Mr. Valentine

February 14, 2011

Nick In the Alley  BLOG
Friday night Nick attended his very first Valentine's Dance!
He was a total sport and jumped out of the car for about 10 minutes on the way to his buddy's house so I could snap a few photos of him all dressed up for the occasion.

Coat over the shoulder three windows Warmer BLOG
All week everyone was asking him if he was going with anyone special and he would blush and say, "No.... I am going with my friends".... meaning the guys.

Nick Red Time No Jacket BLOG
Based on the amount of cologne he was wearing when he left the house that night, I tend to disagree with his statement..... He was definitely trying to impress someone.

Enough Mom Warmer BLOG
Nick attends a catholic school and they were told that they had to dress nice for the dance, at the very least dress pants and a button down shirt. Ties were optional, but jeans and sneakers were not allowed.

He came home from school last Monday saying he needed a black suit to wear to the dance. On such short notice, I flew into panic mode, but luckily my Mom happened to be at my house that afternoon and she said, "No Problem, he can wear one of your Dad's suits." Now I know what you are thinking. He is going to wear his grandfather's suit????

Some of you might remember my Dad..... he has appeared here on the blog a few times, but most recently in THIS POST. The kids call him "Coachie" instead of Grandpa or Poppop. He was a wrestling coach most of his life and when Nick was born that is what we decided to call him and it just stuck.

Coachie is a pretty hip for 66....and after all, he is married to my Mom....shopper extraordinaire who buys him all the latest fashions:) My Dad is also very tiny.... which is why Nick can wear his clothes, but I am guessing at the rate he is growing, he won't be able to shop in "Coachie's Closet" much longer.

Anyhow, after speaking to some of the other Moms, I told Nick that I didn't think any of his friends were wearing full suits and he said he did not care, he wanted to wear one. Gotta love a kid who doesn't follow the crowd:)

I thought he looked so handsome and classy in the suit and was happy that he chose to go all out.

It seems he had a great time at the dance. I picked up Nick and his buddy and brought them back here where they stayed up late talking about the night's events.

A Mother's intuition is always right..... There was a very special someone that he was happy to call his Valentine.

~Happy Valentine's Day~

If you get a chance, hop on over to say hello to Nicolasa at My Perspective. She interviews different bloggers each Monday and this week I was lucky enough to be featured. I promised I would send some bloggy love her way!


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Love Letters To China said...

Mr. Valentine looks all grown up in this suit. I'm so happy to hear he had a wonderful time at the dance and he decided to dress to impress. I'm heading over to My Perspective right now. Looking forward to the interview.

I've been using Luxe II and I'm definitely in love with it. Shana is such a talented artist. Love all of her work.

Happy Valentines Day Lisa!



Michelle R Photography said...

What a lucky girl!! I say this every time, but Nick is so handsome and he wears the suit & tie look well!! These are great, Lisa. How are you handling the whole girlfriend thing? I am so not ready for boyfriends!!!! :)

Popping over to read your interview now...


Robin said...

How handsome he looks!!!! Our boys are growing up too fast!


Keisha said...

Happy Valentine's Day girl!! Hope you have a Great Day!

Aleasing said...

Lisa, beyond handsome!! Yes, we are especially proud when our kids can say, "That's o.k., got the situation taken care of."

When his mind and heart can lead, he will choose his own path ^_^

I was so hoping this post would be up this morning!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!!

DiJo said...

Nick looked so HANDSOME!!!!! Honestly, I can't believe how grown up Mr. Valentine is!! Tell Nick, that that suit looks great on him! It's a glimpse into the future I think! Lisa, you have a wonderful son! I know you know that!!!!! What a fun weekend for you!! One taking her first steps, and one taking some very big steps forward!!

Happy Valentine's Day!


likeschocolate said...

He is so handsome. I love that he is wearing his grandfather's suit and I love that he wanted to dress all out. Happy Valentines say to your family.

Unknown said...

what a handsome young man! love that he was "cool" with shopping in his coachie's closet. sure seems your parents are sharp dressers - apple doesn't fall far from the tree with you either lisa! you have such great style!

glad he had a good time!

Courtney said...

What a handsome young man. Cherish the moments that he wants to wear a suit instead of ratty jeans. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your loves!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow he is one handsome young man! The fact he let you photograph him is huge! One classy boy you have!

Maddy said...

Awww!! What a cutie!! I'm telling you, Lisa!! You have a little heartbreaker on your hands :) I'm sure he's one of the cutest boys in school! And he seems so down to earth, I'm sure he doesn't even realize it :)

Sandra said...

Aaaw, he looks so handsome!

Carolin said...

How handsome!!! Can only imagine how proud of him you must be!

Gail said...

Oh Lisa, he's so cute...though really I should say handsome. I think he can be both. ;)

Happy he had a special someone that he met at the dance. The cologne cracks me up and is very typical.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and I'm checking out that interview!

xoxo Gail

Anonymous said...

What a handome guy. I can imaging how good looking he's going to be in his 20's! He kinda reminds me of JFK Jr. Am I crazy?! Okay, don't answer that!

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm heading to the interview.

