Sunday Snapshots - Shooting Out The Window

January 22, 2012

Each year when we get our fist snowfall, I like to take a little drive with my camera and "shoot from the window"{You can see last year's photos, HERE}. The roads were pretty awful, so I did not go too far. We live in a rural area and are always the last ones to have our roads cleared. The only advantage to this was that no one else was out there driving, so I could just stop the car, roll down the window and shoot.

I have not been converting too many photos to black and white since I said goodbye to B&W Wednesdays, but there is something about Black and White Winter photos that speaks to me, so opted to forgo color.

Old Barn Black and White Winter FRAME 9
This is a cool old farm that is about a mile from our house. I loved the big old tree and it's perfect placement between the structures.

Little Shack Frame 9
This old shack, as I am going to call it, is up the hill from our house and it is on a farm property as well. I am not sure what this old shack really is.... I have actually seen these on a few farms around here. They look like they were built to hold some sort of animal, but I am not sure. Does anyone know what they are? This one really caught my eye because it was so old and unstable looking. You can see that it is a little crooked and it looked as if the wind blew strong enough, it might crumble like matchsticks. {I had a little fun processing this by adding a little motion to the photo}

To quote one of the most legendary landscape photographers:
"A good photograph is knowing where to stand."
~Ansel Adams~

Do you think he ever sat from his car to take any of those amazing photos??

I highly doubt it, but I'm kind of lazy especially when the temps are below freezing.
Which is why, Ansel Adams, I will never be.....

Shooting The LONG ROAD2 BLOG
The last time I took a cruise with the camera was in the fall when the leaves started to change. As I had my head out the window, I noticed "The Long Road" behind me in the side view mirror. I have used this as a profile picture on Facebook, but never posted it here on the blog so I thought I would share it today since it kind of fit the theme "Shooting Out The Window".

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Love Letters To China said...

These are so beautiful Lisa. I agree the B&W really do work well with the snow. I LOVE the last one of you with the long road in the mirror. That's perfect! I'm so glad you posted it here. I never realized the details of it when it was your FB profile. Very ingenious!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend and that your girls are feeling better. Stay warm my friend. We're hopefully going to the strawberry patch today. Going to hit 80 degrees (sorry). :-)


Amy said...

I love shooting out the window! I just don't often get a chance to do it... I usually have 2 loud, whiney kiddos in there with me! Beautiful pics! I have a special place in my heart for old barns & farm pictures.

Jodee said...

Love these black and white pictures! Hope you are making the most of your your snowy weekend!

I am enjoying my peace and quiet this morning. Two more hours until we have to pick the punks up!

Shari said...

Love the editing on the black and whites....beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Have a very blessed Sunday!

Jboo said...

Lovely photos! The B&W is perfect! I think that is a hay shack where they put hay before taking it into the barn. Just a thought!

Have a great Sunday!


Leah said...

Love these Lisa. I think the old shack may be a small chicken coop? My aunt had a large chicken coop but this just reminds me of it for some reason.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...


I love these photos. I actually love winter and love rural areas so you have made my day with these. thank you for sharing. these are stunning.


Rachel Cotterill said...

I love these pictures - and I'm a teensy bit jealous of your snow! :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you are fully accessorized when taking pictures from your car!

Gina Kleinworth said...

These are gorgeous Lisa- completely jealous of the snow. I especially love the last one. That is often how I shoot when we go on drives- otherwise the hubs would be pulling over every 2 seconds & we would turn a 2 hour drive into an all day deal :)

Gail said...

These old buildings in the snow are perfect as black and whites!! We see a lot of them here but have never seen one like the little shack. I think I'd be staying in the car too. :)

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Unknown said...

Love the black and white shots of that old farm.

Marla said...

These are gorgeous and I love the radial blur on that shack! Hope y'all have a nice and cozy Sunday!

Unknown said...

So beautiful, I think that shack is called a corn crib. I take photo drives like that to in the winter. I like to call Drive By Shooting! Have great weekend.

Michelle R Photography said...

I don't love the cold or the snow, but I sure do think it makes things pretty. Love the motion in the second shot!

I am so glad you posted a larger version of your self portrait. I always liked it as your FB profile, but it has such wonderful details that I could not see - and the long road is just perfect for you!! What a fabulous shot!!

Happy Sunday!


Unknown said...

These are gorgeous! And snow? I don't think I'll ever get much opportunity to capture it, especially since we'll be hitting the low 80s here this week.

The last photo out the rear view mirror is probably one of my favorites of yours. Amazing.

Happy Sunday!

Misty said...

Wow! I am impressed! You have such a talent. Gorgeous images.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, but I think that B&W's don't belong with snow photos. That's just a personal don't feel bad!

Sandy W said...

I am pretty sure that "shack" is a corn crib. Beautiful pictures!

Diane said...

These photo's make me "dream" of the beautiful scenes the snow brings. Oh, how I miss it when I see photo's as gorgeous as yours!! I absolutely LOVE the B&W's:)
YOU ARE THE BEST at what we all hope to "capture" someday:)

God Bless,

Karin said...

Beautiful shots. It's almost like I can smell the air (don't you think the air smells lovely when it has been snowing?). We haven't seen any snow here yet. The little ones keep asking when the snow will arrive, but I am fearing it won't happen again. Well, I'll soak up the winter wonderland in your photographs then ;-)

Mimi said...

Gorgeous shots, Lisa, and a nice surprise on a Sunday! You're brave to go driving in the snow, but I suppose your quest for a good shot knows no bounds!
I love the swirly movement in the barn pic, it's kind of beautiful and eeire at the same time.
Hope Reagan's cough continues to improve.

likeschocolate said...

Perfection as always. I have seen little huts like these in Germany used for hunting. Don't know if they have same purpose here.

Stefanie said...

What a fun Snapshot, but brrrr... makes me cold to see all that snow!! Love the shot of you out the window!

Kate said...

I just popped by to visit your blog for the first time in almost a year... and I see a new little person in your blog header... I need to catch up on your goings on!

I see you no longer host Black and White Wednesdays. BOO! ;-)


MarieElizabeth said...

These are gorgeous! So glad you braved the weather for those shots.

Sennie said...

Beautiful! I think I'll do some shooting from the window too, now that I'm in Northern Maine. Brrrr!!!

Catherine said...

What beautiful pics Lisa! You've inspired me to try out the black and white function on my camera. I never think to do that.

Or, do you shoot in colour and then change to B&W via processing?

Kung Hei Fat Choy!!

PS - Thank you for your care about Hannah. Thankfully no reoccurance of the hives in the past week-and-a-half. Hopefully we've found the source in the laundry detergent!


Tiffany said...

I so wanted to do a Winter photo shoot this fact I have been waiting, but with low temps I kept putting it off. Maybe the next snow will not be so cold:) Beautiful as always.


snekcip said...

Beautiful Lisa!! Only thing to "shoot" out the window here is RAIN and lots of MOSQUITOS. I love your B&W pics especially!!!

snekcip said...

Beautiful Lisa!! Only thing to "shoot" out the window here is RAIN and lots of MOSQUITOS. I love your B&W pics especially!!!

cribs for twins said...

Love these black and white pictures! Hope you are making the most of your your snowy weekend!