Black and White Wednesdays - "Let's Cop A Squat"

March 16, 2011

Sarah Sitting on the ledge HZ SF BLOG
Do you remember the movie Pretty Woman?
I have seen it so many times I can't count, and if I happen to be channel surfing and see that it is on, I will pick that over anything else....even over the food network:) That movie is one of my ALL TIME FAVS and I know most of the lines by heart.

As soon as I saw this picture of Sarah, the line "You'll buy a snap dog and we'll cop a squat under a tree somewhere", went through my mind...... because that is exactly what she is doing....minus the grass!

Sarah Sitting on the ledge HZ CROP SF BLOG
I was out with the girls this weekend and they were running around and I was taking some pictures, but then Sarah stopped and sat down for a minute to watch her sister.

She's looking at her sister with a face that shows lots of love and adoration and to me, her expression is priceless.

Sarah Sitting on the ledge BW9 BLOG
Sarah has really blossomed and grown up since Reagan entered the family......sometimes I don't realize it and then I look at a picture like this and I can't help but notice it.

Although she has matured a lot, I am still not ready to call her a "Pretty Woman"...... she is a "Pretty Girl"...... and just for the record....we were nowhere near Hollywood Boulevard and you won't find a safety pin holding the zipper in place on Sarah's boots. Haha... I couldn't resist!

Have a great Wednesday!


the meaklims said... a gorgeous look of adoration! Truly, gorgeous.

What an amazing big sister she is.


Wanda said...

Another Pretty Woman fanatic here. (Fav line- "Big mistake, big.....HUGE. I have to go shopping now". Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Sarah really does have such a heavenly expression on her face here. I love the softness of this image - almost like silk. And oh, she's changing so fast now. Tell her to stop it.

Have fun this week-end!!! And I know you all will.


Anonymous said...

Sarah is such a beautiful big sister! So glad to hear and see that she is taking on her new role so well! Were there things you did to help her adjust?

Kayce said...

You are so right, this picture is full of love and admiration of her little sister and the picture is just precious too! :)

Jamie Rubeis said...

Beautiful beautiful shot!

Dhemz said... priceless indeed!

Buckeroomama said...

That expression on Sarah's face is exquisite and you've captured it perfectly. Any way you look at it --color, BW, portrait or landscape, --it is simply beautiful.

LOL, I love Pretty Woman, too! ...and like Wanda, the line that I remember the most from the movie is the one that she quoted! =)

Maria Berg said...

I love Pretty women to - and the dress she is wearing in the move was so different from everything I ever seen before.
And yes your girl is a petty girl but one day she will become women and she will still be pretty!

I have seen many films with Julia Roberts.

FYH said...

So pretty and sweet!

Alyson and Ford said...

Very, very sweet! Wonderful pause in your very busy day!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Mimi said...

She is a ver pretty girl.
And what a beautiful smile- I agree with you that you can see her love for Reagan shining through in this one.
Sarah is a wonderful girl!

Unknown said...

Sarah is a very pretty girl! love that movie!!

Unknown said...

i love that movie too and have not seen it in a long time! i love julia roberts :-D

sarah's expression is pricelss! gorgeous photos of her and i adore her outfit. cute as always!

have a blessed wednesday!

Love Letters To China said...

What a sweet look on Sarah's face. The love is definitely showing.

I think Pretty Woman is one of my favorites too. Hope you're having a wonderful week Lisa!


Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

my favorite part of that movie is when she launches the snail across the restaurant...its totally something I'd do.
great capture of Sarah's face...she is a beauty!

redmaryjanes said...

Pure Sweetness!

Anonymous said...

Sarah looks beautiful Lisa! I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in the last few months. She does have such a sweet expression on her face!

Hope you are doing well :)

Gail said...

Sarah's definitely a 'pretty girl'!
She is changing isn't she and has an air of maturity about her now that come through in your pictures.