Anonymous said...

I love the cologne part! So sweet...Happy Valentine's!

Kim said...

As you can imagine, I love this post as a Mama with a son the very same age. However, we don't have school dances in Hong Kong. Another milestone to look forward to when we return to the States in 2012.
Your Mr. Valentine is some handsome!
Love & Blessings,

Sharon said...

How handsome he looks! Happy Valentine's Day!

Marla said...

Wowsa, looking like that, I'm surprised he doesn't have a whole long list of Valentine sweeties. :)

Love these shots of your handsome guy, he looks awesome in Coachie's suit and the red tie is just perfection!

Happy Monday my friend!

the meaklims said...

What a lucky girl indeed! Although, I'd say with this handsome looking fella, there were a few gals wistfully gazing his way.

Love his suit, especially the ed tie! And that he doesn't follow the crowd!

Your such a lucky Mama.


Bossy Betty said...

Visiting from My Perspective! Love your work and I really liked your interview there.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this Lisa! He is so handsome, and I love that he chose to go all out with the suit knowing his friends were a bit more dressed down. And the fact that he wore his 'coachie's' suit makes it even better!

Casey said...

Damn. He looks good!! :) I love, love, love that photo where the clouds are reflected in the windows. SOOO purty!!

I'm so glad he had a good time!! And lucky girl :)

Casey said...

I just realized it's SNOW!! Even better! Looks like floating on a cloud. :)

Patricia said...

So very handsome!! Glad he had a great time!

Wanda said...

Mr Valentine has become such a HUNK, right before our eyes. Talk about handsome. (Swooonnnn)

Love this suit and love even more that he goes against the current.

Happy Valentines Day to you all!!!

carolinagirl said...

Nick is just too handsome! LOVE the suit on him. What a cutie! I'm sure there were tons of girls wanting to be his Valentine!

M,R,J1,J2 said...

Happy Valentines Day!


Jboo said...

What a cutie!! He looks so great in that suit and red tie! Fabulous!


Kristen said...

Such great photos of him!! Love that second shot especially.

snekcip said...

Oh my Nick is so handsome!!! I'm sure some little lady was blushing BIG TIME!!

jade said...

Well, seems we were all born a couple of years too early... He sure looks like your boy alright, good looks and good taste and his own mind included! Hope you had a nice Valentine too, the two of you deserve a break now and then as well!

Lori Lynn said...

Nick looks too cool. There is no way I would think that suit could be his grandfathers. Dad must have pretty good taste.

I hope he has/had a great time!

Valerie said...

Talk about dreamy...I am sure there are more than a few girls who are writng their names along with his surname.

Happy Valentines Day.


Laurie said...

Old enough to be handsome and young enough to be adorable! Great pictures too as always. Love that he wore Grandpa's suit.

Ginny said...

Love the pictures and can I just confess that I leave your blog up because I like your music choices so much.

Tiffany said...

So son also goes to Catholic High School and this year one of our purchases was a black suit for dances....your sun is a good sport wearing his "grandfathers" suit. How very sweet:)

Diane said...

Wow!! They grow up sooooo fast!!! Cherish every moment. Enjoyed your interview. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Valentines Day:)

Macladie said...

What a handsome guy! Love to hear about kids in other Catholic schools. I have worked in one for 35 years and boy have things changed. You have a wonderful example of a good thing happening.Beautiful son with beautiful sisters. I love the fact you keep your blog going. Others have gotten off and gone to Facebook. Love to see them grow up.

Deb said...

Wow that boy sure is growing up! Beautiful shots of him.

MarieElizabeth said...

Really nice photos, he looks very grown up already. :)

Lori said...

What a PRECIOUS post Lisa! Nick looks SO handsome in that suit!!

Tara said...

One word... handsome!

Loved your interview too!

Catherine said...

what a handsome young man you have there and I love that he wanted to wear the suit. He looks amazing...and I'm sure his Valentine thought so too!

Happy V-Day! Off to read your interview.

Michelle said...

So handsome! I love the red tie against the black & grey, he would've impressed for sure :D

Jodee said...

Nick looks soooo handsome all decked out in Coachie's suit! I am cracking up about the cologne!

ellieshine said...

I agree with everyone else - Nick is so handsome! I love these photos :)

(and yay that he is not influenced by everyone else - what a great quality!)

xo ellie

Dita said...

Mr. Valentine!

Now that is ONE handsome young man. That suit is stellar on him and the still my 40+ heart 'cause for a moment he transported me back to my own 7th grade dance......oh, to be that young again!

Nick is quite a leader and he is so strikingly handsome and, elegant I might add, in that suit!

Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. (Gorgeous) Valentine!


Galen said...

Nick is go darned good looking. I love that he is his own man, doesn't care what the other guys are wearing. A special girl at the dance at whom he secretly glanced, probably. One thing is certain; many girls were glancing at him. Good job you've done with that special one, Mom.

Briana's Mom said...

Wow! He looks so handsome! A real heart breaker. :D

3 Peanuts said...

Nick looks so handsome and how great he can borrow COachie's suits since I am sure he is growing a warp speed...buying them would be a waste:)