! Ever since Sarah was born, she sleeps with a blanket and it must be pulled up around and over her face in order for her to fall asleep!!

After snapping the pic of Sarah on the couch, we turned around and my SIL and BIL's dog, Casey was laying on his doggy bed....he looked so cute that we decided he needed a hat too!!

New Year's Day, Pat met my Aunt and Uncle to pick up Nick....Nick had a wonderful time visiting and spending time with his cousin....they did lots of fun things together....but it sure was great to have him back. He and Pat and the rest of the cousins spent the afternoon playing Guit@r Hero W@rld Tour and watching football. It was another fun family day that ended with a great meal....we always have pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day.....it is rumored to bring good luck!! I am not sure about you all, but we could use some good luck in 2009!!

Tomorrow it is back to work for me....my holiday vacation is officially over...boo hoo!! I will post part two of our Cape Cod trip tomorrow night....we did make it to the beach....a VERY cold, snowy beach....but I did manage to get a couple of cute pics of the kids and some beautiful shots of some ocean edge homes!! I better get moving....I have lots to catch up on after being gone for the last few days!!

Hope you all have a great week.....the first week of a New Year!!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy New Year! Y'all were a lively bunch. The Tongginator didn't make it past 9:30. And the husband didn't make it past 12:05. LOL.

Aspiemom said...

I'm glad you had such a great time, but sorry it was so rough getting there.

I especially love the pictures of Sarah asleep on the couch and the dog w/ his crown. Wonderful pictures!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Oh..how fun! I love the pictures..you look great..I would never imagine you were in the car for 8 hours!!!

I love the New Year's hats!! So fun!
Glad you made it this time!
-sandy toes

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

Now that looks like a fabulously fun family to ring in the New Year with. Glad you guys made it safe and sound then partied your booties off. Your kids are so cute!!!

Kim said...

Happy New Year girly..
Sorry to hear about the ride down.. but looks like it was well worth it..
I have to go back to work on Tues....Not looking forward to it..
Love the pictures..
Can't wait for the beach pictures..

Marla said...

That looks so fun (well, not the 8 hour drive part), and you look great! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

Kate said...

I have to give yu credit for keeping those plans!!! Looks like a fun time...and you must have needed a drink after the harrowing trip!!!

Lia has the same jammies as Baby New Year!! :-)

Sorry it's back to work tomorrow...but you are closer to that fabulous trip you have planned!!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a fun New Year!

Love the pictures!


Unknown said...

Wow what a great blog you have. I should take some lessons. I am just starting out. You have a beautiful family.I hope you wait to your angel is not too long. My Mom says the wait is very long these days. She and Dad went crazy waiting for my brothers and sisters too. Hang in there and good luck!

Kennedy-13 yrs old, adopted from China

Deb said...

Happy New Year to you Lisa! So glad that you had a safe trip to the Cape and were there just in time for the party! :) All the pictures are great...but I have to say that my favorite is of Sarah sound asleep with her crown on! Too adorable!

My vacation is over tomorrow morning too...back to the ole' grind! :) Hope you have a great week!

elliotts said...

Happy New Year...it's back to work for me tomorrow too....soooo sad!

Michelle R Photography said...

I'm so glad to hear you made it to the Cape this time, but sorry to hear about your miserable 8-hour trip. It looks like you had lots of fun with family. I can't believe after that ride, Sarah made it up until midnight. Such a little party girl. :)

Glad you made it home safely. I hope you have a great week!

Gail said...

Great pics...so happy you got there safely. What a fun time you all had. Love sweet little Sarah asleep and the dog too.

And all 3 of my kids have gotten out of the carseat at one time...and just like you I screamed so loud, it hasn't happened again. Guess we had to make it memorable? Have a great week Lisa. I'm happy you are back. :)

Our Complete Family said...

Welcome home Lisa!
I am so glad you made it this time!
And, you sure didn't look like you were in a 'car outfit'. You looked great hun!
Aw, little Sarah was so cute in her crown and all cuddled on the couch. Precious!
Nick and Pat look like Pros playing the band instruments!
Happy 2009 to a fantastic bloggy buddy!!!
xo, Les

carolinagirl said...

LOVE your "I just sat in the car for 8 hours" outfit! Great pictures! Happy New Year!!!

Missy said...