Pretty Woman is also one of my very favorite movies...never get tired of it. I think Julia Roberts is radiant in it!

Love the softness of these, Lisa. And the little bit of haze in the black and white!

Have a wonderful weekend!!! :)



Dita said...

Ditto on the Pretty Woman movie over here......Love it!

Sarah's expression says it all...she is in love with her baby sister. I am so amazed at how she transitioned on the spot with Reagan and it is just beautiful to watch through your lens.

Sarah is more beautiful every single are going to have to beat the boys off with a stick!

Love you all and can't wait to see you and Pat this weekend!


Tina said...

Your post today made me breath a little *sigh of relief in a way. My daughter Emily is 4 1/2 and we are welcoming a new little sister into the house in June. I wonder it will affect her and then I look at your pictures and get very giddy with excitement.

So thank you for that!

PS. Though I love your black and white photo...I like this particular picture with the color. Is that bad I just said that on Black & White Wednesday? lol

- Jessi - said...

These are so pretty. It's funny you say cop a squat, I always used to say come pop a squat haha

Pix-ology said...

Goodness, she is getting so big! She is gorgeous! Can't wait to get her and Allie together they are two peas in a pod! Beautiful pics!

snekcip said...

Love this picture of Sarah!!! Oh my....that girl is gonna break some hearts!!

My favorite pretty woman scene Richard Gere returns the expensive necklace to Hector Elizonda and he says "it must be hard to let go of something so beautiful"!

I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! I watch it like it's my first time seeing it ever!! Truly a classic in my book!!

Ashley Sisk said...

The look on Sarah's face really is oh so sweet!

DiJo said...

Love that flick, and Love these beautiful photos that tell a story of a very special little girl and sister!


Mimi said...

Lisa, I've joined in B&W Wednesday!! I know, first time ever! My photo is not totally b&w,(don't know adobe) hope you don't mind,but it has a lot in it, and it's seasonal.
Now I'm off to visit other participants, thanks for hosting.

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Pretty Woman is one of my all time favs too!!! :) Your images are beautiful and love the expression on Sarah's face!!!
Blessings and love!

Erika B said...

She is such a beautiful girl and sounds like the prefect big sister too! Great shot.

Erika B

Jodee Leader said...

Sarah is such a great big sister! I love the sweet expression on her face! She is soooo blessed to have a little sister to grow up with!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Sarah definately is blossoming and I can so see that in your pictures. I just enjoy how much you caputure her love for her siblings with your camera. Have fun this weekend...I know you will have a blast!
I have been missing in action so I am catching up on the last couple posts and figured I would just add it to here....poor Reagan and mommy! Been there, Taya was about 3 when she fell and hit her eye in just about the exact same spot...I was worried sick about how it was going to look in the long run and have to say that it was in a perfect spot...little makeup will cover it up nicely when they are a "pretty woman". I completely understand how you felt...I didn't let them give stiches cuz I COULD NOT watch that. Hope you are doing well and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Miss everyone lots and hope to be more level headed shortly ;) Have 3 sessions in the next 3 weeks which is a lot for me working full time!!

Scrappy Grams said...

You have a beautiful, diverse family! How open-hearted are the older siblings! They must have picked that up from their loving parents. God bless.

Unknown said...

That is the most perfect expression Lisa. I am glad she is adjusting so well. It seems as though she loves having a sister : ) The baby made her world so much brighter and better. That is awesome!

Kristen Chase said...

Those are GORGEOUS of her - and you're right about such maturity in her eyes...

Wow, so beautiful. :)

Deborah said...

Oh my, your Sarah is absolutely precious, and such a beautiful image of her! This is my first time participating in your Black and White Wednesdays. I adore b/w images, and I know I'll enjoy this weekly challenge! You have a lovely site here, Lisa ... you're an amazing photographer, and you are blessed with such a beautiful family! I'm going to enjoy following, for sure! You all have a blessed weekend!

- Deborah