Yay for persistence!!! I LOVED all of your great pics! Looks like you all had a great time. I just love that Sarah and Nick...too cute for words! I'm glad you were able to get away and have some r and r.

I am so excited about our trip!!! I'll call you this week!
Love ya!

Jodee said...

I am sooo glad you arrived safe and sound. It looks like you had a great time. You looked really good for being in the car for eight hours. I would have been in my PJs! Your little bag lady is too cute -- she was really a trooper. Yes, Kamree has attempted to get out of her carseat once but she was unsuccessful!

I hope 2009 is a "lucky" year for your family!

Jennifer said...

Looks like it was a great rip! So glad you made it safely. Glad Nick is back too!
I hope you have a great week! Getting back into the swing of things is TOUGH!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Lisa! So glad that your trip was fun! You certainly did not look like you just spent 8 hours riding in a car...you looked fabulous, as usual! :)


Kam said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you all had a great time! So sorry about your travel trouble but glad you made it there safely!!! And you still looked beautiful...8 hours or not! Love the one of daddy and his girl!

Hope you have a fantastic Monday back to work!

Paula said...

I'm so happy that you made it there safely. We've had drives like that too. Its hard with a little one.
Happy New year and Happy Anniversary too!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Welcome back!!!! I missed you : ) I was so worried about you driving. I am happy you made it there safely. Back to school tomorrow for Livi which means I have to get up and get going...yuck!

Lisa and Tate said...

Got to love having a 4 wheel drive!!! Could not live here in Utah without it! LOVE IT!

What a fun family you have! Hoping the pork and sauerkraut works and we all have an amazing 2009!!!


Christy said...

Wonderful pictures as always!! Glad you finally made it and it looks like you guys had an amazing time!! I love the dog with the hat pic- too cute and the one with you and Sarah is awesome!!

Happy NEw YEar!!!

Chrisyt :)

Sharon said...

Happy New Year! 8 hours in the car?! We can hardly visit family an hour away in PA. Your long ride looked well worth it though! Linhsey just started trying to escape in her carseat. The time is coming soon! Sarah was so cute on the couch all snuggled up. My son Gene HAS to have covers over his head even in the summer. Oh, and you are still stunning even with the just spent 8 hours in the car look ; )

Keisha said...

Looks like you had a wonderful New YEAR's eve.. despite the 8 hr trip.. UGH!! I'm feeling sorry for you.. but, I want to say.. the 8hr.. look ...looks good on ya baby! I thought you looked fine!
I loved the pic of S asleep with her crown on!! Priceless!
Hope you have a great week!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures!
It looks like you and your family had a great New Years.:)

And we loaded up on black eyed peas. (They are supposed to bring you good luck in Crazyville, and we need it, so we ate a lot of them!) ;)

Happy New Year!

Jboo said...

So glad that you were able to make the trip to Cape Cod this time! Looks like it was loads of fun! Great photos too!

Have a great week!


Denise said...

Happy New Year to you too! You back on the no sweets today and hoping that those 5 pounds melt away sooner rather than later...seriously, my jeans are way too tight!

Great pictures of fun times with friends~

Denise said...

I meant, Yes, I am back on no sweets!

Briana's Mom said...

Your determination to weather the storm (literally!) was totally worth it! Look at all that fun!

I only wish I could look that good after an 8 hour drive!

Love the pic of Sarah sleeping!

Sherri said...

Happy New Year!
It looks like the party was worth the 8 hour drive to get there.

Jade falls asleep with the covers right over her head too. I always worry she's going to suffocate and pull them off her once she's sleeping.

Have fun at work ;)

jenbusymom said...

Health, happiness and maybe a new family member in the new year!

I wished I looked that great after an eight hour drive entertaining the little ones!

Glad you guys made it and got to ring in the new year together!

Polar Bear said...

So glad you made it safe and sound! What a trip!

Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Happy New Year!

By the way, I made your ricotta cookies for Christmas and they were a HUGE hit!!! :) They will be on the tray from now on! Thanks!

Sylvia said...

Welcome back Lisa! Love the "crown" pictures!

Lisa said...

Wow, it looks like you had a great New Years eve and day. I'm sorry that you had to travel in such rough weather but I am happy that you arrived safely and had a ton of fun.

Sarah looked so cute all snuggled up in her blanket with her crown on...too cute!

Happy New Year! Lisa

Suzie said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Happy New Year :o)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

So much fun! I am glad you finally got to make your trip! :) I know, today is a harsh re-entry into reality...I hope yours goes alright Lisa! :)

Heather said...

Oh I am so sorry about the trip there - but you made it!!! Sarah is such a sweetie, so cute with her blankie up to her eyeballs! For the record, I need to look that good after eight hours in the car...

Happy to see a good time was had by all.

We always have had pork and saurkraut as well - I just thought it was the German in us:)

Here's to a fabulous New Year with many happy surprises ahead.


CC said...

Looks like great fun. But 8 hour drive???? Aaack!

Robin said...

So glad you finally made it!! It looks like everyone had a great time!!!

Blessings in the New Year!!!

Shelly and Family said...

So happy to hear that you all had a great time! Can't wait to talk (thinking tomorrow...we had a very busy day today with dr appointments and networking...more o that later.)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, Lisa and yuor whole family :)!

Shari said...

Happy New Year. So glad you finally made it! Looks like you had a wonderful time:)

Casey said...

That looks like a blast!! Maybe I'll tag along next year!! HAHAHA!!

That pic of Sarah all snuggled with the crown... priceless!! She is so adorable!!

So glad you made it safely and had a wonderful time. I think this is going to be a good year!!

Steffie B. said...

Looks like a fabulous time....stop by.....my journey has taken a new turn! ;)

M,R,J1,J2 said...
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M,R,J1,J2 said...

Let's try this again :-)
I felt bad for you when I read that your trip turned into an 8 hour nightmare drive-I can relate-having lived in MA for 12 years I remember these situations very well. I'm glad you made it safe and sound-you still look great wearing the "Just sat in the car for eight hours look"!
I can't believe the holidays are over already and I'm back to the same old, same old routine.
Orlando, FL
P.S.: You already know that we made it to the beach, too :-)

Jeni said...

At least it was a safe trip. OOO the beach with snow...I have not seen that before. I have been to every state in the US but the ones north of PA...one day I hope to see it there.

Wish I looked that good after sitting in the car for 8 hours!!!

Belinda said...

This is my first time reading your blog and now I am hooked. Reading about all you have been through stirred up a lot of emotions inside me, thinking about what my family went through when my brother had leukemia. I admire your strength and your determination and I know that no matter what happens in our lives, we must always look ahead and not let anything bring us down. I wish you and your family many, many blessings for all the years to come. Here's to a wonderful new year!

Steffie B. said...

Hey girl can you check your settings.....all your comments from everyone are coming directly to my email. How wierd is that???

Amie said...

Your little one made it up past me!! You go girl!

She is just so stinkin' cute!

Happy New Year!


Laura said...

Looks like a good time. Can't wait to see the pictures on the beach. I went to a "RockBand" party Saturday night. Emma was the youngest at 4 and the oldest was about 50. What a blast!!!!


Patricia said...

Happy New Year!! Glad you made it safe & sound!

Looks like you all had a great time & I am so impressed that Sarah made it to midnight!!

Yes, Kiara has climbed out of the car seat many, many times...she seems to have a deep seated fear of being restrained. Not fun...especially on a plane!! sigh...

Shawnstribe said...

Happy New Year and what great time you had!!!!

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great time. Cape Cod is one place that I hope to visit one of these days.

Glad to hear you made it back safe & sound.

Hope the New Year brings you many blessings & good wishes.

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Love the pic's and had to LOL girl! Li Li is a little escape artist too :D They haven't made a carseat that my girl cannot get out of!

Ladybug hugs,

Are you counting down yet :D

elliotts said...

Thanks! I feel your pain being back to work...2 weeks off was great...but....

when is your trip to Atlantis? that will keep you motivated!! : )

Happy New Year!


PS Good luck on the paperwork. We just got accepted with our agency on 12/17 so all the 'fun' stuff is just beginning for us...

Deb said...

Sounds like you had a great time.
The pics are fun!
We had a storm here so I put on the PJ's and didn't take them off till the day after New Years! It was awesome!
Love the pic of you and mini!

jennifer said...

That picture of her sleeping with that crown on her head is so adorable.

t~ said...

Your photos are always so amazing!